Louis en Eugene Stabel, Goirle

Alp Race Team won the final race in Talent Quatro 2023/ 509km

Ace Pigeon of the Year Marathon Herbots Championship

Ace Pigeon of the Month August Herbots Championship

David Vermassen from Gavere ends his top season with 2nd National Chateauroux 2,331 old pigeons

The Desmons-Wibaut-Lemoine' trio best old bird on 6 national great middle distance races 2023

Pigeon theft - Tauben-Diebstall @ Olaf Gehrken / ZG Helios

Bert Martens & Son from Elsloo (NL) win 1st Nat Sector B1 Lorris 4,157 pigeons

Gwen Van de Merwe wins 2nd and 5th Sens (413km) against 8,863 youngbirds

Ben Hendriks from Apeldoorn (NL) and his fantastic breeding line “Blue Atoom”

Comb. Ebben scores on Niergnies: 1-3-14-21-59 etc against 6,770 pigeons (17/15) and becomes 1st General in Division 8/GOU (1,682 members)

Ben Hendriks (Apeldoorn – NL) The basic Van Wanroy loft

Patrick Vervloesem from Rijmenam wins 1st Provincial Chateauroux 2,935 young pigeons

Analyze Chateauroux 9 September

Dennis Veugelers from Nieuwstadt (NL) wins 1st Provincial Rethel 8,808 young pigeons

Leutenez Eddy & Maarten (Ruien) - 1st National Chateauroux 13.852 young birds (fastest 16,183 birds)

Team Hooymans WVL (Desselgem) 1st National Chateauroux 2.331 old birds

Super Updates News from OLR Zagreb Semifinal 2023

Team Van De Pasch from Grubbenvorst win 1-2-3-4 Rethel 2,351 youngsters

Sabrina Brugmans from Halen doubles down on Argenton in Limburg

Herbots Championships Ace Pigeons and Best Loft

Platteau Tom and Ante, 3 pigeons in the TOP 10 Provincial Vierzon against 1.386 p.

Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie) 1st National Champion KBDB Great Middle Distance old + yearbirds '23

Platteau Tom and Ante, again a winning team in 2023

Ace Pigeon of the Month July Long Distance Herbots Championship