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24 May 09:18
26 May 07:00
Bourges I | 2018 Live
24 May 09:18
26 May 07:00
Bourges I | 2018 Live

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From Friday May 25th 2018, a Pigeon Bids will start at 14h00 on This contains a group of pigeons, sold in a public auction organised by La Colombophilie Belge, but these pigeons didn’t get paid by the internet buyers.

This auction will end on Monday June 4th at 14h00.

In this auction, several top pigeons will be presented from fanciers like Erik Limbourg - Ronny Menten - Sonia Van der Maelen - Hilde Ceulemans - AT Loft - Surinx-Pletsers - JL Fauche - Jozef Bracke - Van parijs - Dewaele-Toye - Hunerbein - Machiel Buijk - Wouters-Wouters - Saeytijdt - Kipp & Sn - Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers - T Sibille - E&M Leutenez - J&J Loobuyck...

All birds are a reinforcement to each loft !

You can also come and take a look at these pigeons after an appointment with Hilaire Surinx, Rozenbosstraat 94, 3850 Nieuwerkerken - 0496-780034,  or by mail :

Start bidding: 25/05/2018 at 14.00h
End bidding: 4/06/2018 at 14.00h