Bourges II Yearlings


  • 27 Jul 2023 00:00
  • 29 Jul 2023 00:00
  • Yearlings

Henrix Jozef - Stokrooie: 1st National Bourges 12,094 yearbirds - fastest 19,364b.

1st National Bourges 12,094 yearbirds - fastest 19,364b.

Distance: 476km

Velocity: 1,687.39 m/m

With a prevailing westerly wind, the Limburg fanciers rubbed their hands. And rightly so because both the national winner category old and yearling had to visit that beautiful province. 
For Bourges II, this year only for old and yearling, a field of 12,094 yearling pigeons took part and the winner was the blue hen "B22-5082661" of Jozef Hendrix from Stokrooie (district of Hasselt). With a speed of 1,687 m/m, she also beat all 19,364 Bourges racers. 
Sympathetic Joseph was completely out of his milk when we visited him. "Who would have ever thought" he started his story "I report my pigeons by phone and can you believe that, because I completely lost my mind, I forgot to report some of my later arriving pigeons. My phone is red hot, unbelievable."
"I came into contact with pigeon racing through my father. My father, a miner by profession, passed away from us far too early and with his passing, pigeon racing also disappeared from my life. Until 2010...then I decided to get back into pigeon racing. I read specialised literature and admired the results of Luc and the late Johny Daans. My "Vale Daans" became the stock bear of my current colony. Besides the pigeons of Daans, reinforcements were also obtained from Vandenheede, Van Renterghem - Goeteyn, Van Rompaey Karlo, Clicque Gino, Davy Tournelle, etc....

"I am a fancier of the old school and play all my pigeons on nest. I started the season with 70 pigeons but the bird of prey is lurking every day and at the moment I still have about 40 to play. You won't discover any secrets here, because there is no question of darkening, extra training tosses, etc... here. Mostly I play the small middle distance and with regularity of the clock my name is on top of the results and for that reason friends stimulated me to try my luck on a national and I win Bourges national. My national winning hen was 10 days brooding and this on 3 eggs
I do everything in my power to get the pigeons healthy at the start of each race. As for feed, I buy mixtures of different brands and feed a heavy mixture when they arrive home and then change to 50% light + 50% sport and the last days back to 100% sport mixture. 
Medically, the vet only comes by for the obligatory vaccinations and every Monday and Tuesday a Belgavet product goes into the drinking water. 
And the future of my national winner will be on my breeding loft. She will definitely not be released again because I am afraid that the bird of prey will strike."
Joseph, congratulations on your first national win. This one tastes like more and we hope the 2nd one will not be long in coming

Congratulations from the whole Herbots team



Stefan Mertens