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Willems Albert & Michel ( Eisden ) shine on Agen with 1 & 2 Provincial

13 Jul 2021

For the colony of Albert & Michel Willems Agen became again a nice race and made them a provincial victory richer. For them it is the 21st out of their career and with the 1st Provincial Agen old and 2nd Provincial Agen yearlings it became a wonderful weekend for them. The Barcelona team was smaller and 3 pigeons were clocked in the morning and became the 10th , 28th and 52nd Provincial 

Racing team on nest

The focus has been since a few years not on Barcelona anymore but also other races has become a goal to show their quality more than once. Mostly the pigeons are being basketed on 10 days breeding and after arrival they can start building a new nest. 

First two pigeons from Agen

BE 19-5019387 Red hen
1 Provincial Agen 741b 864km ( 75th National )

Father BE 18-4236446 Rode Joost 
Son to “Red Ace” 1 Nat Ace bird ELD KBDB 2016 at Kristof Mortelmans x Daughter Peggy 1 Nat Ace bird ELD KBDB 2011

Mother BE 16-2217457 Olga ( De Smeyter – Restiaen via Vincent Schroeder )
Top breeding hen

BE 20-5107532 Hen
2 Provincial Agen 482b 864km 
Original Schreurs - Hauben

At this moment there are 2 pigeons from this colony for sale via the Barcelona Special auction

BE 21-5061841 “Reuben 841”

Is a direct son to “Reuben” 2 Nat Ace bird ELD KBDB 2014 with ao 7th National Perpignan and 42nd National Barcelona coupled to the strain of “Silke” from Jelle Jellema

BE 21-5061853 “Debby” 

Is a daughter to “Kyren” 8th National Libourne and ½ brother 1st Provincial Barcelona coupled to their best Barcelona hen “Debbie” who won the 18th National Barcelona and is a daughter to “Marianna” who won the 9th International Barcelona. 

Albert & Michel, a big congratulation from the entire HERBOTS TEAM

Buelens Kim