Comb. Smeets-Penris, Urmond grabs gold at national Marseille with their 'Summertime Pie'

Team (Mol): 1st Nat. Libourne 4,822 yearbirds - fastest 8,702b.

Van Rompaey Karlo (St. Truiden): 1st and 2nd Nat. Libourne 3,880 old birds - 2nd Nat. 4,822 yearbirds

Van Massenhoven Kris - Retie: 1st Nat. Chateauroux 8,075 old birds

Van Mechelen Luc - Oud-Turnhout: 1st Nat. Chateauroux 13,096 yearbirds - fastest 21,171b.

Fernandes Pereira Helder Philippe ( Aubagne ) 1st National Marseille 2.590 old birds

Anweiler Sven, 1st International St. Vincent 2023 DV03395-19-973

Bernard Corteel from Koksijde confirms his status as a mini colony and wins 1st Provincial Fontenay against 1,821 pigeons

Jan & Tom Iwens from Sint-Katelijne-Waver confirm their status in the middle distance and great middle distance in 2023

De Maeseneer Philip - Denderwindeke 1st Prov. Aurillac 1,191 old - fastest of 2,770d.

Libourne National : number of participating birds

Superchampion Ruby moved from Portugal to Herbots in Belgium.

Broeckx Niels - Oud-Turnhout 1st Prov. Aurillac old and 1st Prov. Aurillac yearling

Analyze Aurillac National

10,046 participating birds Marseille International

Dhaenens - De Block (Schelderode) triumphs at Aurillac provincial yearlings

Yearling hen "Liv" from Jan and Paul Grolleman of Landgraaf (Z-Limburg) Wins National St. Vincent ZLU.

Henry Alain and Maxime ( Nandrin ) 1st National St.Vincent 2,853 old birds

Menten Ronny (Rummen): 1st National Aurillac 6,512 yearbirds - fastest 11,854b.

Van Rompaey Karlo (St. Truiden): 1st and 2nd National Aurillac 5,342 old birds