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Ype Hemstra Known as best Leideman Brothers 1st National ace middle distance NPO Olympiad bird Maastricht

09 Mar 2024

We are speaking to a very proud Ype Hemstra. You could do for less as he is the proud breeder of, among others, two pigeons that have performed exceptionally this year. Because you can say that when the 1st National ace pigeon middle distance NPO 2023 and the 3rd Olympiad pigeon long distance Maastricht 2024 were given a ring over their leg by you. 
Ype has got it right and bets "on two horses" every week. He has a loft in Buitenpost where loft keeper Dirk Jelle Drost is in charge and a loft in Sint Jansklooster where Henri van der Linde chalks the lines in which football is played.

Nieuw Goed Grijs
1st National ace ½ Fond NPO 2023

The best of all the Netherlands in the middle distance, this honour comes to Ype's "Nieuw Goed Grijs". The name of this national ace pigeon already gives a lot away... indeed... "Nieuw Goed Grijs" is an inbred product after the well-known hen "Goed Grijs" of Gebroeders Leideman.  " Nieuw Goed Grijs " (2022-8018685") has shown her skills on "Hok Hemstra" which is located in Sint Jansklooster. 

Etroeungt 25th prize against 2354 pigeons. 
Etroeungt 3rd prize against 1803 pigeons.
Arlon 1st prize against 1529 pigeons.
Arlon 6th prize against 1120 pigeons.
Chalons en Champagne 3rd prize against 928 pigeons.
Dizy le Gros 2nd prize against 695 pigeons.

These prizes were scored in the Friesland Division

The sire is "Inbred Good Grey", 2021-4601544 and the dam is "Miss Esmee", 2019-4200386.
"Inbred Good Grey" with ring number 2021-4601544 comes from brothers A &; B Leideman, Collendoorn. This cock is out of "Son Goed Gris" 17-1647998 x "Daughter Goed Grijs" 18-1459480. Both have the same mother, namely "Goed Grijs" 15-6106415. This hen comes from the Gebroeders van den Brande Berlaar Belgium. The great-grandfather is "Crack 19" 14-1466919 from the A and B Leideman brothers and the great-grandmother comes from the van den Brande and is "El-Zarka" 12-6054326.

The dam is "Miss Esmee" and is out of "Son Esmee" 16-1003360 by Tj & J Elzinga from Harkema and "Miss Joyce" 14-1393299 also by Tj & J Elzinga. The father and mother of "Son Esmee" are "Blue Harry" by Jan Hooymans and "Esmee" by Tj & J Elzinga. The grandmother comes from the pair "Halfbrother Chanel" by P. Veenstra and "Joyce" by Kooman x Veenstra.


As a 7-year-old, Ype got interested in pigeon racing and started practising his favourite hobby.Animals and Ype ... the click has always been there and Ype became a professional "sheep shearer". You are young and ambitious in your profession and an Australian adventure beckoned because there are an awful lot of sheep to shear there.In Australia, Ype stayed for seven years before returning to the European contingent and settling near Leipzig, Germany. There, Ype started a sheep farm. Despite caring for some 1,200 sheep, time was also freed up again for pigeon racing. We are talking about the period from 2002 to 2015. In 2016, Ype returned to his heimat in the Netherlands and went to live in Oosterwierum

The base

Ype is busy with the pigeon business and if you want to get and keep a colony of top pigeons in top form, you cannot do it alone and that is why Dirk Jelle Drost was employed as loft keeper. The pigeons that populate the lofts mainly come from the Andre and Bert Leideman brothers (Collendoorn) supplemented with pigeons from Leo Heremans (Vorselaar), Maurice Hasendonckx (Bouwel) , Marcel Aelbrecht (Lebbeke) and Otto Korner (Harbe).

Loft Hemstra in Buitenpost

All pigeons are housed in a garden loft with eight sections. The pigeons were paired in mid-January where from the first round the eggs of the breeders are pushed under the racers. They will start with 30 breeding couples and 60 racing couples. Because the pigeons are completely widowhood, a good hundred pigeons will start the season. The old pigeons are not darkened or lighted. From the first training flight of the Division, the pigeons are basketed and the race is on. The preference is surely for the big middle-distance races and especially the one-day long-distance races. The pigeons are never shown before basketing and when they arrive home they normally stay together until the evening. If it is a heavy race or a long-distance race where the pigeons arrive late, the cocks and hens can stay together for one night and are separated on Sunday. The pigeons, both young and old, are released once a day and that way it is quiet around 14.00 in the afternoon and no more pigeons fly outside.
Medication is only given if something is wrong with the pigeons and then only if vet Bert Brinks from Hardenberg prescribes it. Of course, both old and young birds are vaccinated against paramixovirus and the youngsters are also vaccinated against smallpox. Besides the daily grit, which consists of four different kinds, the pigeons only get natural products and these go through the drinking water. These come from Aldert Hiemstra from Zwaagwesteinde. During the week, Almar MBE goes through the drinking water. This product is developed from cane sugar, elderberries and various herbs and seeds and optimises the natural balance in the intestines. On Saturdays and Sundays, MBE-T goes through the drinking water. This product is drawn from natural vegetable raw materials. Besides good bacterial activity in the intestines, this product gives a good balance against worms, coccidiosis and trichomonas without causing resistance. During the breeding period, the old pigeons receive feed from Beyers. However, when the races start, they switch to the mixtures Power Sport, Power Non Stop and Power Dyamik by Vanrobaeys.

Hok Hemstra in St. Jansklooster

On this village live Henri and Wilma van de Linde who achieved excellent results for years but who decided to sell all pigeons in 2020. When Ype heard about this, he contacted Henri and made him a proposal to start again with pigeons from the breeding loft in Buitenpost. No sooner said than done and in 2021, young pigeons went to Sint Jansklooster and were raced under the name "Hok Hemstra". On the understanding that Ype supplies the pigeons and Henri plays them according to his method.

They are raced on total widowhood. The old pigeons are not darkened. The method used in St. Jansklooster is similar to that used in Buitenpost. In St. Jansklooster, the pigeons receive Supervlieg MC from Wielink all year round. The day before basketing and the day of basketing itself, this is supplemented with Energy Power Mix from DHP. Before the start of the season, all pigeons are given a yellow pill and halfway through the season this is repeated. Not because the pigeons have yellow but purely for Henri's own state of mind. Every now and then OrniSpecial or Belga Tai is added to the drinking water to purify the airways. Also in Sint Jansklooster, the young and old birds are inoculated against the paramixovirus. The youngsters get another inoculation against rotavirus and against smallpox is inoculated with the tassel. In recent years, nothing has been done against paratyphoid.