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  • 12 Jul 2023 00:00
  • 15 Jul 2023 00:00
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Menten Ronny (Rummen): 1st National Aurillac 6,512 yearbirds - fastest 11,854b.

1st National Aurillac 6,512 yearbirds - fastest 11,854b. 

Distance: 696km
Velocity: 1,601.56 m/m


Last year, in parallel with St Vincent, we had Cahors national, a race open only to old birds. The numbers then were very limited at 3,018 old birds. This year Aurillac with 11,854 pigeons is not far from the 12,000 pigeons entered. It seems that with the presence of the yearlings, the number of participating pigeons is positively affected.
The pigeons were released at 8.30am at a temperature of 14°C and a light S.E. wind. The flight was then raced with a strong S.O. wind and a temperature slightly above 20°C.
Fastest of all Aurillac racers was the yearling cock of Ronny Menten from Rummen. For a distance of 696km he made an average speed of 1,601.56 m/m and was the only pigeon to exceed the 1,600 m/m mark. 
National Aurillac was already the 3rd national victory in their career for Ronny and wife Ilse. Previously, they won 1st national Bourges 10,111 yearling and 1st national Tulle 10,128 yearling. 
Incidentally, on Aurillac they really put a bang on paper because against 6,512 yearlings the name Menten Ronny is behind the places: 1-15-37-53-65-67-71-73-80-81....
Since about eight seasons, Ronny and his wife Ilse have been involved full-time in pigeon racing. With an extensive racing team of 120 yearlings and 80 old pigeons, they started the 2023 season. Ronny "just remember, because people quickly forget, that last year in the middle of the season, we had no pigeon racing for 6 weeks because of bird flu. As a result, at the end of the season, the youngsters had almost no "flight kilometres" on their counters, so we could not select strictly enough. Result, almost all youngsters got another chance to prove their class as yearlings. 
Part of our racing team is played on total widowhood, these are 60 hens and 70 cocks. In addition, we have 72 hens that have a stay-at-home partner, the difference being that for 2 hens there is only 1 stay-at-home cock available. So here the card of "envy" is drawn. 
The 2023 season has been very tough so far and the fact is that we often had the wind at our disadvantage to score early at national level. Fortunately, at Aurillac it was different and the wind blew more in our favour and then of course it is important to strike because the competition is rock hard and knows no mercy. Our "Owen" (B22-2104005), an original Erwin Schepmans cock, had the day of his life. His arrival was one out of the books...he threw himself towards the drop board, so to speak. I thought he was going to fly himself to death. 
With his national victory, he has also determined his future and this future will be in our breeding loft because we will not take any risks with a national winner. 
A yes, perhaps still worth mentioning. "Owen" also flew Limoges and normally between 2 races I always give my pigeons on a speed race but this time we just left them at home. The season was hard enough and a week of rest can't do any harm, we thought to ourselves. The result on Aurillac proved us right. 
In terms of care, you don't have to look for much special here. We use the Beyers mixtures and do everything to have the pigeons 100% ready for the races. The wind determines the winners in pigeon racing, everything has to go along to win nationally and last weekend this was the case for us and that can be damn good. 
Congratulations to Ilse and Ronny on your 3rd national win. 
On to number 4 we would say, you deserve it.


Stefan Mertens