Lambrechts Bert - Berlaar: 1st National Argenton 2,276 old+yearbirds

Kobe & Kato Herbots from Velm and their super breeding line “Geof”

Annick Goeteyn – Deinze, 1st and 2nd Provincial Fontenay (323km) against 5,073 youngbirds

Combination Ebben keeps up winning Bierges 2,144b: 1-2-3-5-15 etc...

Dirk Cloetens from Rotselaar shines with 1st + 2nd Provincial Argenton 3,065 youngsters

Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kluisbergen) winning Argenton National Zone as the icing on the cake !

Combination Vromans known as the 2nd Jelle Jellema loft

Johan & Son De Hartog (Culemborg) – Children from National Ace pigeons are doing great

Olympiad Oradea 2022

Team Noël - Willockx ( Baasrode ) 1st National Argenton 5.166 old birds

Hok Van Den Bruel ( Itegem ) - 1st National Argenton 22.869 young birds ( fastest 28.035 birds )

Jan Vandepasch & Daughter from Grubbevorst – 1st NAT Ace Speed NPO 2022

David Vermassen (Gavere) is experiencing a great season on all fronts

Arie and Gwen Van de Merwe (Dordrecht): 1st NPO Chateauroux 3.934d. - fastest of 5,369b.

Benny Steveninck – Hamme Strikes out very hard on Chateauroux 1st-2nd-3rd-4th National Zone Chateauroux 546 old birds 1st-2nd National Zone Chateauroux 723 yearlings 7 x Top-80 National (old and yearlings)

Vergaerde-Denolf - Jabbeke: 1st National Perpignan 3,766 old birds

De Belser Johan - Berlaar: 1st National Chateauroux 5,720 yearbirds - fastest 9,723b.

De Laere Luc - Anzegem: 1st National Chateauroux 4,003 old birds - Candidate 1st Nat. ace KBDB great middle distance old 2022

Team Hooymans WVL: 1st National Libourne 2,992 yearbirds

Clicque Gino - Wevelgem: 1st National Libourne 3,317 old birds - fastest 6,309b.

Marc Schreurs (As) wins 1st Provincial Barcelona 877 old birds

Hermans – Bonne (Loksbergen) wins 1st Nat (z) Bourges 2,035 yearlings

Rykx Kristin ( Donk ) wins 1st Nat (z) Bourges 2,603 youngsters

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