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  • 29 Jun 2022 00:00
  • 02 Jul 2022 06:30
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Clicque Gino - Wevelgem: 1st National Agen 7,331 yearbirds - 1st International yearbirds

Not really a surprise some will say.... and maybe they are right, but playing a first national (and also international) is not something you can just order from one or another shop.
Also not in the Clicque house...although in the meantime they can wholesome in national victories and ace pigeons.
That the forme curve was in the right direction became clear during the previous races.
On the national race from Tulle, with release on Tuesday due to the bad weather conditions the days before, it was a real festival with no less than 21 pigeons in the national top 100.  A part of the honour could be claimed by the fact that Annemie Vanhee won the 1st national with a pigeon of Clicque origin.  Shared joy, double joy?

It is difficult to get used to winning

Do you get used to playing a first national race?   When we see the eyes of Gino sparkle when he tells his story, we have the impression he is not. As a professional, he runs the whole company Clicque Racing Pigeons together with his family. 
It is a family business where the tasks are very well divided and everyone is expected to take his share of the care. Good agreements have been made, it is a busy agenda and in the full foulée of the season it is hard work to get all pigeons in the right conditions and preferably in top form at the starting line.
Here too, the after-effects of a very heavy Argenton are still tangible, but a large number of pigeons stayed at home to be able to fly to Agen well rested.
Winning the 1st international with your 1st nominated and remains a surprise but it was a pigeon that was basketed with full confidence. 
This yearling had stayed at home for 4 weeks (Bourges national was the previous national race that was flown).  A fit pigeon at the start of a heavy race is and remains an advantage.  Relatively high speeds were achieved (the pigeon of Gino flew 1,350 metres per minute for 787 km) but the kilometres have to be reeled in anyway.

Turbo Cyriel (BE21-3024054) is the best international pigeon Agen yearlings

Cyriel is the son of Jasper Clicque and how can you baptize this pigeon better than Cyriel. The fact to fly the 1st national and international has earned him the word Turbo (also referring to the bloodline on fathers side).
It is a beautiful blue cock, rather the slender type with a very good wing and a very strong eye. Also a nervous boy in the hand that clearly had not yet flown tired.
After the flight from Bourges national where he won a good price, he was kept at home. Only a short training flight of a few kilometres was flown to get the joy in it.
He lives on a loft for yearlings where they don't play the classical widowhood in its pure form.  When basketing, the pigeons are basketed as calmly as possible and when they come home, there are a few hens present to bring some life into the loft.  It is a form of organised chaos that is used and apparently this has motivated Turbo Cyriel extremely well to shake this strong performance from his wings.


Of noble blood

Turbo Cyriel is one of 'noble blood' as we can call it on the lofts of Gino. 
His father is a son of Turbo Piraat and the Piraat-line has already brought many top results to the lofts in Wevelgem. We also find a dash of Platteeuw blood back along fathers side.
His mother is an Eric Vermander hen from Oekene, who in turn is a daughter of Cesaer (a.o. 8th national Barcelona). Cesaer was coupled to Mieke who was a granddaughter of the famous Vital of Noël Lippens. So pigeons which without any doubt can handle the kilometres.
Normally it is the intention that Turbo Cyriel will join the already rich breeding lofts of Gino to, hopefully, as fits in the good Wevelgem tradition, put top-flyers on the world again.
With the full middle distance calendar and the current forme on these lofts, we expect some stunt work !

Congratulations to the Herbots team with this resounding victory !

Geert Dhaenens


1st National Agen 7,331 yearbirds - 1st International yearbirds 

Distance: 787km
Velocity 1350,48 m/m

Geert Dhaenens