National Championships KBDB 2022

Combinatie Ebben continues to impress! Chimay 8,815b.: 1-2-9-10-11-12 .. 1st Nat. ace Allround Ranking 2nd Nat. ace Fond 9th Best fancier NPO unnominated

Jo Bauters – Gavere Strong work...amongst others thanks to the breeding line of topper "Fabian".

Huub Hermans, Born, and the successes from De Blue Magic and his offspring

Borgmans Brothers...the life's work of "De Klak"/Janssen

Veulemans – Perilleux from Vissenaken win 1st Provincial Chateauroux 2,651 youngsters

Combination de Boey & Zn - Vogelwaarde 1st and 6th Sector 1A Orleans 6,556 birds

Gert Rotman (NL) wins 2 OLR – Finals in 1 day in Romania

Jules & Yves Engels shine in Chateauroux youngsters and close the season with 3 National Ace pigeons

Weijtjens Theo - Zutendaal: 1st and 2nd Nat. Chateauroux 17,165 youngbirds -fastest 19,121b.

Poussart Olivier - Vaulx/Chimay: 1st Nat. Chateauroux 1,956 old+yearbirds - 3rd Nat. Chateauroux 17,165 youngbirds

Gert Rotman, the specialist of One Loft races, now also lets his pigeons shine on the regular work in Belgium and the Netherlands

Platteau Tom and Ante, the supersonic duo out of Ternat

Danny & Bjorn Knaepen from Nieuwerkerken win 1-3-6 Provincial Gien 1,686 youngsters

Schaekels – De Loecker from Lennik shine at a high level in the great middle distance

Eddy and Maarten Leutenez (Kluisbergen) also score on Argenton IV

Schroyen – Stockmans from Heusden – Zolder take 2x provincial win in 2022

Stefan Mertens (Geraardsbergen) wins Argenton Provincial and National Zone !

Michel & Gunther Eyletten from Diest shine with 1st Provicinal Argenton 821 yearlings and 1st Nat (z) Tulle 1,140 yearlings

Senne Platteau breed many good young birds out of daughter "OLYMPIC RICO"

De Laere Luc - Anzegem: 1st National Argenton 13,393 youngbirds - fastest 15,669b.