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Serge & Kristen Van Elsacker-Jepsen (Schilde)... for more than 30 years at the top of the Belgian pigeon sport.

08 Mar 2020

If you belong to the top of the Belgian pigeon sport for more than 30 years, then you have a broad base of information and knowledge... there is no discussion about that. But what we find most impressive is that Serge and Kirsten have managed to stay at the top of the Belgian pigeon sport for so many years. An assignment that is anything but simple and which requires a tight management of the pigeon colony.  And... let's be clear... we're not talking about achievements of decades ago, let's take a look at the highlights of the last decades: 2nd National Ace pigeon half distance 2009 with "Speedy Gonzales", 2nd Olympiad half distance 2010 also with "Speedy Gonzales". "Tinkerbell" hit her battle in 2011 resulting in the 4th Olympiad pigeon half distance. During the 2013 Olympiad in Nitra "Vanity" (9th Olympiad pigeon cat. H) and "Wondergirl" (5th Olympiad pigeon cat. C) were at the party and then you have to have a look at the list of the national ace pigeons KBDB since 2015... classifying yourself between the national KBDB ace pigeons is anything but an "easy job" and our Antwerp sport friends can put the next unique list on the table: 

BE14-6201074 “Beyonce” – 5th National Ace KBDB middle distance yearbirds 2015
BE15-6043016 “Sweet Sixteen”- 8th National Ace KBDB middle distance 2016
BE16-6041201 “Diara” – 3rd National Ace KBDB middle distance 2017
BE16-6272803 “Diamond” – 8th National Ace KBDB middle distance 2017
BE16-6041085 “Dream Girl” – 15th National Ace KBDB middle distance 2017
BE16-6272803 “Diamond” – 8th National Ace KBDB middle distance 2017

From the legendary pair "Weasel" and "Blue Stoces" to strong breeder "Phantom".

The title of this chapter describes in (very) short the construction of the current success pigeon of the tandem Vanelsacker-Jepsen. It is almost forty years ago but Serge Vanelsacker remembers it as if it was yesterday. He then bought a late youngster from René Michielsen. The youngster had especially the golden Meulemans blood in him and got the name "Wezel" pinned on it. Connected to "Blauwke Stoces" they became parents of the "23/84". This "23" became the determining factor in the further course of the pigeon career of Serge Vanelsacker and Kirsten Jepsen. The "23" became the father of six ace pigeons in the high school of Antwerp, the ”Union”. Also the two first Olympiad pigeons that had the tandem on the loft had his stamp. This fantastic breeding line was at that time crossed with the best of different top breeders. Serge created a family of pigeons that consisted of descendants of greats of that time; the brothers Janssen, Stoces, Meulemans, Hofkes and Louis De Leus. The last injection that kept the colony Vanelsacker-Jepsen on level or maybe lifted it one level higher were the Gaby Vandenabele pigeons. The first Dentergem gold ended up in Schilde via the Dutch champion Anton Ruitenberg. Also the Belgian stars Rik Cools, Rudi De Saer and Marnick De Neve were joined by Serge. They also have the luck (and the knowledge) to maybe have the pigeon breed of the twenty-second century on the loft; the Vandenabeele's! The best known pigeon of the Vandenabeele breed is undoubtedly the "Wittenbuik". Through Rik Cools Serge obtained a descendant of this legendary pigeon, his name is "Phantom". What the "Wittenbuik" meant for Gaby Vandenabeele is the "Phantom" of the same order for Serge Vanelsacker. "Phantom's genes are gold on the breeding loft. Meanwhile, he is already the father of several head kites. Speedy Gonzales", 2nd National Acepigeon half distance 2009 and 2nd Olympiad half distance 2010 is a son of him. At that time "Phantom" was paired with a hen of the "old" kind. Also "Beyonce" (5th Nat. ace 2015) and "Sweet Sixteen" (8th Nat. ace 2016) have the "Phantom" blood flowing in their veins. I'm sure Serge and Kirsten will think of their "Phantom" with pride later on.

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