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Pigeon Bids Leutenez Eddy & Maarten ends at nearly 3,400€ average for 33 pigeons

21 Nov 2022

Family Leutenez warmly thanks Team Herbots for today's successful sale. Despite the strong 2022 season, Eddy and Maarten decided to put 33 strictly selected pigeons up for sale. 
The international pigeon world savoured these offers and after bids from several countries, the 33 pigeons were sold at an average price of €3,377. 
Team Herbots and family Leutenez thank all bidders and buyers and wish them lots of success with their purchases. A special thanks to American Dream Loft (USA - are the new owners of "Golden Tulle") and Coco (China) for mediating with many Chinese buyers. 
If you also wish to offer pigeons, you may always contact Jo Herbots ([email protected]).