Jan & Tom Iwens from Sint-Katelijne-Waver win 1st Int.Prov Vierzon 6,336 yearlings ( fastest of 15,233 pigeons )

Benny Steveninck(Hamme): 1st and 5th provincial Vierzon against 7,433 old birds

Nick & Roger Thijs from Hallaar became 1st National Champion Heavy middle distance youngsters KBDB 2021

Stabel Louis & Eugene: 1st provincial Melun 12,374 birds

Results Provincial Vierzon East Flanders 21/05/2022

Frans & Dirk Maris from Itegem and their successful "Maxi" and "Proxi" line

Kristian Vrebos from Neerijse wins 1st National Ace Pigeon Rhone Valley KBDB 2021

Roger Buvens passed away

Gwen & Arie Van de Merwe (Dordrecht): 1st NPO Pont St. Maxence 35,038b.

Sabrina Brugmans from Halen dominates Provincial Lorris with 1-2-3 against 8,346 pigeons

"Triple One" the new big star of Gerard Koopman hits again!

Koen Crucke – Onkerzele 1st Interprovincial Orleans 21,087 birds

Top references of Bustraan Pigeons

Derwa – Luxem from Herent shines with 4 Olympiad pigeons

Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen) overpowers everyone with 1st and 2nd prize against 17,478 pigeons

Frans & Gert Rondags conjure up a whirlwind with 1-2-3-4-5 Dizy 2,773 pigeons and 1-2-3 Sourdun 1,919 pigeons

The noble marathon strain from Antoon (†) and Luci van der Wegen (Steenbergen) The emperors of the extreme long distance !

Weekend of 07/05: Amazing results Gino Clicque on Fontenay Provincial

Jinxi Lake Champion Pigeon 1st place against 15.800 pigeons

Mr. Herman Kiessner won 6th place in Sicili OLR.

Jan Mees from Heverlee wins 1st World Best Pigeon Ace Pigeon Sprint 2021

Combination De Bresser from Terg and Terblijt (NL) win 2 x 1st International Marseille

Engels Jules & Yves, Putte are having an amazing season in 2021 with 2x 1st National (z) and so much more…