Peiren Noel - Zedelgem 1st National St. Vincent 2,950 old birds

Van den Abbeel - Van Paesschen from Lebbeke - 1 Nat Ace Bird KBDB Great Middle Distance Youngsters 2019

Peter, Gwen and Nathalie Van de Merwe keep on amazing the International pigeon sport with unique results

John Meurysse (Oeselgem) : a small basket but one with a golden edge and top from 100 km to 900 km !

Luc Herbots from Zepperen : 'Super Barca 776' stays the golden vein from this colony

Leo Van Horenbeeck - Wijgmaal - 1 Nat. Champion Great Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB 2019

The endless power of the Eijerkamp birds

Van Hoof - Vanwijngaerden from Schriek - raced at a very high level the entire season !


Kipp und Söhne : 1st National Ace National Marathon Races

Jan Pappens - Hundelgem won 102x 1st prize over the past 4 seasons !

Swinnen - Vanhove from Zichem - 1 Nat. Ace bird Extreme Long Distance Old KBDB 2019

Final National Championships KBDB 2019

Hendriks Jo & Florian (Nijswiller) are enjoying the force explosions from “Bully Harry” and “National Harry”

Erik Limbourg, Brussegem, 2 National Ace bird Year birds KBDB Long Distance 2019

“Brutus” of MARC & GEERT POLLIN (Jabbeke) 4th National ace KBDB Marathon NEWS

FERDINAND & KAREL DENDUYVER (Ichtegem) National champion KBDB yearlings long distance & extreme long distance.

Robin (BE18-4076071) from Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene) is Ace Bird Yearlings KBDB Long Distance

Van de Pasch Jan & Daughter from Grubbenvorst - Superclaas on all round level year after year !

Fast - Faster - Fastest : Marc Capelle (Baudour) when it is about pure speed !