Olivier & Justin Poussart - Vaulx-Les-Chimay: 1st National ace ½ Fond yearling.

Daan Rego from Wijer wins 1st Provincial Sens 9,487 birds

Thijs Nick & Roger from Hallaar were the fastest at Sermaises in the province of Antwerp last weekend

Ace Pigeon of the Month April Herbots Championship 2024

The noble marathon strain from Antoon (†) and Luci van der Wegen (Steenbergen) The emperors of the extreme long distance !

Championship Brabantse Unie 2024

Provincial Toury (East-Flanders) Vandenheede wins against 21,248b.

Peter Stakenborg from Neeroeteren is racing through the season like a whirlwind

Eddy and Maarten Leutenez (Ruien) 1st National Chateauroux 13,825 young birds 2nd National ace KBDB Great Middle Distance youngsters

Ace pigeon of the month April Herbots Championship 2024

Geert Maroy (Heestert) wins 1st, 2nd and 4th national ace long distance yearlings in 2023 !

Nice season start for combination Stabel and Son

Thijs Nick & Roger from Hallaar continue at the highest level and again win 1st National Ace Pigeon heavy middle distance yearlings KBDB 2023

Platteau Tom and Ante (St. Katherina Lombeek) win two weeks in a row from Noyon against + 5,000 pigeons

Bert Martens & Son from Elsloo (NL) win 1st Charleville against 3,856 pigeons

Team Baetens: 1st Best loft National Herbots Championships 2023

OLR Milan Best Pigeons

Pierre & Patrick Philippens ('s Gravenvelden) – 1st National Champion sprint young birds KBDB 2023

Sam Bostoen (Adegem) 1st national ace KBDB Fond yearbirds


Wim Storms (Berlaar) 1st National Champion heavy middle distance youngsters KBDB 2023

Dirk Van Den Bulck (Grobbendonk) wins 1st National Ace Pigeon sprint youngsters KBDB 2023