Ulrich Lemmens from Balen scores 2 x 1st National (z) on Limoges and Valence

Ronny Menten from Rummen wins 1st Provincial Argenton 2,096 yearlings

Mr. Van Reeth Gustaaf passed away

Hok Demely wins 1st Interprov. Chateaudun - fastest of 4,936 pigeons

Wilson Dekens (Zingem) wins 1st and 5th Prov. Valence East Flanders against 668 pigeons

Chris De Backer wins (inter)provincial Chateauroux against 2,749 yearbirds

Superb result for Benny Steveninck at national Argenton

Marc Vanonckelen from Halen wins 1st Provincial Argenton 1,671 old birds

Veulemans – Perilleux from Vissenaken win 1st Provincial Argenton 1,991 old pigeons (fastest of 4,087p)

Kris Boeykens (Buggenhout) wins 1st Provincial Argenton East Flanders against 4.147 yearlings

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Denis Sapin (Incourt) has the best old pigeon after 2 national races in the great middle distance

Vervaeke Roger & Jurgen (Deerlijk): 1st Prov. Argenton West Flanders against 3.683 old birds

Ace Pigeon of the Month May Middle Distance Herbots Championship 2024

Luc De Laere (Anzegem) wins 1st and 3rd Prov. Argenton West Flanders

Ace Pigeon of the Month May Sprint Herbots Championship 2024

Top results Team Eijerkamp Hans en Evert-Jan en Lotte - Brummen season 2024

Top results Eijerkamp-Paalman season 2024

Bosmans-Leekens (Beverlo) wins 1st Provincial Argenton Limburg against 1,105 birds (fastest of 2.776b)

Team Van de Pasch from Grubbenvorst win gold and silver on Lorris

Tim Penders, outstanding on Lorris 08-06-2024

Team Hooymans.BE (Mol): 1st Nat. Argenton 16,576 old birds - fastest of 34,249b.

Dockx Leo & Gerry (Koningshooikt): 1st Nat. Argenton 17,673 yearbirds

Guebs Andre (Bertogne) 1st Nat. Valence 5,469 old birds

Erik Limbourg from Brussegem hits double on Limoges and Blois

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (Kruisem) win 1st Prov. Limoges 3.017 old birds East Flanders

Alain Créteur (Amougies) : 1st and 2nd fastest Chateauroux against 4,024 pigeons