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Penne Bert (Nederhasselt) 1° World Best Pigeon youngsters 1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. F. international

27 Mar 2024

Nederhasselt. A municipality in southern East Flanders which is part of Ninove and which was put on the pigeon map by Bert Penne. After all, you don't win a 1° Olympic pigeon every year and also 1° World Best Pigeon ! Or in other words "the youngbird in the world" !


Everything started in Nederhasselt where the pigeons are still housed , father Raoul has always been a formidable speed player and it must be said it was bad "cherry" food against Raoul's colony. Quievrain was his favourite race and countless king and emperor titles fell to him. The role of mother Rita should not be underestimated because she also took care of the pigeons, training and basketing. Even now, it would be difficult or impossible for Bert without the help of mother Rita and father Raoul. Bert (46) lives in Heldergem a few minutes from his parents' home where the pigeons are. With a young family of two growing children, it is not easy to do the pigeon sport without help . As a young boy, Bert was fond of the "animals" and his love for pigeons was brought to him at an early age. His second love was football, as a goalkeeper he did well and played in his youth National for K.V. Mechelen . Raoul and Rita have consequently seen a lot of grass because with a youth player playing in a National Competition, training once a week is not enough , so balls it up.

A young pigeon , a hen which produced this performance which consequently also became al "passant" 1° Olympiad pigeon (to our knowledge the first Belgian ever) did it with following bangs. This Distance 158 km she flew on a great motivation, by the way her first two flights she missed her "train" . In the week of her third flight she fell in love and this time she would not miss her "train" . A week later she would repeat this "feat" . Two times in a row , "chapau" but could she do it a third time ? However, in the third week her cock fell in love with another young hen and she agreed and the "three of them" lay side by side in the dish ! This motivation created a third "exploit" and ensured that father Raoul also got to climb the highest "stairs" of the Olympiad in Maastricht !

NOYON 1°/3,642b. Fastest 5,316b.
NOYON 1°/2,867b. Fastest 7,497b.
NOYON 1°/2,278b. Fastest 5,316d.

She came home like a "bolt" and didn't leave for a second,truly a wonder pigeon.

That everything starts with quality will be clear to everyone . In 2020 the loft was visited by cowardly thieves who took part of the solid "foundation". To repair this theft, 11 of the best racers were moved to the breeding loft. The foundation consists mainly of the "Bordeauken" line and the old strain of Vandermaelen Sonia, "Greipel" and a Herbots-Heller breeding cock. The youngsters born from these, supplemented with the strain of Bosmans Ronny and Geert, Bassez Bart, Jo Ronsijn and Alain D'Hoker form the basis.

At the Penne home, we started with 23 couples on total widowhood that were paired in such a way that the youngsters were weaned at the beginning of March. After that they were no longer paired and came on widowhood.

We use the Galaxy mixtures of the Beyers company as feed. Recuperation is very important for Bert, that's why we mainly use the products of Winners . We mainly use Entero Plus, Broncholit, Winchol, Probacto, Finol, Energie Start Forte. These products are used throughout the year according to the season and competition programme.


1st World Best Pigeon youngbirds!
1st Olympiadeduif Cat F !
7th Provincial Ace Great middle distance yearbirds KBDB !
8th Provincial Champion Great middle distance KBDB !
10th Provincial Champion middle distance KBDB !
1st Champion youngbirds  (first 3 nominated birds)  middle distance club level !
1st Champion yearbirds (first 3 nominated birds) great middle distance club level !
1st + 2nd Super Ace youngbirds Noyon club level !


The youngsters are weaned at the age of 24 days and always receive breeding mixture until they fly Noyon (157 km). Once the youngsters are played on, they are fed like the old ones with Beyers' Galaxy system. aviary in front of the loft where they can always go. Training is done in small steps and during the racing season they are occasionally released from a short distance. The youngsters are played on the sliding door and are also darkened. Afterwards they are also lighted.

In Nederhasselt they trust the vet Ludo Thijs who checks the manure every fortnight. Cures are only done on the advice of Ludo Thijs. Old and young pigeons are inoculated against Paramixo. The youngsters of course with Paramixo/Rota and Paramixo/Herpes . Paratyphoid is not sprayed, but smallpox is. Every four weeks the manure is cultured and of course checked.

As a beginner's advice, Bert would advise you to take some steps first, don't open your money belt immediately. Try to get in contact with a good fancier, try to get eggs of his best racers and play them first. Follow his advice carefully and do not change your system at the drop of a hat. Select strictly because what is good comes fast.

The best moment of 2023 is undoubtedly the third first prize that wonder pigeon "RITA" brought home . Standing together with father Raoul in Maastricht on the highest step and receiving the Olympiad title . Let's face it not everybody has the chance to take an Olympiad title . Bert has had a taste of such a title. , that Ellen,Mattis and Wout are proud of their dad we do not doubt, on the contrary. But let's not forget the role of father and mother Raoul and Rita who do their utmost to take care of their winged friends. It only remains for me to congratulate the entire Herbots Team.


Rudy Fosselle