Is a half-brother to:
“Alane”: 1st Prov. Reims 6,251b. – 11th Prov. Sens 2,768b. – 26th Prov. Chalons 7,623b. – 39th Prov. Melun 3,710b.
“Alyse”: 2nd Prov. Reims 6,251b. – 36th Prov. Melun 3,710b. – 36th prov. Sens 2,768b.


Father: “Son 081” NL17-1545151
1st Charleville 22,915b. – 3rd Nat. Argenton 9,512b. - 4th Charleville 1,241b. – 4th Marche 612b. – 25th NPO Chateauroux 1,239b. – 52nd NPO Lorris 15,148b.- and so on
Direct son of “Kleine Gerard” (winner of 2nd NPO 8,278b. – 4th NPO 1,310b. – 5th NPO 5,537b. - 11th NPO 1,326b. - 13th Prov. 10,912b. – 17th NPO 5,166b.) x “Laat 431” (5th NPO Sezanne 4,778b.)


Mother: “Daughter National” NL20-1731969

Direct daughter “National Harry” x “Sister Friendship”

“National Harry” NL17-1545145

Worldchampion F.C.I. Fond ’19  - 1st Nat. Chateauroux  7,503b. – 2nd Nat. Argenton 9,512b. – 2nd NPO Montluçon 4,201b. – and so on

“Sister Friendship” B16-6128813 – original Hermans R.

Is mother to “760-17”: 1st Issoudun 1,269b. – 2nd NPO 5,233b. – 8th NPO Sens 4,612b.

Full sister to: 1st Nat. Chateauroux 44,314b.


  • Breeder:
    HENDRIKS JO & FLORIAN 乔 & 佛洛利安·亨德里克斯
  • Seller:
    R + R



More info

Lot 8 ”Beauty Son 151”


Winning bid
€ 750.00