Oancea Gheorghe

11 Sep 2020

Mr. Herbots,

I want to thank you for the female I bought from you BE 2017 – 2140815.

To me she is a good breeder!

Two of her sons flew well at OLR Royal City - Romania.

One occupying the 4th place in the semifinal and 32nd final in 2018 (from over 800 pigeons at the start).

The other 100th place in the final in 2019 (but it was a very difficult final and my only pigeon hired and arrived).

I want to ask you to send me a copy of “ HERBOTS – BREEDING BOOK 2020”.

Thank you very much, Oancea Gheorghe

P.S.  I attach the pictures of her two sons.

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Zsolt Pinter

21 Aug 2020

Dear Mr. Herbots,

A little bit referenties for you. That is a great pigeon. More than 7 minutes ahead the time of 2nd national pigeon!!! Her brother was my spedeest yearling cock this year, with extra results!!! Candidate for 1st national ace pigeon olimpic cat. G. 

The pedigree and photo are attached. The mother of the pigeon has Herbots blood: 1 Nat. Bourges 37.714 p.

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Mr. Lin Kun Ci (Taiwan)

08 Jul 2020

Mr. Lin Kun Ci (Taiwan) has won fantastic racing results again:

Taiwan South Sea racings 9 races, incl. qualification races a total of 11 races.

- “57”: from child of “Olympic Boss” x “Euro Lynn”

- “53” & “54”: same parents as his champion in 2019, grandchild Big Boss. Photo of the champion 2019 below (= 2019-784590 won Taiwan Summer South Sea Racings Ace Pigeon Champion over 2 races)

1st race:              “57” won 2nd prize & “53” won 3rd prize

2nd race:             “57” won overall 1st prize & “53” overall 2nd prize

3rd race:             “57” won overall 1st prize, “53” won overall 2nd prize & “54” won in this race 1st prize

4th race:              “57” won overall 1st prize, “53” won 2nd prize & “54” won 3rd prize

5th race:              “53” won 1st prize in this race (25min lead) and overall 1st prize & “57” won overall 2nd prize

6,7,8th race again overall 1st & 2nd prize again

9th race:              “57” won overall 4th prize, “53” lost qualification (but if “53” would have returned within racing time, it would definitely be champion, because of his speed advantage)

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John Highley

07 Apr 2020

Hi from Australia.

I love the new format of your website, it may be a better set up than PIPA Well done Regards.

John Highley

Brad Hoggan

14 Nov 2019

Dear Jo,

 I just wanted you to know that I got one round off the son of Ivan this year that was old enough to fly.  I sent AU-19-HL-9550 to the AU Convention race.  It placed 3rd. Overall in that race. The nest mate AU-19-HL-9551 I flew myself And he was a 2nd. 220 miles, 3rd. 250 miles, Thank you so much for a quality bird Bel-18-2135760 !!


Thanks Again, Brad Hoggan

Denny Mosher | Mosher Family Loft Andalusia, Ill

Hello Jo

Quick update.
As I emailed earlier I currently had the 1st Ace Pigeon in the AU Database.
It just got knocked down to 2nd. Remember it is out of a Jo Claeskens cock and a daughter out of your Sprint King & Sprint Queen.

Bill Weima


Today I got both hens from quarantine.
Both are in great shape..
The Pauline hen is all I could ask for and the other gift bird is also very nice.
Thank you again.  Bill

Jorgen -Tim Larsen

Hi, Jo

Hereby result of children after 09-2100511 full sister of ”Lola”

DK 148-14-0197: 1.section 1/290 Emmen 472 km
1.section 1/217 Gøttingen 488 km
2.section 2/270 Bremen 375 km

DK 148-14-0198: 2.section 2/976 Rodby 123 km
3.section 3/266 MInden 432 km
4.section 4/464 Rodby 123 km
4.section 4/299 Bremen 375 km
5.section 5/270 Bremen 375 km
9.section 9/281 Magdeburg 391 km
10.section 10/561 Soltau 336 km
11.section 11/217 Emmen 472 km

DK 148-15-0310 1.section 1/217 Emmen 472 km
1.section 1/244 Hannover 404 km

DK 148-15-0324 1.section 1/299 Bremen 375 km
2.section 2/244 Hannover 404 km
3.section 3/1144 Rodby 123 km
7.section 7/176 Mgdeburg 391 km

We thanks you for the possiblity to have this beauty hen in our stock.

All the best for you and your family.

Best regard
Jorgen -Tim Larsen

Shady Mohammed

Dear Jo

I buy Before Son Wonderen Smith Be13-2189711 Original Gebr Herbots

He Bred Following Pigeons Only One Won In Kuwait Olr & Only One Mother And G.Mother Winner In OLr In Saudi Arabia - Oman
Father Only One Won
23rd Final Race Al Shahid OLR Kuwait 2016 520 Km
G.Father 8th Olr Al Quriat 2017 "Saudi Arabia" 300 Km
G.Father Ksa17-012151 Win 15th Race 2 Oman Olr Shnas 225 Km 646 Pigeons
Great G.Father Ksa18-063002 9th Final Race Al Qassim OLR 2018 200 Km

My Regards

Shady Mohammed

Charlie Cole

Dear Hr. Herbots,

I just wanted to tell you that the two birds I purchased from Frank Scherens and Louis Vangrambren, through you pigeon site, arrived safely and in fine condition this morning. And I couldn't be more pleased with them, they have more than made up for the unfortunate first purchase that I made from the Colored Pigeon Team. And thanks again for making that one right.
Please relay my thanks, and great satisfaction with this pair to Mr.Scherens and Mr. Vangrambren. I plan to make them my source for new stock as I need it.

I'll be looking forward to doing business with you and your team in the future.
Thanks and kind regards,

Charlie Cole

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