Marseille Old Pigeons


  • 18 Jul 2022 00:00
  • 22 Jul 2022 07:00
  • Old Pigeons

Olivier Novak ( La Buissière ) – 1st Int.National Marseille 9.812 old birds

The last race from the Rhone Valley is the International race from Marseille where 9,812 old birds started. The winner in Belgium and internationally is the same pigeon, a checkered 2 year old cock from Olivier Novak from Merbes-Le-Chateau in Hainaut. For Olivier his biggest win of his career so far who has been bitten by the microbe for 40 years anyway.

The arrivals from Marseille were fantastic.

National 2,326 old : 1,17,18,30,180,192,211,238,239,…
International 9,812 old (reports) : 1,35,37,82,….

Valence National 6,056 old : 85,93,235,287,… 14/28
Montelimar National 3,387 old : 56,128,272,336,…

Racing team on total widowhood

In the beginning the racing team consisted of 32 old widowers and 34 old hens. In addition, there is a team of 40 pairs of yearlings who mainly have to race their big flights on the nest. The racing pigeons do not breed early and train once a day. This is the beginning of everything, the training has to be firm and hard, otherwise you can't win early prizes.

The preparation went well and they flew a few sprint races, then Toury and Bourges and after that the team of the Rhone Valley was prepared for their 3 races of the season in question.

When basketing, the cocks only get to see their dish and the hens are taken away in this way. When they return from a tough flight, they stay together for a few days. After Marseille this was even until Monday evening.

The racing pigeons are given a light mixture when they return home, 5 days before basketing they are given 50% Sport Energy Galaxy Beyers and 50% Beyers Premium Jellema. The last 2 days they get extra vitamins in the drinking water and everything else is followed via the schedule of vet Piet Blancke. This season the racing pigeons were treated for 3 days against tricho, the respiratory tract and coccidiosis.

Winner Marseille 

BE 20-1153584 Chequered Cock 
1st National Marseille 2.326 old birds
1st Int.National Marseille 9.812 old birds
287 National Valence ’22 6.056 old birds
609 National Montelimar ’22 3.387 old birds

Nestbrother from “585/20” 58 Nat Pau 3.734b

Clocked : 18:32:17
Distance : 790,406 km
Velocity : 1141,74 m/min

Sire BE 19-1150889 Son Argentin – G & M Regnier

Gr.F. BE 14-2343547 Argentin – G & M Regnier 
                Father from 6 Nat Montelimar 2018 + 2019 
                Son from “BE 13-811” 1 Nat Argenton 9.970b x “BE 08-644” Mother 8 Nat Argenton
Gr.M. BE 15-1148177
                Daughter from “BE 04-900” 12 Nat Marseille x “BE 11-851” Mother 1 Nat Argenton 9.970b

Mother BE 18-3106088 Sister Lady Narbonne – 1 Nat Narbonne ’19 3.580b – Piet Blancke

Gr.F. BE 17-3074966 Cees 996 – Joël Verschoot
                Son from “Cees” 1 Nat Brive 8.337b x “Alonne”
Gr.M. BE 12-6195995 Bonga 995 – Jos Joosen
                Daughter from “BE 05-269” 4 Prov Brive x “BE 11-796” Inbred 3th Int.Nat Perpignan

BE 20-1105497 Blue Cock
14th National (z) Montelimar 1.113 old birds 
18th National Marseille 2.326 old birds 
21th National (z) Valence 1.753 old birds

3th National Ace Pigeon Rhone Valley KBDB 2022

Sire BE 15-1193057 Son Thomas

Gr.F. BE 15-1010468 Thomas – 2 National Montelimar 4.552b
                Son from “BE 14-562” Blue Brother 1 Nat Montelimar x “BE 11-368” Chequered
Gr.M. BE 13-9011035 Chequered
                1st Vierzon ( fastest from 3.953b – 10 Nat (z) Chateauroux 3.844b – 30 Nat (z) La Souterraine 2.132b – 4th Ace LCB 2014
                Daughter from “BE 12-738” Chequered x “BE 10-666” Chequered Verspreet

Mother BE 15-1029922 Blue – Flasse en Zoon

Gr.F. BE 14-1017562 Blue – Brother 1 Nat Montelimar 
                Son from “BE 08-254” Blue x “BE 09-435” Chequered
Gr.M. BE 14-234324 Blue
                Daughter from “BE 11-262” Quentin 1 Nat Montelimar x “BE 10-340” Miss Perpignan
                1 Montlucon 1.016b – 36 Nat (z) Brive 2.359b - 44 Int.Nat Perpignan