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Rene Sterckx from Begijnendijk doubles Blois and Vierzon

25 May 2023

For Rene Sterkx from Begijnendijk, the season of the heavy middle distance could not have started better than twice with a victory in the Brabantse Unie. Two weeks ago the first flight was on the program and it was a yearling hen that won the palm against 855 yearling pigeons and was the fastest of 2,051 pigeons. One week later it is the turn of an old hen who was the best against 1,788 old pigeons and fastest of 2,617 pigeons in Brabant Union, but also proved to be the fastest Semi-National old pigeons. For Rene, who likes tough races, a strong start with his ladies.

Hens are often the basis here

Rene races both with cocks and hens and in all areas. He is a regular name in the championships of the Brabant Union due to the high rhythm he imposes on pigeons. Of course this is usually done by hens that can take a bit more of a beating.

The racing team of the hens sit in a garden loft where they do normal winter breeding, they raise one round and then they only come together for 4 days when they are trained up to Gembloux. This training also goes at a fast pace of 4 times and then they can go to Momignies.

The hens are not darkened and for those who have no place to breed, a few hens are raced between the youngsters as yearlings. There are never many, 5 or 6 maximum. But the old winner of Vierzon is one of those from last year, she just flew on the sliding door between the youngsters and now really on widowhood with a partner who stays at home. Rene usually chooses the last youngster with the least experience to train them calmly as a yearling because they need a little more time.

The hens train twice a day and after training they get 20 minutes to eat, after which they are locked up in their box for the whole day. Until 14 days ago she trained 1x a day and this was a full hour, now they do this 2x a day for half an hour.

Until now the hens have not yet seen a cock when basketing, he is simply ready when they return home and then they can stay together for 4 to 5 hours. After Vierzon, they were allowed to stay there for the first time until the morning after.

The hens get a daily sports mixture and just before they are locked up they also get some sweets with one peanut. They know this system so well and Rene has it all to his hand. Furthermore, 2 days before basketing they are given Omega Oil over the feed together with Amino Acids, just like when they return home.

Medically he has already treated them against tricho before the season and they get a yellow drop every week. For the airways he has good lofts with few problems, so nothing has been given so far.

Winners Blois and Vierzon

BE 21-2078126 Blue Hen

1st Br.Unie Vierzon 1,788 old ( fastest of 2,617 pigeons )
1st S.Nat Vierzon olds
67th Br.Unie Blois 1,196 old

Daughter of “109/11” 1 Nat (z) Poitiers 2,108 and 6th National 12,379p in 2014

BE 22-2080286 Blue Hen

1st Br.Unie Blois 855 yearlings ( fastest of 2,051 pigeons )

Rene, congratulations on these great victories from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim