Bart Geerinckx ( Wommelgem ) 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance old birds KBDB 2022

Rutz und Söhne (Altheim) 1st National Tarbes 2022

Herbots visits Taiwan

Dirk Van Dyck - Zandhoven "De Kannibaal" changed his life!

Honouring of KBDB champions 2022

Geert Maroy (Heestert) 1st National ace Marathon yearlings

FCI Grand Prix MIRA OLR 2023 – Portugal

Yet another top season in a row for Alex and Annie Rans (Herent)

Eric Deprez from Gits has the best Barcelona racer of the past 4 years in his lofts

2022 National Champions Auction KBDB/RFCB

The marathon love of Gerard Koopman

Bernard Lefebre from Zulte had a super season 2022

Herman Brinkman - Tuk Marathon champion at one of the furthest distances

Roziers – Xiang ( Itegem ) 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance old birds KBDB 2022

Jan Vandepasch & Daughter from Grubbenvorst – 3 x 1ST National Sprint NPO 2022

Vaccination of animals against HPAI

Ronald Geerdink (Hoogerheide) : “success is for me a logic consequence from my search for the best pigeons from the international extreme long distance”

Eddy De Martelaere (Gavere) 1st National ace KBDB 2022 short distance old

Do you come to visit the Spring Exchange in Expo Houten-NL at March 4 & 5!

Hok Van Den Bruel ( Itegem ) 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance youngsters KBDB 2022


We're looking for children "Harry"

We're looking for original Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons.

In about 170 exhibitors from more then 20 countries during Spring Exchange in Expo Houten-NL at March 4 & 5!