Mr. Weiting Ku from Miaoli Taiwan

10 Jan 2022

Mr. Weiting Ku from Miaoli Taiwan would like to share his superb results with offspring of maybe one of the last sons still living on earth of SUPER 399: BE 10-2192464 “Super Man”.

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Fred Werner

05 Nov 2021


I received the auction birds from you today in great condition after the long quarantines.

The hen 20-2133845 from Orange King x Lucy Barcelona is magnificent. With such soft, smooth feathers, beautiful muscle, eye and throat, I'm sure she will become a wonderful breeder in my loft. She is really special.

The free replacement hen you sent 20-2141467 from Olympic Jules is also very nice, but she is in a heavy moult and doesn't show her beauty yet. I know when she has a few weeks to adjust here she will also prove to be a good breeder because she is so well bred. 

As always thanks for your guidance in picking out such nice pigeons for me.

Please give my best wishes to Raf and Miet.

Caruncho John

20 Jul 2021


I want to share the bird that I bought in Nong Chok OLR for your reference/records. 

Congratulations and keep safe.

Yours in sport,


Casa De Oro Properties 

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Boitel Père et Fils

14 Jun 2021

Cock FR 2017-291745 of Boitel Père et fils wins 1 St.-Yrieix against 11.9594 p. 2021

ans is fastest against 16.783 pigeons.

This cock has 100% Herbots origine.

He's also brother to:

- FR 2013-150013 : 3 National ace L.D. 2017

- FR 2020-102011 : 1 Issoudun 6.523 pigeons 2020

- FR 2017-291709 : 5 Argenton 13.171 pigeons 2021

-  and many other good racers!


Son of the Golden couple of Boitel

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Mosher Family Loft

03 Mar 2021

Original Herbots Gebr. - BE2146429 - TOP BREEDER OF THE LOFT!

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Davor Matic - Croatia

15 Feb 2021

"Lucky 11": 75 % Herbots blood

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M. Parrino

11 Jan 2021

Here is the picture and pedigree of AU 2020 THP 2712 BBC, grandson of Yvan.......
GHC Classic Master Cup Race Series 400 Miles Optional Race 7th place

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Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp

14 Dec 2020

A special thanks for the Herbots team

Hello Jo, Miet, Filip, Stefan and the whole Herbots Team

Thank you for again an incredible auction today in which the 20 pigeons offered by Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp were sold at an average price of EUR 4000.- each!!! 

This super result is certainly not only the result of our superb performances in the past year, but also thanks to the hard and fantastic work of the whole Herbots team during the year and especially during this auction. Your support in every way is much appreciated and we hope to continue our relation and friendship for many more years.

We also want to thank all bidders and buyers for their great confidence in our pigeons and we wish them success with the pigeons bought and that they may have a lot of top results with the (renewed) input of the Eijerkamp pigeons into their lofts.

On behalf of Hans, Evert-Jan, myself and our whole team we already wish you nice Christmas days and a healthy and successful 2021.

Yours in sport

Henk Jurriens

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp

Mosher Family Loft

01 Dec 2020


Thank You for the input!!!

The hen I bought from you is a daughter of Sprint King an Sprint Queen.

The hen is : B 2146429/16

Her parents are NL 4244458/12 & NL 4243555

She is smaller, but extremely nice in hand. I remember after I bought her you looked at me and said she is a very good pigeon. You were right.

Thanks so much for taking the time to get back with me.


Thank You Jo

I attached what your hen I named Speed Princess has bred for me.

She is remarkable.

Thank You so much for taking the time for me.


Best Regards,

Denny Mosher

Mosher Family Loft

Andalusia, Ill

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Mark Savage

23 Nov 2020

Dear All

Thank you for your support in the auction sale it reached beyond my expectations it is very much appreciated.

Kind regards