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1 Nat. Bourges young birds 484 km 28.551 p.


Theo Weytjens ( Zutendaal ) - 1st National Bourges 28.551 young birds

22 Aug 2020

BE 20-5077506 "Victory" Hen
1st National Bourges 28,551 young birds

Clocked time : 12:33:37
Distance : 484,539km
Average speed : 1770,87 m/min

After Bourges was being postponed for 14 days we finally got the classic for young birds on Saturday 22nd of August, without old and yearling birds it became a different race for our youngsters. The winner lives in the province of Limburg in Zutendaal, the home of Theo Weytjens that is situated in an oases of peace and where the pigeons can enjoy this quiet and peace as well. For Theo it was the icing on the cake after many top results the past few weeks (3x 1st in the Region). 

Preparation of the youngsters

The young pigeons were bred in 2 rounds, the winning hen was one of the youngest of the group that was born on the 15th of March but won nevertheless the National race. 

The 1st round was being darkened from beginning of March until the 10th of June from 18h00 in the evening until 08h00 in the morning. From the longest day of the year they were also being given extra light with the goal to be able to race the entire season. For Theo this all is a bit of a search after he decided to work with the young birds. 

The sexes were being separated mid of July and on the day of basketing they can come together after their training race of 35km for a few hours. They are being separated again in the late morning, eat well and are being basketed quietly. After the race they can always stay together until the next morning. 

They toss the young birds a lot, on Tuesdays 75km and on Wednesdays and Thursdays 35km if the weather allows it. The pigeons only train around the loft on Mondays. 

Big loft and good ventilation 

For everyone it is always a search for a good ventilation, here they have a big saddle roof with very little ventilation so there is always one shelf open in the hallway. In front of the hallway, the outside doors are almost open all the time and the aviaries are situated at the back of the loft. The pigeons can choose themselves where they want to sit. Around 19h00 all the doors will be closed and the pigeons can then choose a sleeping place. 


I mainly use the Versele – Laga mixtures and now since a few weeks also a mixture from Paloma. The pigeons get in their first months especially breeding mixture and this being made lighter and lighter with Gerry Plus. Once the season has started a lighter mixture was given for 1 to 2 days and after this they get the Champion I.C. from Versele Laga and Champion from Paloma. Now they are being basketed almost all the time on Thursdays for the national races, the lighter mixtures will only be given maximum one time. 

At arrival they get electrolytes and protein over the food. During the week they especially get conditional powder, amino acids and brewers’ yeast. 

The young birds were being vaccinated before the racing season against paramyxo, small pocks and paramyxo-herpes-adeno. Now during the season they are being treated every fortnight during 1 to 2 days against trichomoniases and the airways approximately once a month. I look at the results and their heads before I start to cure blindly. 

BE 20-5077506 Victory Dark Chequered white pin Hen
1st National Bourges 28,551 young pigeons

Father BE 16-2268918 Danny – Danny Weytjens – Won 7 x 1st 
Won 1 Chimay 552b – 1 Chimay 144b - …

Gr.F BE 11-5123722 Chequered white pin – Top racer 
Gr.M. BE 12-5024467 Dark chequered ( Strain “Panter” Alfons Slaets )

Mother BE 13-5068194 Royal Rita – 100% Gaby Vandenabeele 
Top breeding hen
Mother to “Mira” 2 Nat (z) Argenton 1,162b – 4 Bourges 402b
Mother to “717/18” 1 Laon 471b – 2 Mettet 448b – 7 Laon 1,086b

Gr.F. BE 11-3173278 Son Royal Dark – Rik Cools
               Son to “BE 09-031” Royal Dark x “BE 10-292” Sofie
Gr.M. BE 06-3008271 Prinses Wittenbuik – Gaby Vandenabeele
               Daughter to “BE 96-158” Son Wittenbuik x “BE 03-598” Dreamgirl is full sister1 Nat Bourges 

Theo, a big congratulations from the entire HERBOTS TEAM on this national victory




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