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  • 09 Jul 2020 00:00
  • 11 Jul 2020 07:30
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Tournelle Davy - Rummen: 1st Nat. Argenton 16,762 old birds

Distance: 547km
Velocity: 1236.60 m/m

You'll have to do it anyway... when you're 38 years old, you already have 6 national victories on your record. After Issoudun, Chateauroux, La Souterraine, Bourges old and Bourges yearbirds it was “bingo” again on the last national flight from Argenton. No wonder Davy was able to turn his hobby into his profession and we are convinced that we haven't seen the last of this colony yet. 

But Davy can't handle all the work on his own and is perfectly assisted by his mom Ann and dad Patrick. His base was built around 1 superior breeder and then we talk about "Tiesto" (B05-2217970). This unique cock became father/grandfather/ great-grandfather of several toppers with olympic pigeons and national victors ! "Tiesto" descends from the breeding lines of the well-known breeding pair "Bonnie" x "Clyde" of Clement Robben (Herk-de-Stad).

At the Tournelle house they don't look on a feather more or less and they are 100% committed every day to provide the extensive race team of 76 cocks and 100 racing hens with all the worries. No "total widowhood" or "chaos system"... no... all racers have a partner who lovingly welcomes them when they return home from a flight. In other words, there is no more or less effort.

Pure class to the honor

No winter breeding for the racers but in February as well as in March the couples came together for 5 days each time. Because of the lack of the season because of the Corona measures the couples came together every 14 days for 1 night. 

The national winner is blue hen "Tiësto Lady" (B18-2038246). What an athlete because last week she also won the 12th National Chateauroux against 20.800 old pigeons ! Hopefully she can keep her top condition in the coming weeks so she can qualify for some ace bird competition. Other achievements of "Tiësto Lady" are: 55th National Chateauroux 12,855b. - 9th Soissons 2,210b. - 11th Chevrainvilliers 1,004b. - 15th Melun 1,349b. - 23rd Momignies 1,417b. - 91st Soissons 2,251b. - 194th Soissons 2,897b. 

The hens have to see the inside of the basket every weekend otherwise they will start to mate with each other and that has to be avoided. The hens are housed in a specially adapted loft. The front part consists of a section with living quarters while the back is an aviary whose bottom consists of "rolls". Because of this, the ladies can't hutch together and are obliged to sit on the perches.

At Rummen one has full confidence in the Versele-Laga mixes. They work with the low-protein mixture "Gerry Plus" and are fed up with a sports mixture and Energy Plus. Upon returning home, "Recup Fast" (Aidi) is put into the drinking water and a lot of work is done with the well-known Röhnfried products. 

From a medical point of view, the medicine cabinet is preferably kept closed as much as possible. Before the start of the season the pigeons are released from tricho and once that happens weekly "yellow drops" are given. Against the "head disease" there was no cure yet.

The hens train twice a day and as motivation they can stay with their partner for 30 minutes on the day of basketing. When they return home, they can cuddle each other for 1 to 2 hours before the hens move back to their ward.

You read it ... nothing for nothing ... hard work every day but if that hard work is rewarded with a 6th national victory, yes ... then you step with a big smile to the pigeon loft.

We wish the whole Herbots team a lot of success.

BE18-2038246 : 1st National Argenton 16,762 old birds



The lofts

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