Is a half-sister to:  
“Orleans Harry”: 1st NPO Orleans 1,277b. – 22nd NPO Montlçon 4,201b. – 23rd Nat. Argenton 5,512b. 
“Inbred Harry”: 3rd NPO La Souterraine 1,094b. - 5th Nat. Argenton 9,512b. – 16th Prov. Charleville 18851b. - 41st Nat. Vierzon 26,141b.


Father: “Raced Harry” NL15-1849323 – original Jan Hooymans
2nd Quievrain 1,804b.
Direct son of world-famous “Harry” x “Inbred Kannibaal”
“Harry” NL07-2007621 won: 
1st Nat. ace one-day-fond NPO ’09 – 1st Blois 37,728b. – 1st Chateauroux 22,340b. – 3rd Chateaudun 21,520b. – 6th Morlincourt 4,418b. – and so on
“Inbred Kannibaal” B12-6142278 – original Van Dyck Dirk
Double granddaughter world-famous “De Kannibaal


Mother: NL15-1130888
Is a full sister to:
“King Kong Harry”: 2nd Nat. ace Fond ’16 – 1st Montluçon 507b. – 2nd NPO Montluçon 1,310b. - 3rd NPO La Souterraine 1,242b. – 11th Prov. Reims 7,985b. – 12th NPO Limoges 1,326b. – 23rd NPO Chateauroux 1,797b. 
“Montluçon Harry”: 1st Montluçon 681b.
Is a granddaughter world-famous “Harry” (Hooymans J.)


  • Breeder:
    HENDRIKS JO & FLORIAN 乔 & 佛洛利安·亨德里克斯
  • Seller:
    R + R



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Lot 9 ”Granddaughter Harry”


Winning bid
€ 1,300.00