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Youri Deblanc (Ronse) one of the best long distance lofts from Belgium

19 Apr 2022

It all seems very simple when we, visiting Youri Deblanc, listen to the execution of the plan that he took on a few years ago to race top on the distances from 400 to 900km. The pigeon infection he got dates from his youth years where he got it from his grandfather.
Youri is in the glory of his live…and also in the glory of growing his family. He is himself CFO of an international business group, his wife is a specialized doctor in a hospital and 4 young daughters fill the house. It all looks a bit of hocus pocus to keep these plates turning and when you are next to all this also very ambitious in your beloved hobby, pigeon sport. 

A man with a plan
Youri is rather sober of nature and kind of straight forward. In the past season, we heard left and right in the hallways thinking ‘how can you make such an evolution in a matter of 2 years’ time’? 
The results of the past 2 years didn’t show up out of nothing and served as a Royco Minute Soup. No, the plan has been made and thought off years ago, Youri was a hobby racer, but professionally he didn’t have the time for the care and guidance of a broad racing team. 
He discovered the ‘Julien’ as base breeder ( a pigeon coming from Eric Vermander, Oekene) and by a good coincidence he met Marc Valepijn from Ronse. Marc is a guy with a lot of experience within pigeon sport, knows extremely well what selecting is and could already show a lot of results from his period at his parents’ house in Maarkedal (toppers on the extreme long distance) and at his own place in Ronse. Marc has a loft with a small basket and the selection has always been really hard. He built out a top strain of pigeons, together with Youri, around ‘Julien’ and could present very strong results from the middle distance to the national long distance….and this with about 16 widow cocks. 
In the meantime Youri looked out for pigeons that fit in with the breeding line from the ‘Julien’ and built out bit by bit a superior breeding loft. Marc winded down pigeon sport a bit and Youri made a deal with Marc to bring the best pigeons onto his own breeding loft.
Youri figured out for himself that with such quality it must be possible to get to the national top. The pigeons already had given very strong results both on the loft of Marc as on the loft of Youri. And to know what you could expect, youngsters from this breed were tested (and with success) at Patrick Grammens in Horebeke and in the season of 2019 at Kevin De Baere (De Baere-Deblanc).

Reculer pour mieux sauter… an iron strong breeding loft

…is a French saying which means that you sometimes have to go back first to get more power for a bigger leap. And Youri did this with pigeons of 2 or 3 years old, who achieved in setting national top results, and bring them early on to the breeding loft. 

With ‘Julien’ as red wire through the breeding loft you can find at the moment 10 cock where off 9 raced top 10 national on distances of more than 600km. There are 20 hens coupled to these elite cocks which exist for 50% out of ‘Julien’-ladies and 50% from other lofts such as from his friend Eric Vermander from Oekene (where also ‘Julien’ himself comes from), Marc & Geert Pollin from Snellegem, Tom Van Gaver from Moortsele, PEC, and 1 top hen from Jos & Jan Loobuyck from Aalter. In the past he succeeded also with a hen from John Meurysse from Oeselgem.

Julien doesn’t fertilize anymore in the meantime but his high breeding value is showing in his children and grandchildren. The past 2 season national top was raced with children and grandchildren.

Youri’s credo is that he only accomplishes his breeding loft out of the best what is already on the loft, he doesn’t settle for less. Once new blood is in, 4 youngsters are being bred and being tested severely. If they are seem to be sufficient within the norms of the loft than they are being kept, otherwise they are out without any excuse. Especially the off spring of ‘Crack Julien’ (raced himself 6th National Montauban is very good and very promising. 

The goal stays to only put pigeons on the breeding loft (both cocks as hens) that raced top 10 national. The goal for the racing team is to have only year birds and old pigeons that won top 100 national on the long distance or extreme long distance. A clear goal that surveys the quality really strongly. 

Titels 2020 & 2021

 5. Nationaal Asduif KBDB Allround 2020
15. Nationaal Asduif KBDB fond 2021
 8. Nat. Kampioen KBDB Zware Fond 2020
10. en 11. world best pigeon marathon 2021
22. Nationaal Asduif KBDB allround jonge 2020
26. Nationaal Asduif KBDB allround 2020
32. Nationaal Asduif KBDB allround 2020

 2. Prov. kampioen zware fond KBDB 2020
 5. Prov. kampioen fond KBDB 2020
 4. Prov. Asduif fond jaarlingen KBDB 2021
 4. Prov. Asduif oude zware fond KBDB 2021
 5. Prov. Asduif fond oude KBDB 2020
 6. Prov. Asduif fond oude KBDB 2020
 6. Prov. Asduif fond jaarlingen KBDB 2020

Nationale top-10 noteringen 2019-2021

1.  Nationaal Libourne 2019
2.  Internationaal Agen 2021
3.  Nationaal Bourges 2020
4.  Nationaal Limoges 2019
4.  Nationaal Limoges 2021
6.  Internationaal Agen 2021
7.  Nationaal Aurillac 2019
8.  Nationaal Limoges 2021
10.Nationaal Bourges 2021

20/06/20 Vierzon (407 km) Prov. 4.218 jl.: 5-6-7-39-49-70-116-155-…(40/69)
18/07/20 Limoges (610 km) Nat. 9.756 jl.: 27-56-94-104-111-162-166-197-…(27/55)
01/08/20 Souillac (660 km) Nat. 6.668 oude: 12-102-155-…(8/14)
01/08/20 Souillac (660 km) Nat. 7.514 jl.: 13-19-64-86-98-112-119-128-128-169-187-…(25/45)
08/08/20 Bourges (420 km) Nat. 8.424 jl.: 3-22-43-116-137-139-…(16/19)
15/08/20 Chateauroux (460 km) Nat. 6.306 jl.: 11-72-.. (7/9)
15/08/20 Brive (650 km) Nat. 3.755 oude: 58-81-83-130-… (8/9)
15/08/20 Brive (650 km) Nat. 4.238 jl.: 28-62-175-185-… (15/18)
29/05/21 Bourges (420 km) Nat. 34.311 oude: 35,64,97,111,125,…(33/37)
29/05/21 Bourges (420 km) Nat. 25.096 jl.: 10,91,155,237,…(14/36)
12/06/21 Limoges (610 km) Nat. 15.547 oude: 4,59,180,192,…(20/31)
02/07/21 Agen (790 km) Internat. 18.056 oude: 2,6,103,389,…(8/8)
11/07/21 Limoges (610 km) Nat. 9.218 jl.: 8,38,71,77,117,138,182,…(17/34)
30/07/21 Narbonne (848 km) Nat. 5.805 oude: 56 (1/2)