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  • leon dautzenberg
  • kerkrade
Date 29 May 2020
Distance (in km) 176
pigeons in race 65
participants 963
Category Yearling & Old
Amount of prizes 34
prizes 15-33-34-41-42-43-44-50-88-90-91-92-101-110-116-118-`123-124-125-134-146-156-157-163-164-165-169-184-185-196-198-207-219-221
Result local

Category Yearling & Old
Amount of prizes 37
prizes 38-72-73-85-87-89-95-104-159-167-168-1740192-217-227-229-242-243-246-270-296-330-331-338-339-340-347-378-379-405-408-433-461-464-521-523-533
Result local

Oman club

  • Bashil DOOHANI
  • المصنعه
Race Oman club
Date 07 Feb 2020
Distance (in km) 546
pigeons in race 130
participants 11
Category Young Pigeons
Amount of prizes 1
prizes 16
Result national_zone