Marnik and Tom Van Gaver's (Moortsele) wonder year 2023

Mitchel Vervelde (Papendrecht) Racing against strong competition will only make you stronger

Hok Bommerez from Heverlee confirms with 1st Prov Ace Pigeon great middle distance KBDB 2023


"Chadli "of Rans Alex and Annie... a superior topper

Balcaen-Dubois (Ellezelles): 1st ace short distance YB "Herbots Championship 2023"

International Racing Pigeons Championship - MIRA 2024

A visit to François Michaux's lofts and a more than successful end to the season!

Nouwen – Paesen from Peer and his top line “Favoriet 083”

Leon Roks from Standdaardbuiten (NL) with his fantastic breeding line of “Don Leo”

Daniël Aerens from Drongen wins 1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2020-2023 with “Night Flyer”

Marc Schreurs (As) wins both Barcelona provincial in Limburg in 2022 and 2023

François Callebaut (Meldert-Aalst) winner of Silver Wing Barcelona 2023 and owner of a great mini colony!

Didier Hoflack (FR) has been competing at the highest level in the marathon races in a short period of time.

L Stabel and Son, Goirle: Superb racers for more than 35 years

Emiel Denys (Tielt) top on the Marathon and OLR races world-wide

Van Herreweghe-Mannes (Meerbeke) 1st Prov. ace KBDB East-Flanders Great Middle Distance old birds 2nd World Best Pigeon ½ Fond 2023

"Faster than a Bullet" by team Pruksa Loft - Denys - Marc Pollin wins Pattaya International Pigeon Race (PIPR)

Racing to 2024 and Senegal

Jan Mees from Heverlee continues to build on his successful Igor breeding line

The marathon love of Gerard Koopman

The unlimited power of "Romario" and "Thomas 1" of OLR specialist Alp Race Team

Charity sale "Florian"

Fugare 2024...another great success

Kipp und Söhne: The perfect marathon bird