Poussart Olivier - Vaulx/Chimay: 1st National Tulle 7,267 yearbirds - fastest 12,334b.

Hendriks Jo & Florian – Nijswiller 1st, 3rd and 5th Chateauroux 1,274b. (Department 4)

Tom & Ante Platteau, Sint-Katharina-Lombeek, weekend after weekend 1st prizes

Number of pigeons national race TULLE 31-07-2021

Sabrina Brugmans, Halen continues at a top level with 2x 1st Provincial

MOVIE - 1st nat. ace pigeon KBDB Rhone valley 2021 - 2317704-15 Kristian Vrebos

Combinatie De Bresser, Terg en Terblijt ( NL ) win 1st I.Nat Marseille 10,740 old pigeons

Haak-Soen (Moerbeke)1st Nat (z) Chateauroux – 3rd National 7,099b.

Wil Boonen shines with his super star “679” again on Marseille

Veulemans – Perilleux, Vissenaken win 1st Provincial Chateauroux 1,506 yearlings

Kristof Mortelmans ( Ranst ) - 1st National Marseille 1.883 old birds

Traen Maurice - Sint-Joris-Beernem: 1st National Perigueux 3,783 old birds - fastest 8,562b.

Neyrinck-Callens - Gullegem: 1st National Perigueux 4,779 yearbirds

Top result for Hagens brothers (Achthuizen) on Barcelona International 2021

Herbots pigeon wins 1st prize on the 1st race with the youngsters in the loft P VD Merwe

Freialdenhofen and Sons (Aldenhoven - Germany) 1st International St. Vincent 8,269 old birds 2021

Stabel & Zn win 1 National Sector 1 Chateauroux against 4,662 pigeons

Lady Issoudun Comb. v/d Meer-Plomp at the top again heavy Chateauroux

Vandenberghe Arno - Ophasselt: 1st National Gueret/Chateauroux 10,316 yearbirds - fastest 17,416 birds

Nottebaert Arthur - Templeuve: 1st National Gueret/Chateauroux 7,100 old birds

De Smeyter-Restiaen - Melden: 1st National St. Vincent 3,080 old birds

Ally Norbert & Stefan (Aarsele): 1st National Cahors 3,651 old birds