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MENTEN RONNY - Nobody did better on Bourges National with the young birds

07 Nov 2019

Nobody did better on Bourges National with the young birds
8, 14, 16, 18 NATIONAL BOURGES 23854 Young b.

Always going forward
2016 : 1 NAT Bourges Yrl – fastest against 45507 p.
2017 : 1 NAT Tulle 9586 Yrl – fastes against 17.035 p

2018: Many eyes were pointed at Ronny Menten of Rummen. Ronny is a man with “his heart on his tongue”, he always says what’s on his mind. In 2016, he won Bourges National with the yearlings and also the fastest against 45507 pigeons. In 2017, he won 1 National Tulle 9586 yearlings and fastest against 17035 pigeons.
2018 was a very difficult season and the provinces of Limburg and Brabant almost had no chances. Nevertheless, Ronny didn’t lose his courage because he knows he owns quality. And every year again, this colony knows an explosion at the end of July, begin August.
Now he wins, 3 weeks in a row 3 x 1 Provincial Flemish Brabant
21/07, Argenton (550 km) - 461 Old b. : 1°
One week later TULLE - 326 Yrl. : 1, 5, 21, 23, 26, 28, ….
And against 242 old birds 242: 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 18, ….
Two weeks later, the national race from BOURGES was on the program, the most important race for the young birds in Belgium, the classic opening race of the season.
Here the youngsters dominated against 2591 young birds : 1, 5, 6, 7, 24, 28, 30,32, 38, 41, 42, 50, 51, ….
On National level, he scored at the top 3 weeks in a row:
21/07, Argenton National 5782 Old b. : 3°
28/07, Tulle National - 5326 Old b. : 37°
28/07, Tulle National - 4169 Yrl. : 41°, 56°
11/08, Bourges National - 23854 Young b. : 8°, 14°, 16°, 18°, 76°, 95°, 104, 109, 144, 153, 157, 201, 202, 291, 379, 441, 455, 463, 504, 577, 588, 627, 632, 643 …..
11/08, Bourges National 5831 Old b. : 14°, 53°,117, 154, 157, 190, ….
11/08, Bourges National 8978 Yrl. : 49°, 65°,112, 117,
From Bourges, he had 10 pigeons in the National top 100.

Heavy middle distance with national release

When you talk to Ronny, you find out that to him only one thing is important; the heavy middle distance with national release. “When you participate to these races, the birds select themselves”. There’s one big difference between the middle distance and the nationals; the pigeons have to learn to get out of a large group, releases of 30 till 50.000 pigeons. At that moment, they can’t let them being influenced by the mass but they have to chose their own way back home. Of course, it wasn’t easy in 2018 because the pigeons of the provinces of Limburg and Flemish Brabant, had “to climb an extra mountain” every week again. With wind at their head and a very low speed, the birds at this side of the country had a much more difficult job to do, a lot more difficult. The efforts that these birds had to do, took a lot of energy. At that point it’s very important that they can recover well so they’re ready for the next race. Here for, Ronny uses a lot of Röhnfried products. At their arrival from the race, they receive electrolytes, Mumm (glucose and vitamin C) and also Rotosal in the drinking water. Over the food; Gervit W and KK protein powder (vitamins and proteins) to stimulate a super fast recovery. When the couples get separated, each bird receives a KK tablet (proteins).

The next few days: BT Amin and over the food, regularly oil and Ro200, which Ronny likes to use very much. Sometimes the food sticks because he feeds it “wet”, so the food is prepared and he immediately gives it to his birds. But once they know this, they eat without problems.

Of course, if you want to win, the birds need good food supplies; proteins, amino acids, KK are top products to this fancier, also Bt Amin, Hexenbier, Ro200, … you need to have faith, as well in the bird itself as the products you chose to use. Also the system is important, you need to hold on to it and have faith in it. Pigeons can only get into a good condition when they get the same for a longer period. They need to work to get the good condition. They become hard and soft in the hand and they won’t get “overweight”. On medical level, he completely trusts the “doctor”, like he calls his friend and vet Raf Herbots, whom he visits every 3 or 4 weeks. Nevertheless, the less medication, the better the results.


Like we mentioned before, there’s a big difference between the middle distance races and the national races. “This can often be noticed on the young birds that score at the top in the beginning but that doesn’t mean, these are the best on the nationals”.

Of course, there’s the influence of the wind and the mass but when everything goes as it should, when you did all that’s necessary, the better birds have to show themselves. Ronny always tries to “explode” on Bourges National toe. How do you do that?

The young birds are darkened from half of March till half of June. They’re learned very well: several trainings on short distances and several short races from 120 and 210 km (Momignies and Soissons) with the club. In this period, they’re driven by car at least twice a week at a distance of 30 till 50 km. About 3 weeks before Bourges, the youngsters get separated, they have to participate to a race of 300 km and when they return home, they get together. But the first time they come together before the race, is always before Bourges. It’s one of the most important motivations and they can stay together for about 2 hours and then they get into the basket. Every year again, this method was very successful. The week before the national race from Bourges, he also stops the training flights during the week. At that moment, it’s very important that his birds gain energy and power.

The winning hen from Bourges
“Lady Bourges”
She also did very well before:
3 Chevrainvilliers 442 p
29 Momignies 72 p
84 Soissons 1677 p
139 Soissons 2512 p
65 Momignies 940 p
1 Bourges Prov 2591 p
8 NAT Bourges 23854 p
Sire : B 16-2289200, Olympic 200-½ Brother Pearline - 1 Prov Ace Heavy MD’16, - son 1 Nat Bourges 45730 p
Gr.S. B 09-2027190, Preston- son Valentino x Pauline, A Derwa – top breeder, father of Pearline - 1 Prov Ace Heavy MD’16
Gr.D. : B 15-3050843, Olympic Princess- G Clicque - 1 Nat Bourges 10173 Yrl – fastest against 45730 p with R Menten – also won 16 La Souterraine 9580 p - 6 Soissons 684 p - 29 Argenton 2259 p - 77 Châteauroux 2663 p - Granddaughter Super Prince
Dam : B 14-2315310, Miss Avrila- 5 NAT Gueret 16262 p’15 - 1 Bourges 256 p - 13 Nat Bourges 14496 p.
Gr.S. B 09-5062137, Witte Avril,son of the 862-06, (son Sumo/Sumy J. Thone) x 436-07, Avrilla J Thone
Gr.D. : 2233618-06, Super Gommaire- G Verbruggen - Mother Miss Avrilla - 5 Nat Gueret 16262 p - 13 Nat Bourges 14496 p - sister 13 Nat Bourges 32767 p……

When we take a look at the origins; again prove that winning is in the blood. The more toppers, the bigger the chance of success. Of this Ronny is convinced.
Another important aspect to Ronny is his friendship with Gino Clicque. They contact each other by phone, 2 till 3 times a week and the last few years, about 50 youngsters move to Rummen and … with success!


Ronny knows what he’s talking about, he follows the advice of Gino Clicque but if you want to handle this system, you need to keep everything in control.

The old and the yearling birds stay on the “resting compartment” with an open aviary… a lot of oxygen makes sure that the birds as healthy as possible. Daily trainings but the partners, these are the cocks, are responsible for the motivation. These cocks each have two hens; the old ones could brood in spring (were together with their partners for 2 months) and the yearlings could watch. Afterwards, they came together with the same cocks and the one that arrives home first, can “party”, the others have to wait. Before basketing; one week the old hens get together with the cocks first and afterwards, it’s up to the yearling hens, … you have a lot of opportunities here.

Food supplies …..

The fact that pigeons that have to work hard need good food and a lot of energy is something Ronny takes care of very well. The birds always get a full trough and a lot of energy food. What they don’t eat is taken away at the next “meal” and this is taken to the “loose” pigeons. He likes to use a lot of condition powders like Ro200 and Entrobac in the drinking water; one week Hexenbier and the other week Atemfrei. Every 4 weeks, the noses are treated with Rozitol of Röhnfried, which takes care of a “free” respiration. The last few days before basketing, the birds receive Bt Amin (amino acids and vitamin B) and/or Blitz (iodine). For the medical advice, he visits his vet Raf Herbots and he follows his advice.

Another important aspect to Ronny is the quality of the feathers “they have to feel good in their costume”. That’s why they regularly receive Taubengold and Avidress Plus in the drinking water and over the food Avitonicum Aktif and often Pavifac beer yeast, during the moulting period. Every 3 or 4 weeks, he also uses Hessechol (Sedochol) over the food, also in combination with beer yeast or Avitestin to keep the intestins and the liver in optimal condition.

During the season, the pigeons get Carni Speed in the drinking water every day. This takes care of a good recovery and a fast rebuild of the reserves. On Monday and Tuesday: Hexenbier and Usne Gano in the drinking water to build up the reserves as quickly as possible and regularly Ro200 and Jungtierpowder.

Ronny also has good experience with Blitz Forme, which often is an extra stimulus and it makes sure the birds become nice pink.

Here with Ronny Menten, the pigeon sport became a full-time occupation and hereby, he has a lot of help from his parents and his wife Ilse. The pigeon sport is practiced very punctual and he’s not afraid of a challenge or an effort. He does everything that’s possible because he’s sure of the quality on his loft. When you handle a severe selection, the results climb to the top.

Excellent from BLOIS of September 08th and 9 x top 200 on the last national race from Châteauroux against 12806 Young birds.

On the last Provincial race from Blois ( 462 km), again his youngsters scored super, against 2427 young birds in the Brabant Union, the arrival was a festival. The birds were released at 08.30. The first was clocked at 13h41m46s, the next one at 13h41m59s. These 2 young birds were classified as 4thand 5thProvincial (on local level 1stand 2ndagainst 315 Young birds) – on the Provincial result, he continued with 21, 23, 24, (5 prizes per 100) 27, 50, 53, 63, 64, 84, 90, 97, 105, 118, 137, 138, 139, 140, 165, 166, 182 …… (22 per 10 and 59 prizes of 113 young birds).

The first clocked was the 3003714-18, a direct Gino Clicque (already won 202 national Bourges 23854 Young birds - the second clocked was the 2040030-18, which already scored high with 14 National Bourges 23854 Young b. …

The last national confrontation was Châteauroux of half September and again a wonderful close down with 9 pigeons in the 200 first national against 12806 youngsters. (12806 Young. : prognoses 51, 57, 97, 109, 112, 130, 159, 189, 195 ….). The first clocked was the 3003736-18, (Gino Clicque) - 51 Nat Châteauroux 12806 Young. - which already won before 104 Nat Bourges 23854 Young., the second was the 2040048-18, a true top bird with 57 Nat Châteauroux 12806 Young.. This one was Ronny’s first from Bourges with 8 Nat Bourges 23854 Young. and also on the first Châteauroux with 915 nat Châteauroux 17281 Young. - the 3rdwas the 2040060-18, - 97 Nat Châteauroux 12806 Young., before 153 Nat Bourges 23854 Young.. The future seems to be fabulous !