Nouwen – Paesen, Peer ( New generation 2.0 )

Jan Vandepasch & Daughter from Grubbevorst – 1ST National Ace Pigeon Sprint NPO 2022

Dutch Spring Exchange in Expo Houten-NL

Francis Vanhamel from Beverlo wins 1st National Ace Pigeon sprint youngsters KBDB 2022

Jan Van der Putten (Handel) 41 x 1st prize in 2022 (incl. doubles)

The Power of the Elkemann birds

LCB Champions - la fête!

Pintér Zsolt: 6 Olympic pigeon in 2022 and 12 overall since 2010

Family Herbots supports "voucher auction" organized to benefit Janne Boddaert

De Neve Marnick Wizard with the hens

Annick Goeteyn (Deinze) 18 x 1st prizes (no doubles) in 2022!

Rigo Lenaers from Vliermaal wins thanks to “Super 485” 24 x 1st Semi – Provincial in 2 years time

Norbert Sierens - Zwevegem Fixed value on the national races.

Jespers – Vanderwegen from Holsbeek with their new top hen “Ramona”

Assemblée Générale Nationale Statutaire 20/01/2023

Vrancken – Berden from Kuringen has a golden breeding line based on 3 Olympiad pigeons

Vrancken - Berden from Kuringen had a super season 2022

Emiel Denys - Tielt Depuis une dizaine d'années, il est le leader du marathon et des courses OLR.

Kris and Lieselotte De Bisschop from Essene continue to work on their top career year after year

World number one Gerard Koopman continues to perform at a high level

Didier Hoflack (Boursin) En marche vers le sommet !

Frederik De Wolf from Oudegem – A colony in full growth

Video Gerard Koopman winning 8th Final OLR Pattaya International

Hok Bommerez from Heverlee opens his treasure room

Hok Sapin from Incourt maintains its high level of National Ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons