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Nice season start for combination Stabel and Son

26 Apr 2024

The start of the new 2024 season is still echoing in the distance or the first fine result from top loft Stabel and Son is already hanging against the wall. The combination father Louis and son Eugene has mastered the art of running with the Dutch top since decades. They participate in all races organised by the semi-national organisation Brabant 2000 and have achieved good results on all distances, but the Stabel pigeons really come into their own on flights between 100 and 650 km. Louis and Eugene are fanciers "old style" who are at the basketing table every week from March to September and try to compete for victory every week. This brought them the over-all championship in their club in 2023 for the 32nd year in a row with an average of about 45 fanciers. To be consistently in the top for many years you need to have a very strong base that breeds well in many generations and Louis and Eugene have a very strong base of pigeons that cross very well with new lines.

They race very strong throughout the season! That is very UNIQUE!