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IMPORTANT HERBOTS MESSAGE: Bird flu of the type H5N1 established in Zoutleeuw

05 Jul 2022

On June 22ND, 2022, a new infection with highly pathogenic bird flu of the type H5N1 was detected, this time at a hobby bird trader in Zoutleeuw. The contamination was discovered during a targeted inspection by the FASFC.

The company is being cleared and the classic protection zone (3 km) and security zone (10 km) have been demarcated.

Our lofts and company are located within the 10 km security zone, which means that any transport of pigeons is prohibited.

From a sporting point of view, we are no longer allowed to take our pigeons away for training flights or participate in competitions for 1 month, so until July 22nd, 2022.

On a commercial level, this means that no pigeon may leave or be delivered at 37 Dungelstraat in Halle-Booienhoven until July 22, 2022.

Not all pigeons are located in the security zone in the Dungelstraat and it is therefore best that fanciers contact us so that we can inform you when your pigeon can be delivered/picked up. (+32 11 78 91 90 or [email protected].be or [email protected] )

We want to strictly comply with all rules imposed by the FASFC but are doing our utmost to help everyone as best as possible.

Thank you for your understanding !