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Rigo Lenaers from Vliermaal wins thanks to “Super 485” 24 x 1st Semi – Provincial in 2 years time

23 Jan 2023

The Lenaers Regio colony from Vliermaal in Limburg is a new colony that we are going to introduce to you for the first time. The last 2 seasons he especially excelled in all races from speed to middle distance and even further, whoever can win 24 x 1st Semi - Provincial against several specialists has good papers. This is also the case for Rigo who can show fantastic pigeons and results with a strong family.

An impression of his highlights of the past 2 seasons


51 x 1st local
14 x 1st Semi – Provincial
51 x TOP 3 Semi – Provincial
2nd Prov Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB Limburg
9th Prov Champion sprint yearlings KBDB Limburg
9th Prov Champion speed youngsters KBDB Limburg
10th General Champion KBDB Limburg


23 x 1st local
12 x 1st Semi – Provincial

Especially the pigeons have impressed me, the quality is very good! Soft plumes, strong muscles and a pigeon in one whole are the main characteristics of Rigo are toppers, in addition, the smart head that stands on it ensures great successes in the past 2 years.

We have explained the family of Rigo's pigeons a bit on a family tree. Everything starts with the next pigeon “BE 13-5089485” Super 485, this is a 100% Leo Heremans – August Jansen cock and is a grandson of “Olympiade 003”. The world-famous line that has already ensured so many successes and so here again. What is also important about this breeder is that the bloodline of these pigeons crosses fantastically on several pigeons that are coupled against this. For example, the crossing with several pigeons from Frank Neven is a bull's eye in both lofts and the pigeons from Frans and Gert Rondags are good partners for the line of "Super 485". It will therefore be no coincidence that these pigeons also do fantastically well with Frank and Gert themselves, you can read about this in the references further on in this article.

At the moment there is a top auction of barely 7 pigeons via These are all proven pigeons, almost all of which have won a 1st prize or several 1st prizes. All these pigeons are children or grandchildren of "Super 485". A top family generation after generation….

Here we introduce a few pigeons that have everything it takes to become a future top breeder or top breeder.

BE 21-5112115 “Superke 115”

Won 2 x 1st against more than 2,300 pigeons and also 20 x per 10 in 27 competitions.This is the perfect cross between “Super 485” and the pigeons of Frans and Gert Rondags.

BE 21-5102649 “Super 649”

This top cock won 4 x 1st without doubles and is a real class bird, he is a son of the stock father "Super 485" crossed with Frank Neven and again the line of "Olympiade 003"

BE 21-5102672 “Superke 672”

This top hen won 3 x 1st and 3 x TOP 5 Semi – Provincial, she has this from no strangers. Her father is "330/16" who himself won 1st S.Prov.Laon 1.955p and 1st S.Prov.Chimay 1.145p and is a son of stock father "Super 485". This “Superke 672” is again a cross between “Super 485” and the pigeons of Frans and Gert Rondags.

BE 21-5102666 “Superke 666”

A pure inbred who can fly and how, she wins 2 x 1st Semi - Provincial and is a double granddaughter of stock father "Super 485".

BE 21-5112107 “Superke 107”

This hen also won 3 clear first prizes and a total of 11 x TOP 10 (only in 2022 alone). She is also a granddaughter of stock sire "Super 485".

BE 21-5102668 “Superke 668”

This 1st prize winner is a daughter of stock father "Super 485" and the pigeons of Frans and Gert Rondags. Good blood just never lies.

References thanks to “Super 485”

Frank Neven (Ulbeek)

Frank and Rigo regularly breed together and are successful in both lofts with these crosses of their pigeons.

The following pigeon 5093699/2017 is a son of "Super 485", ancestor of Rigo coupled to "228/11"

They are the parents of
BE 22-5032624 Wins as a youngster 1st Chimay 2,783p – 1st Vervins 233p
BE 20-5057763 Wins 1st Gien 1,355p ( 9th Provincial 8,042p )
BE 21-5046328 Wins 1st Vervins 378p

Another son of "Super 485" is BE 16-2225613, who already became the dam of Frank

BE 17-5093683 Wins 1st Chimay 2,159p – 1st Dizy 1,926p – 2nd Chimay 469p

Rita Jeuris ( Wellen )

Rita has a grandson of "Super 485" in the breeding loft, he also comes from the same father as sale 1 in the auction, who also shone with 2 x 1st + 2,300 pigeons.

This cock is BE 21-5119308, a young cock who immediately produced 2 toppers in his 1st year.

He is father of
BE 22-5066178, this one won 2 Dizy 380p – 2 Laon 351p
BE 22-5066124, which won 1 S.Prov. Sourdun 1,452p ( 4th Provincial 8,621 youngsters ) 293km

Rondags Frans & Gert ( Spouwen )

At the Rondags house, the super breeder's line has also been successful in recent years

BE 21-5094315 is a grandson of "Super 485". 

This has the same father as sale 1 in the auction, which also shone with 2 x 1st + 2,300 pigeons.The “315” raced 10 pure first prizes and 10 x per 100 for Frans and GertHe won a.o. 1 Chimay 350p – 1 Chimay 348p – 1 Vervins 247p - 1 Chimay 209p – 1 Laon 202p - 1 Chimay 189p – 1 Laon 114p - 1 Vervins 102p – 1 Chimay 89p – 1 Chimay 79p – 2 Vervins 257p – 2 Chimay 111p – 3 Chimay 338p – 3 Chimay 195p – 3 Vervins 102p - …

His full sister is BE 21-5094259, who won 1 Vervins 336p – 3 Laon 302p – 3 Laon 215p – 3 Laon 202p

Another grandson of “Super 485” is BE 21-5094320, he won 2 x 1st and 2 x 2nd

Rigo, congratulations on these great results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim