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Van de Walle Marc & Franky from Zwalm ( Superstars with long distance pigeons in races from 300-900km )

02 Jan 2022

For the first time there is an internet sale of this top colony Marc & Franky Van de Walle from the East Flemish Zwalm. Pure class what these 2 brothers conjure up and how they have been performing super for several years from middle distance to extreme long distance. Long distance pigeons that are not present at 200 or 300km, they do not like that. Prefer pigeons that do it everywhere and preferably fly TOP NATIONAL. They have the pigeons for it and the quality simply drips from it when you take the best pigeons through your hands here. They again performed very well in 2021 with several top finishes in the championships.

Stock building

We go back for a moment to the early 2000s where it appears that the 2 real basic breeders were born then. BE 02-4412829 “Bonte Wittekodde” and BE 00-4478783 “Zachte Imbrechts” were 2 half-brothers and come from “Roden Imbrechts”. This was a top pigeon with the old strain of Germain Imbrecht from Bornival who flew very well in the long distance in Zwalm. He won a.o. 4th National Brive 16,560 pigeons and became 4th Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB. Here came the predilection for the heavier work and from this line soon came several toppers.

“Bonte Wittekodde” became the sire of 
“BE 09-4292770” Den Bordeaux, who shone in 2011 with a 1st National Bordeaux 4,921b. 
        => Father of super hen “Anneliesje” Mother of 6 x TOP 100 National             
        => Grandfather of “Virginie” 3 x TOP 20 National (z) + 2 x TOP 50 National 
“Bordeaux Express” who in turn became father of several toppers such as 
                    “De Libourne” – “Brive Express” – “Top Gun” – “Catalaantje” – “Maxi Express” 
“Blue White Obora” became mother of “Monti” and “Strong Ace 41”

So you see that the stock goes back to the same line, but that the crossing material succeeds very smoothly against several lines ( Rudi Desaer, Carlo Gyselbrecht or M & G Pollin ).

How many toppers are there present here

In the breeding loft and racing loft there are several toppers who have excelled in racing or breeding several times. But usually one thing is connected to the other and the Van de Walle type is one of the tough ones who can shine several times and is a pigeon of medium size with soft plumes, good muscles and a strong lock.

“De Libourne” 4 x TOP 50 National, 1st World Best Long Distance Pigeon KBDB 2019, 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2019 (4 KBDB flights) and 3rd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2019. 
“Bordeaux” 1st National Bordeaux 4,921 pigeons “Strong Ace” 5th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2016
“Topgun” 4 x TOP 70 National “Monti” 4 x TOP 105 National and 10th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2020
“Devils 75” 6  x 1st and 4 x TOP 100 National Extreme Middle Distance“Virginie” 3 x TOP 20 National (z) + 2 x TOP 50 National 
“Catalan” 2 x TOP 101 National “Lady Perpignan” 36 + 74 National Perpignan + 99 National Pau 
“Red King” 3 x TOP 55 National and 7th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2021
“Blue Ace 039” 4 x TOP 75 National and 11th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB

…. We limit the list to the very best and we probably forget a lot…

Superstars of the Colony

BE 16-4241115 “De Libourne”

Was a classy pigeon of size to present as the first pigeon. Won 4 x TOP 50 National in the long distance races in his career.

Won a.o. 3rd National Libourne 3,176p, 7th National Cahors 6905p, 35th National Limoges 9,689p and 46th National Tulle 6,206p. This made him 1st World Best Long Distance Pigeon KBDB 2019, 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2019 (4 KBDB flights) and 3rd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2019.

This is a direct son of stock father "Bordeaux Express" x "Maxima". Maxima herself shone in Barcelona with 20th I.Nat Barcelona 25,382 pigeons. 

This couple not only produced superstar 

“De Libourne” but also “Catalaantje” 79th National Barcelona 7,468b 
“Brive Express” 20th National Brive 4,238 
“Sister Maxi Express” 42 Nat Narbonne 3,424p
And so on….

In this first auction ever of this colony, 2 children of superstar “De Libourne” are coupled to 2 real top hens.

BE 21-4220802 “Double Ace 802” N°1 for sale

Daughter of “De Libourne” x “Strong Ace 41” 5th Nat Ace pigeon extreme long distance KBDB and full sister following super crack “De Monti”

BE 21-4084009 “Devil's Libourneke” N°2 for sale

A super pigeon in the hand again and a daughter of no less than 8 x TOP 100 National. If you want to score nationally, you should grab your chance here. 
Daughter of “De Libourne” x “Devils 75” won 6 x 1st and 4 x TOP 100 National in the extreme middle distance.

The perfect example that this bloodline passes on their genes is the following performance hen

BE 19-4001124 “Queen Narbonne” N°3 for sale
She won 10th Prov Narbonne 1.028p ( 72nd National 4.120p ) as a yearling herself

Her father is "Max Express" and full brother of "De Libourne" and her mother is "Euro Queen". 
This is a granddaughter of 2x 1st National Extreme Long Distance.

BE 15-4241246 “De Monti” 

The next superstar who made the beautiful weather in Zwalm at the age of 5 years. He won 27th I.Nat Narbonne 9,574p, 47th National Montelimar 1,538p, 61st National Narbonne 3,873p and 103rd National Valence 6,843p. He became 2nd Prov Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2020, 3rd National Ace Pigeon Narbonne 2019-2020 and 4th World Best Ace Pigeon Marathon 2020.

He clearly likes the slightly heavier work, just like his sister “Strong Ace 41” who became 5th National Ace bird extreme long distance KBDB.


In this auction also 2 super children of “Monti” coupled with 2 hens for, just like him, the heavier work in those extreme long distance flights

BE 21-4106961 “Copy Monti 961” N°12 for sale

Is a copy of his father and here "Monti" was coupled to the proven breeding hen "Laura" who is mother of "Lady Narbonne" with 64th National Barcelona and 67th National Narbonne, she has already proven her breeding value.

BE 21-4106968 “Blue Monti 968” N°13 for sale

Is a daughter of "Monti" x "Best Lady Perpignan". This is a daughter of "Lady Perpignan" who won 36th + 74th National Perpignan and 99th National Pau.

BE 15-4241014 “Topgun” 

The other super son out of stock sire “Bordeaux Express” is “Topgun”. Like his half-brother, he won 4 x TOP 70 National. He won a.o. 34th National Montlucon 10,753p, 41st National Libourne 4,605p , 43rd National Cahors 6,905p and 69th National Brive 5,929p.

Here stock father "Bordeaux Express" was coupled to a daughter of "Dortmunder" from M & G Pollin. The Olympiad pigeon in the long distance races and stock father of this top colony.


Also in this auction are 2 children of “Topgun”.

BE 20-4037774 “Topgun 774” N°8 for sale

A son of "Topgun" x "Miss All Round" who classified her super in all races from middle distance to Perpignan and she is also a granddaughter of "Bordeaux Express". This makes this cock a pure inbred to the real base of this colony

BE 20-4037893 “Topgun 893” N°9 for sale

Is a daughter of "Topgun" x "Blue Diamand" ( half sister of 4 top racers )



Superstar of the 2021 season

The new crack that has risen in the 2021 season is “Red King”. This is a direct pigeon from Gino Clicque but which was raced here in Zwalm.

He excelled in 2021 with 10th National Limoges 6,986p, 34th National Limoges 15,547p and 52nd National Souillac 4,144p. This made him 7th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2021.

In this auction the very first child of this topper

BE 21-4084102 “Vale King” N°5 for sale 

This is a beautiful cock that was bred in the summer and here “Red King” was coupled to “Lady Agen” 44th I.Nat Agen 11,799 pigeons. This is a daughter of "Blue Ace 039" 4 x TOP 75 National

The top couple “Witpen De Saer” x “Anneliesje”

Sometimes they also invest in good pigeons. From Rudi Desaer she got "Witpen Desaer" who is a grandson of his stock hen "'T Goedje". He was paired with “Anneliesje” from the start.

This is a daughter of “Bordeaux” 1st National Bordeaux x “Annelies” 2nd National La Souterraine 9.536p

This top couple is the father of 9 x 1st prizes and several pigeons that shine in the extreme middle distance with 6 x TOP 100 National so far without the other top prizes that they also achieve on shorter distances.

Children of this top couple should of course not be missing in this auction.

BE 21-4084276 “Devils 276” and BE 21-4220754 “Devils 754” are a son and daughter of this super couple. N° 10 + 11 on sale

Good luck with this top quality and Marc and Franky wish the buyers good luck.