Combination De Bresser from Terg and Terblijt (NL) win 2 x 1st International Marseille

Engels Jules & Yves, Putte are having an amazing season in 2021 with 2x 1st National (z) and so much more…

Racing Pigeon Olympiad Interview

Eddy Claes from Kortenaken confirms after 1st Nat Ace bird middle distance old KBDB 2020

‘Top Results’: what, why and how?

Christian & Cyril Harchies (Warchin) : 1st national ace fond KBDB 2021

Hagens gebroeders (Achthuizen) also last season top results on the marathon races

Frans Rutten starts beautifully with 1-2-3-4 Chimay against 15,900 pigeons

Ante & Tom Platteau took already the pole position in the first 2 weeks of the season!

Kennof Guy en Geert (Liedekerke)

Daan Roosen from Bocholt is the emerging star in the extreme long distance in Limburg

Youri Deblanc (Ronse) one of the best long distance lofts from Belgium

Van Weyenberge Chris very succesful with Herbots pigeons, 1st + 2nd prize on Vervins!

Christiaens – De Smedt from Pamel shine with 1st Int.Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2019-2021

Daniël Aerens from Drongen wins 1st National Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2020-2021 with “Silver Wing II”

Dirk Dedobbeleer – Herne 1st National ace KBDB middle distance yearlings 2021

Luc Herbots from Zepperen has a new superstar in Barcelona with "Athena"

Hadrien MARSILLE, Ophain Bois Seigneur Isaac AT-Breeding Loft

Verhaeghe – Boussekeyt and their super couple “Cocorico” x “Tatiana”

Belgische Verstandhouding, livelier than ever !

Verhaeghe – Boussekeyt from Anzegem win 4 x 1st Provincial heavy middle distance

The Leutenez Eddy & Maarten birds top performances and beauty united