Pigeon Bids April 2024 - Part 4

21 Apr 14:00 -
30 Apr 14:00
15 Pigeons

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In this auction, pigeons previously sold but not paid for by the buyer return online
An unique opportunity to strengthen your breeding loft with pure quality

Lot 5



EIJERKAMP HANS & EVERT-JAN 汉斯 & 艾佛特-杨·爱亚卡普

Granddaughter “Olympic Leo”
“Olympic Leo”, original Heremans, won at Roeper W.
1st German Olympiad ace Cat. D. Allround ‘13
2nd National ace Germany ‘12
Descendants of “Olympic Leo” won at Eijerkamp
1st  Prov. Ace S8 Short Distance1st Prov. Ace S8 Speed Old Birds1st  S-Nat. Titan Games UK ‘21 YB - 1st Internat. Ace Gold Coast 50000 OLR One Loft race1st arriving bird Afrika Pro Derby1st Charlevilles 13,310b.1st Dizy 9,131b.– 1st Geel 6,739b.  1st Fulda 5,961b.  1st Niergnies 5,573b. – 1st Niergnies 3,345b.1st Kecskemet 3,039b. - 1st Navan 2,509b. – 1st Tullamore 1,934b.  1st Sittard 1,892b.  1. Niergnies 1,224b. – and so on


Father: “Lexus” NL21-1668424
Is a half-brother, same father, to 10th Nat. ace Pipa Ranking YB ’20 - 8th Prov. Niergnies 10,065b. – 8th NPO Laon 11,179b. – 10th Niergnies 5,573b. 
Is a half-brother, same mother, to 2nd Niergnies 5,031b.- 21st Bierges 5,258b. – 33rd Bierges 6,198b. and so on
Direct son “Bor” (won 2nd Venlo 4,429b. – 6th Quievrain 10,570b. – and so on) x “Moira” (original Leidemann - granddaughter “Goed Grijs”)


Mother: “Gabrielle” NL17-1821219

Direct daughter “Olympic Leo" (all info see above) x “Hellas” (granddaughter “Euro” – is grandmother to 1st Nat. ace short distance Canada – 1st Tullamore 20,315b. – 1st Niergnies 5,573b. – 1st Weert 1,992b. and so on)

Lot 7

“866-Son Lotte”



Full brothers/sisters won: 1st Niergnies 1,065b. - 1st Pont 1,093b. - 1st Laon 2,734b. - 2nd Fontenay 17,629b. (after loftmate) - 4th NPO Pontoise 14,688b. - 5th NPO Pont 6,733b. - 6th Niergnies 3,393b. - 5th NPO Pont 6,733b. (after 4 loft mates) -  5th Chateauroux 839b. - 2nd Lennik 315b. - 35th Peronne 3,453b. - 45th Pont 1,623b. - 51st Pont 33,636b. - 11th Duffel 1,930b. - 15th Pontoise 1,210b. - 17th Pont 1,881b. - 17th Sezanne 1,253b. - 22nd Asse 1,699b. - 32nd Peronne 1,359b. - 73rd NPO Chateauroux 3,769b. - 84th Argenton 8,702b.


Father: “Son Rivaldo” NL17-1386546
Is a half-brother to winners of:
4th NPO Chateauroux 4,973b. –5th NPO Fontenay 17,629b. – and so on
Direct son “Rivaldo” (1st NPO Nanteuil 15,640b. – 1st Prov. Peronne 27,000b.)  x “Ziza” (won 2nd NPO Argenton 12,267b. – 55th NPO Bourges 10,321b. - 16th Quievrain 2,993b.) 


Mother: “Lotte” NL19-1669967

Won (no doubles):  14 prizes – 2 x 1/100 - 12 x 1/10

    1  NPO Blois                    3,212b.  528km

  11   Niergnies                        3,393b.   210km

  49   NPO Pont St. Max         3,477b.   316km

  96   NPO Chateauroux        4,973b.    595km
323  NPO Fontenay            12,920b.    443km

Granddaughter “Arie” (1st NPO Sens 14,753b.)  x “Jacqueline” (1st NPO Sens 29,164b.) 
Granddaughter “Rivaldo” (1st NPO Nanteuil 15,640b. – 1st Prov. Peronne 27,000b.) x “Makke Bontje” (7th Nat. ace ’15)