Cees Schroevers, Arnemuiden The Netherlands

Herbots brothers presenting BE2131005-19 hen and BE2131258-19 hen

Promising debut by Olivier De Smet (Semmerzake)

Frank Zwiers - Terheijden holding "Mad Max" the 1st international Ace Pigeon ZLU races 2019-2020

Bakker Pigeons presenting: "Germiny", "Gene" and "Artus".

Steveninck Benny from Hamme presenting: "Limo" and "Crash 99"

Agen Internat.: Number of participating birds

Roziers Walter (Berlaar) 1st Nat. Brive 8.839 old birds

Tournelle Davy (Rummen): 1st Nat. La Souterraine - fastest 22,420b.

Brugmans Sabrina (Halen): 1st Nat. La Souterraine 8,383 old birds

Family Jacobs (Beek ): 1st National Pau The Netherlands

Exceptional race result for Herbots-Heller on the National race of Pau 2021

Petition: Excessive legislation for moving racing pigeons between European countries is still a problem

Flasse Samuel (Audregnies): 1st National Pau 3,600b.

Desbuquois F. Gebroeders Pau 25-06-2021

Ronny Menten, Rummen win 1st Provincial Valence 915 old birds

Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae, Tessenderlo, win twice 2nd Provincial with the same pigeon!

Hermans – Bonne, Loksbergen win 1st National (z) Argenton 1,804 old birds

Van Dyck-Van Dyck (Begijnendijk): 1st National Argenton 21,282 yearbirds - fastest 36,069b.

Thys Roger & Nick (Hallaar): 1st National Argenton 14,787 old birds

De Weerd N. - Berckmoes (Lille): 1st National Valence 7,517 old birds

Jan Deliege wins 1 National sector 3+4 on Montluçon 2021

Hok Jos Vercammen, Vremde, show their continuity with 1st Provincial Bourges fastest against 9,041b