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Thoné Pigeons (As) wins 1st Prov. Limoges old birds and 1st Nat.Z Limoges yearlings

09 Jul 2024

As - Thoné pigeons had a successful weekend. The Thoné family took 1st place provincially out of 639 older birds and 1st place nationally among yearlings at the national flight in Limoges.

BE22-5006186 "Don Diego

The provincial winner at Thoné has been renamed "Don Diego", Zorro's alter ego for the connoisseurs , a fitting name given that this cock is inbred "Zorro" (Norman F. & N.) in terms of parentage. As mentioned above, this pigeon won the first provincial against 639 old timers, a brilliant performance which translated into an 8th place national against 6,889 old timers. This performance makes this pigeon the 13th fastest pigeon at national level against 13.727 olds and yearlings.

BE23-5039379 "Pro Nina"

In addition to the provincial victory, the Thoné team also won the 1st national zone victory among yearlings. This pigeon was simultaneously ranked 3rd pigeon in the province of Limburg out of 717 yearlings, and 36th nationally out of 6,838 yearlings.

Training and nutritional programme

"As usual we are following the full PigeonHP programme. The pigeons received Metachol, Carbo and Amino Build on the feed on Monday and Tuesday and Opti-Oil with Carbo Plus on Wednesday, the day of basketing. As for the feed, the pigeons receive Thoné Olympic from Beyers' Premium range, supplemented by Galaxy Energy and Galaxy Long Distance TT, also from Beyers, from the national competition period until the end of the season," Xavier tells me.


The hen of our 1st provincial winner "Don Diego" had already been basketed for Barcelona on Monday, so he was unable to see it as the pigeons are played in total widowhood. We placed a nestbowl for the first time as motivation. The hen returned on Saturday afternoon in good condition and also won a prize," enthuses Xavier.


With these brilliant performances, the Thoné family once again proved their expertise in pigeon racing. Both 'Don Diego' and 'Pro Nina' showed class and speed, making it a successful weekend for Thoné Pigeons.

Jos, Maxim and Xavier, the whole Herbots team sends you its most sincere congratulations and wishes you good luck for the rest of the racing season!

Maarten Herbots