Ben Robert (Calais - France) wins 1 Internatiional Barcelona 2021

Lens Jules (Putte): 1st National Issoudun 14,755 yearbirds - fastest against 24,532b.

Delbaere-Sampers (Menen): 1st Nat. Issoudun 9,777 old birds

Harchies Christian Cyril (Warchin): 1st Nat. Limoges 6,986 old birds

De Troy Wim (Berlaar): 1st National Limoges 9,218 yearbirds - fastest 16,204b.

Andreas Drapa presenting "GRENZO" 2021

Schroeven – Hermans, Molenstede shine once more on the middle distance races

Van der Maelen Sonia – Aspelare 1st and 2nd provincial La Souterraine 2,029 old pigeons

Michel Lossignol, Budingen wins 1st National (z) Chateauroux 2,974 old birds

‘Top Results’: what, why and how?


Eijerkamp, again outstanding in the hard and difficult 2021 season

'Bella' makes Gijs and Wilfred Hamstra from Harderwijk shine on Agen old

Barcelona Internat. : number of participating birds

Trio Jacques, Trudie and grandson Joerie Winkens-Rothenburg d'Itteren win the 1st National Agen ZLU Yearlings

The Hendriks Jo & Florian birds prove their winning mentality on national race from Issoudun

Burniat Boris (St. Marie Semois): 1st National Montélimar 4,736 old birds

Ceulemans Gunther ( Emblem ) - 1st National Agen 7,360 year birds ( 1st Int.Nat Agen year birds )

Ameel-Vanlake (Dadizele): 1st Internat. Agen 35,725 old birds

Frank Neven wins the 1st prize on Chimay against 3.222 pigeons and fastest of 4.571 pigeons

Peter Janssen (Kleve) wins 1st, 3rd and 7th National Vierzon against 10,183b.

Koopman Gerard – Ermerveen 1-2-4-5-8-10 Sens Afdeling 10 against 4,995 birds

Surinx-Pletsers, Nieuwerkerken 1 Provincial (Limburg) Brive 768 old with 12 minutes ahead

Tom&Ante Platteau, Sint-Katarina-Lombeek, keep on winning 1st prizes

Gommaire Verbruggen is racing after 4 National races at the same high level as the past season