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Schroyen - Henderix from Heusden-Zolder shine again with the 1st National Ace bird Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB 2019

17 Feb 2020

Who manages to win 2x the 1st National Ace bird within 4 season is someone who has to have a top colony. We already knew that they had top quality on their loft but the past few years the results went up even more. We are talking about the tandem Schroyen – Henderix from Heusden-Zolder, a city in the province of Limburg. He doesn’t race a lot of pigeons, but that he has good ones is obvious. Fernand is a guy that likes to race a lot, from the beginning of the season until the end and preferably on different races so he can compete to win. When the motivation is gone I will quit, but you can be sure, it is still present as he wasn’t satisfied about the season in 2019 at all. With 3 national ace bird over 3 different categories you have to be more then satisfied but the one thing he dreams about is that 1st spot. A provincial victory is something he was very close to a few times past season but this would have been his icing on the cake. 

Championships 2019

1 Prov Champion MD youngsters KBDB Limburg
1 Prov Champion GMD old KBDB Limburg
1 Prov Ace bird MD youngsters KBDB Limburg
2 Prov Ace bird MD year birds KBDB Limburg
3 Prov Champion short distance youngsters KBDB Limburg
3 Prov Ace bird GMD old KBDB Limburg

1 Nat Ace bird MD youngsters KBDB 
6 Nat Champion MD youngsters KBDB 
9 Nat Ace bird short distance year birds KBDB 
13 Nat Ace bird MD year birds KBDB 

A small colony takes care of big successes .

Only 14 widow cocks and 16 hens are flying around over here during the season, this together with about 60 youngsters. One loft widow cocks is being coupled on the 14th of December, then the eggs hatch around full moon where they believe in without any hesitation. These widow cocks can raise a couple of youngsters of the breeders and then they can stay loose until the next cycle of the full moon. The other loft widow cocks are being coupled at the beginning of March and can raise one youngster and start the season on nest position. 

After weening of the first round they start to think about training again, at ease at the beginning but once the month of May the cocks train twice a day. During training it is again starting from zero, meaning that they are being tossed for about 10 to 15 times from 40 to 45 km. After that they race several races from short distance to greater middle distance. But the once that shine on a particular distance is being kept on that discipline. 

The rule for the widow cocks is that they can see their hen for about 15 minutes before basketing. After the race they stay together for a few hours depending on how though the race was. 

The hens have a slightly different schedule. 

The 16 hens are being coupled in 2 series during Winter, the first half raises a couple of youngsters while the second group can only breed for 8 days. After this breeding period they are during day time in an aviary where they stay most of the time unless they get into the resting loft where they have small chapels to sit on. This is especially done for the coming race when you want your pigeons to get more warmth during the night-time. The difference with the cocks is that these hens only train once a day but this can be a very hard training, one and a half hour is more rule then exception. 

The thing it is all about is to basket the hens quietly. Because my system is built up so that I can do my ‘thing’ only as from the middle distance races, I have to keep them calm in April. When they get home, the hens stay with their partners as from the short distance races until the middle distance races or afterwards also the greater middle distance. The pigeons that need to basketed on Thursday can train a bit in the morning and can stay for a small hour with their cock when they come in. The pigeons that are being basketed on Friday don’t get to see anything on Friday anymore. 

The 2 National Ace birds yearlings 2019

BE 18-5043849 ‘De Goeie’ Blue cock
2 Prov Ace bird MD year birds KBDB Limburg 2019
13 Nat Ace bird MD year birds KBDB 2019

    2                 Soissons                     3,434b
    2                 Fay – Au – Loges         530b
  24     Prov                                       2,691b
    2                 Momignies                    409b
    3                 Sourdun                         826b
    8     Prov    Sens                            9,473b
  11                 Momignies                    762b
  14     Prov   Melun                       12,184b
  17     Prov   Melun                         7,329b
  26                Soissons                    1,522b
  36                Soissons                    1,917b
  66     Prov   Melun                         6,672b
107     Prov   Sens                           5,269b

Full brother to “713/17” Superboy – 1 Mettet 2,770b – 4 Laon 2,384b – 8 Prov Sourdun 1,032b – 9 Chimay 2,697b – 24 Chimay 3,045b 

Father BE 09-5041729 Pokkeman
Top breeder – Father to 8 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB 

Gr.F. BE 05-5104971 Chequered white pin 71
            Son to “453/99” Blue inbred x “043/02” Argentonneke
Gr.M. BE 08-5039500 Blauwke Ivan
            Daughter to “410/99” Vader 1 Nat Ace bird Spain x “116/02” Mother 2nd OLR China

Mother BE 16-2178654 Asduifje
1 Nat Ace bird MD youngsters KBDB 2016
Won a.o 1 Gien 900b – 2 Sezanne 1,535b – 3 Prov Sezanne 4,316b – 3 Gien 381b

Gr.F. BE 08-5018681 Francois Custers
            Son to “742/03” Black 2 x 1st  x “289/05” Blue
Gr.M. BE 09-5042860 Old ring ( late2011 )
            Daughter to “953/05” Henry x “047/08” Inbred Argenton Stockmans

BE 18-5043839 ‘Het Vaal’ Hen
9 Nat Ace bird Short distance year birds KBDB 2019

  1                   Momignies                1,395b
  1                   Soissons                     1,292b
  1                   Momignies                    486b
  1                   Momignies                    399b
  1                   Momignies                    258b 
  3                   Soissons                     2,739b
  3                   Momignies                    933b
  4                   Soissons                        376b
  4                   Soissons                        216b
  5                   Momignies                    449b
  8                   Soissons                     1,173b
16                   Soissons                     1,917b
17                   Momignies                    798b
18                   Soissons                     1,531b
45                   Soissons                     1,522b
83                   Momignies                 2,949b

Father BE 08-5041018 Super Vale – 13 x 1st 

Gr.F. BE 06-6140483 Jules Lens
            Son to “750/03” Chequered x “633/04” Blue Jos Wouters
Gr.M. BE 07-5047252 Mooi Vaal
            Daughter to “625/04” Stockmans x “960/05” 

Mother BE 17-5001717 Super 717
Won herself 3 Prov Gien 3,006b – 4 S.Prov Sourdun 1,547b – 6 S.Prov Vervins 2,870b – 9 S.Prov Chevrain 970b

Gr.F. BE 14-2093621 Den 621
            Won 1 Chimay 674b – 7 Chimay 3,179b
            Son to “498/12” Blue 98 8 x 1:100 x “442/12” 8 Nat Ace bird GMD  year birds KBDB ’13 – 
            won 6 x TOP 100 National

Gr.M. BE 14-2112472 Whitepin Ivan 
            Mother to “950/19” 2 Soissons 1,278b - 3 Prov Chateauroux 1,697b – 6 Prov Argenton 1,594b
            Daughter to “834/11” Witpen Stockmans x “761/12” Bourges hen who won 1 Prov Bourges 3,143b 

System youngsters

Out of the group of 60 youngsters there will be immediately 8 young cocks taken out that will be raced on widowhood with old hens. Only these once aren’t being darkened while the other are from the 1st of March until the 25th of June from 16h30 to 8 in the morning. Then they will be enlightened until the last day of the season. 

After weening they will be place first in a large box with open wires so they know their home. Then they can sit on the roof of the loft but can’t take off, when the 1st and 2nd round come out together this box will be taken away. 

Then the discipline starts, letting them out shortly, call them in quickly so they get the listening entirely trained quick. In a matter of training, they also train twice a day but 30 to 45 minutes is often enough for them. 

The 8 young cocks are especially there to race the short distance races while the others will be raced as from the end of June on sliding doors until the end of the season. These can mostly come together on Thursday morning with carton boxes so it gets really cosy on the loft. 

The main goal for the youngsters is Bourges National, those who survive this race are the ones you can take to the war. 

National Ace bird youngsters 2019

BE 19-5052957 ‘De Chloe’ Chequered Hen
1st National Ace bird MD Youngsters KBDB 2019

Small detail, we already knew that this hen would be in the running for national ace bird when we visited them the last middle distance race of the season. But a real pigeon fancier races the pigeons, so what did Fernand the week after. He entered ‘Chloe’ again in a race and she won the 1st against 300 pigeons on Sourdun and improved her coefficient even more ! This hens was paired up as from Fay – Au – Loges and had her best result on this race. 

  1                   Fay – Au – Loges    1,142b
  2       Prov                                      3,972b
  1                   Sourdun                     300b
  4       Prov    Sens                         3,269b
  4                   Sens                            939b
  7       Prov    Melun                       5,943b
  8                   Momignies              1,909b
10                   Mettet                         375b
17                   Soissons                  1,959b

Father BE 16-2178652 Chequered
Full brother to “613/16” 2 Prov Sezanne 4,316b – 5 Nat Bourges 28,078b

Gr.F. BE 06-6140480  De Melun – Jules Lens
            Won himself 1 Prov Melun ‘06
            Super breeder
            Son to “216/00” Chequered x “312/05” Blue J & J Engels
Gr.M. BE 14-2093603 Argentonneke
            Won 1 Argenton 314b ( 84 Nat 27,254b )
            Daughter to “224/07” Brother 1 Prov Gueret J Lens x “603/04” Mother 2 Prov Ace bird 
            youngsters Long Distance 

Mother BE 17-5001747 ‘Goei’ white pin
Top racing hen
3 Prov Ace bird GMD KBDB 2019
4 Nat Ace bird GMD 2019 ( 7 KBDB races )
16 Nat Ace bird GMD old KBDB 2019
Won 3 Prov Bourges ’19 2,927b – 3 Prov Chateauroux ’18 1,372b - 8 Prov Vierzon ’19 2,047b – 13 Prov Chateauroux ’18 2,611b – 13 Chimay 2,524b - 22 Prov Chateauroux ’17 1,560b- 37 Prov Bourges ’17 4,280b - 37 Nat Chateauroux ’19 4,203b – 48 Prov Argenton ’18 1,529b - 55 Nat Argenton ’18 8,818b - 237 Nat Issoudun ’19 8,248b 
Full sister to “805/18” 1 Prov Sourdun 2,808b – 9 Momignies 1,167b

Gr.F. BE 15-6172814 De Jef ( Jef Goris )
            Son to “017/13” Top racer G & C Philips x “452/13” strain Di Caprio Dirk Van Dijck
Gr.M. BE 13-5042406 ‘Mooie’ white pin
            Daughter to “046/08” Super 46 is father to 10 Nat Ace bird Short distance KBDB 2010 x 
            “967/05” Daughter 2 S.Nat Argenton


The racing pigeons get after the season a moulting mixtures until their 10th pin is up. After wards he changes onto barley as it is a resting period then until the breeding period starts. I use the entire year the Beyers mixtures and especially the Galaxy Light. 

So the racing pigeons get at the beginning of the week Galaxy Light that is being mixed with super diet and at the end of the week the super diet is being replaced by corn. Everyday a small portion of fatty seeds are being given after every training. 

The youngsters don’t get any food on the 1st day of weening, the 2nd day they have to learn to eat corn with chopped up walnuts and only from the 3rd day on they will get a breeding mixture. When they start to loose small feathers there will be a portion of barley being mixed under their food. 

In a matter of guidance he believes very strong in Sedochol which is being given a lot together with brewers’ yeast. At arrival they always get Belgasol from Belgica – De Weerd. 

The youngsters get vaccinations against paramyxo, small pocks and herpes under the super vision of Karlo Van Rompaey. The racing pigeons are mostly being treated once a year against tricho during breeding in the winter and get afterwards on a weekly base a yellow drop in the beak at basketing. It is possible that the youngsters get another cure before the season starts off or when the results aren’t good off course. 

Best results 2019

Momignies 1,395 yearlings : 1,13,23,66,… 
Momignies 1,010 old : 1,23,… 
Momignies 489 youngsters :  3,4,11,15,21,27,28,29,32,34,42,48,… 
Momignies 486 old: 1,2,19,30,… 
Momignies 411 old : 1,4,9,21,36,40,… 
Momignies 270 yearlings : 1,13,17,23,24,26,… 
Soissons 3,160 youngsters :  1,89,… 
Soissons 2,751 old + yearlings : 9,55,56,63,66,101,112,117,151,265,… 
Soissons 2,067 youngsters : 1,75,… 
Soissons 1,292 old + yearlings : 1,19,43,… 
Soissons 590 yearlings: 1,14,30,… 
Soissons 457 youngsters : 1,3,4,7,15,16,22,24,26,27,38,39,… 
Soissons 262 youngsters :  1,2,22,… 
Soissons 216 yearlings : 1,4,9,11,… 
Soissons 1,950 youngsters :  4,5,16,53,68,106,115,122,124,152,187,… 
Melun 1,324 old + yearlings: 1,2,41,66,106,126,131,… 
Melun 779 yearlings: 1,2,50,57,… 
Melun 208 old : 1,13,17,… 
Melun 118 yearlings : 1,6,… 
Melun Prov 5,943 youngsters : 6,7,16,29,44,70,120,183,198,314,480,485,… 
Sens 939 jonge : 1,4,6,40,59,67,69,71,72,89,93,… 
Sens Prov 3,269 youngsters :  4,89,100,128,195,262,265,… 
Sens Prov 3,518 yearlings : 6,4,157,171,188,194,… 
Sens Prov 9,473 old + yearlings : 8,24,56,79,191,367,380,381,397,442,452,537,… 
Sourdun 300 youngsters : 1,6,7,19,23,28,… 
Fay – Au – Loges Prov 3,972 youngsters : 2,43,54,66,98,154,160,193,221,225,… 
Bourges 253 old : 1,8,25,… 
Bourges 166 old 1,10,… 
Chateauroux I.Prov 901 old : 1,39,58,87,… 

Fernand, a big congratulations on this wonderful season from the HERBOTS TEAM. 

Buelens Kim