Vermander Eric - Oekene: 1st National Brive 6,117 old birds - fastest 12,002 birds

Wauters Nadine - Appelterre : 1st National Brive 5,885 yearbirds

Doc Team Delhove Paesmans Bouf - Villers la Ville - 1st International Barcelona 16.897 old birds

Verreckt – Rutten – Deplae win 1st Provincial Argenton 2,456 yearlings

Combination Ebben - Boven-Leeuwen 1st National Ruffec 9,998 pigeons Fastest out of 23,855 pigeons (all national sector races)

Vancraeynest Georges : Klerken: 1st National Agen 6,657 old birds - 1st International Agen - fastest 33,615b.

Combination Van Leeuwen: 1st Prov. Le Mans 2,530 pigeons

Clicque Gino - Wevelgem: 1st National Agen 7,331 yearbirds - 1st International yearbirds

Corthals Etienne - Massemen: 1st National Montélimar 3,387 old birds

Jos Das from Lummen wins 1st Provincial Auxerre 963 old birds

Kris Van Massenhoven from Retie wins 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2021

Dennis and Sandra Verhagen Buyl from Westkapelle (Zeeland) win 1st National Agen ZLU yearlings

IMPORTANT HERBOTS MESSAGE: Bird flu of the type H5N1 established in Zoutleeuw

Gero and Evelien Dijk receive the gold on national old Agen

Patrick Vervloesem from Rijmenam take their 2nd and 3rd Provincial victory of the year

Agen International: 33,615 participating birds

Jan Vandepasch ( Grubbenvorst ) has passed way

Jules & Yves Engels from Putte win 1st Provincial Argenton 1,347 yearlings (fastest against 2,347p)

Marc & Geert Pollin (Snellegem) pop to 100 % !

Vanhee A. & M - Wervik: 1st National Tulle 6,842 yearbirds - fastest 16,605b.

Denolf Marc - Kortemark: 1st National Tulle 9,763 old birds

Marchal Jean Marie - Habay La Neuve - 1st National Bordeaux 3.734 old birds ( 2nd Int.Nat 15.536 old birds )