Narbonne Yearlings


  • 25 Jul 2022 00:00
  • 29 Jul 2022 00:00
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Dermience Philippe ( Jemelle ) - 1st National Narbonne 6,013 year birds

Narbonne was on the calendar for the 2nd International race for yearlings in the extreme long distance. The pigeons were released on Friday and it was a very difficult flight with a slow course. The winner with the yearlings can be found in the lofts of Philippe Dirmence in a district of Rochefort in Namur, namely Jemelle. 

System of both classic widowhood and nest game

The racing team consists of 16 old cocks and 30 yearling cocks together with about 60 hens at the beginning of the season. In the beginning everything is raced on ordinary widowhood and training and condition building are the most important. The pigeons have not bred in the winter and are coupled in mid-June before being placed on the nest. the extreme long distance races Agen and Narbonne. Especially with yearlings this is the exam they have to fly before they can continue as an old bird. At the beginning of the year, they train once a day, but from the moment they come to the nest in mid-June, this is increased to twice a day, otherwise the nest pigeons will not train sufficiently.

The pigeons flew for Agen for speed, several times middle distance and Nevers. They were then basketed at Narbonne for 10 days of brooding and now the last flight there will still be pigeons that will be at the end of brooding.

Beyers mixtures are used as feed, especially Sport Galaxy Light in the beginning, then Sport Energy (the last 2-3 days) before basketing. The pigeons are assisted with products from Schroeder – Tollisan and Herbovet. He puts an Appercox and TKK pill on the pigeons for each extreme long distance flight the week before. This way they are free of everything to be able to fly their flight, this is then 2x a year that I have to do this, without having to give the other pigeons anything because everything is usually under each other. Furthermore, Vincent Schroeder and Raf Herbots are mainly consulted medically and their advice is followed.

BE 21-1044918 Chequered Cock 
1st National Narbonne 6.013 year birds

Distance : 798,607 km

Velocity : 937,37 m/min

Clocked : 21:31:58

Sire BE 16-1164735 Chequered – Inbred base breeder “L’Eclair” ( father x daughter )

Gr.F. BE 09-8004657 L’Eclair – Superbreeder – Won himself 1 Chateauroux 6.281b ( fastest from  14.373b )
                Father from “La Brive” 2 Nat Brive 9.049b
                Ovegrandfather “Wondere Thiago” 1 Nat Ace Marathon yls KBDB 2021
Gr.M. BE 14-1138401 La Brive” 2 Nat Brive 9.049b
                Grandmother “Wondere Thiago” 1 Nat Ace Marathon yls KBDB 2021
                Daughter from base breeder “L’Eclair” x “Sister 2 Nat Libourne” 

Mother FR 17-422024 Dechamps Brothers

Gr.F. FR 14-260809 “Matthys 002” 
                Son from “Matthys” 10/10 International races – 4 European Ace Perpignan ‘13’-15
                7th Int.Nat Perpignan 15.106b 
Gr.M. FR 14-260784 Sister Survivant 73 Int.Nat Barcelona 25.294b – 75 Int.Nat Perpignan 15.106b – 
                98 Int.Nat Barcelona 19.089b – Sister “Barca Warrior” 
                Daughter from “14 Karaat” Eric Vittel x “Good Mama” Base breeding hen

Philippe, congratulations on this fantastic victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim