Lin Kun Tzu

12 May 2022

Details van de winnaar (Lin Kun Tzu):

Ring number winner: 2002-920205

Attached pedigree of the father of the winner: 2146526-19 OLYMPIC BOSS x OLYMPIC SOFIA

Mother is SABLON origine

Total ring numbers registered: 15.800  

Total in qualification race: 10.145

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Mr. Hermann Kiessner

11 May 2022

Hello Jo Herbots, 

We are happy to announce that Mr. Kiessner won 6th place in Sicili OLR.  Attached below the pedigree.

Kind regards,

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Van Weyenberge Chris

21 Apr 2022

Van Weyenberge Chris very succesful with Herbots pigeons, 1st + 2nd prize on Vervins!
On 16-04-2022 Van Weyenberge Chris from Tessenderlo was very succesful with his Herbots pigeons.
He won the first and second prize on Vervins whit these pigeons against 308 old & yearling birds.

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Martin Stiens

08 Mar 2022

Hallo an das gesamte Herbots Team

Vielen vielen Dank, auch im Namen von meinem Freund René Becker,  für die sehr professionelle Ausführung unserer Versteigerung. Es ist immer sehr angenehm mit der Fa. Herbots Geschäfte zu machen. Die Präsentation der angebotenen Tauben war wie immer hervorragend. 

Wir werden auch weiterhin gerne mit der Familie Herbots zusammen arbeiten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Manuel Layer (Layer Individual OHG)

18 Feb 2022

Hallo Jo,

Ich wollte mich nochmal für die tolle Abwicklung der ersteigerten Taube bedanken.

So macht es Spaß und ihr hab einen neuen starken Käufer gewonnen ;-)

Gerne möchte ich für das Jahr 2023 meinen Zuchtschlag mit der ein oder anderen Taube aus eurem Sortiment verstärken aber hierüber können wir mal in Ruhe sprechen…

Derek Nicholls Premier Stud UK

18 Feb 2022

Good Evening Jo

Thank you again for a wonderful result in the Auction today

Over 1800 average per bird for youngsters bred from my best breeders is the best result ever

After almost 30 years of buying and selling birds with Family Herbots

Please express my sincere thanks to the entire team from the ultra professional presentation

And photographs and of course the loft staff who keep the birds in perfect condition

Also send my Regards to your Father

Your Sport Friend

Theo & Gert Weytjens The White Pigeon Loft.

12 Jan 2022

Dear Jo and the entire Herbots team, 

Despite the difficult time we are in now (corona, bird flu...) we would like to thank you with this letter with the more than successful auction of our pigeons. This incredible success of our auction is only possible because of your dedication, service and auction platform. Our sense of appreciation and respect for all of you is very great, hence a heartfelt thank you. 
I would also like to thank all bidders and buyers for the trust in our pigeons. 

Thank you, good luck and good health! 

Theo & Gert Weytjens The White Pigeon Loft.


Beste Jo en het hele Herbots team,

Ondanks de moeilijke tijd waarin we ons nu bevinden ( corona, vogelgriep...)  willen we jullie met dit schrijven van harte bedanken met de meer dan geslaagde veiling van onze duiven.

Dit ongelooflijke succes van onze veiling is enkel mogelijk door jullie toewijding, service en veilingplatform.

Ons gevoel van waardering en respect tegenover jullie allemaal is bijzonder groot, vandaar een welgemeende dank je wel.

Verder wil ik ook alle bieders en kopers bedanken voor het vertrouwen in onze duiven.

Dank u, veel succes en een goede gezondheid!

Theo & Gert Weytjens

The White Pigeon Loft.

Mr. Weiting Ku from Miaoli Taiwan

10 Jan 2022

Mr. Weiting Ku from Miaoli Taiwan would like to share his superb results with offspring of maybe one of the last sons still living on earth of SUPER 399: BE 10-2192464 “Super Man”.

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Fred Werner

05 Nov 2021


I received the auction birds from you today in great condition after the long quarantines.

The hen 20-2133845 from Orange King x Lucy Barcelona is magnificent. With such soft, smooth feathers, beautiful muscle, eye and throat, I'm sure she will become a wonderful breeder in my loft. She is really special.

The free replacement hen you sent 20-2141467 from Olympic Jules is also very nice, but she is in a heavy moult and doesn't show her beauty yet. I know when she has a few weeks to adjust here she will also prove to be a good breeder because she is so well bred. 

As always thanks for your guidance in picking out such nice pigeons for me.

Please give my best wishes to Raf and Miet.

Caruncho John

20 Jul 2021


I want to share the bird that I bought in Nong Chok OLR for your reference/records. 

Congratulations and keep safe.

Yours in sport,


Casa De Oro Properties 

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