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Leon Dautzenberg (Kerkrade) scores high with his “Harry” family

08 Feb 2021

Kerkrade: It was in the year of 1970 that Leon got in contact with pigeons and pigeon sport. A lost pale cock refused to leave the garden from Leon’s’ grandfather and infected this way Leon with the good hearted ‘pigeon virus’. Off course it didn’t stop with this ‘lost son’, no…within a short period of time Leon could go and get pigeons at several fanciers out of the neighbourhood. The loft were the rabbits and pheasants lived was taken and transformed into a first pigeon loft. The first successes came rather quick as in 1978 he won the 1st prize on the known provincial car race Derby Limburg. Leon was also the 1st youth member of the entire province and won a carry-on tv.  A first highlight in his career where is still thinks of now with a lot of pleasure. 

But Leon noticed very soon that it went much better in pigeon sport when you basket quality pigeons and this is how he went to Jo & Florian Hendriks from Nijswiller. Pigeons out of “George”, “King Kong”, “Poitiers”, “Limburg’s Best”, “Popeye”, and so on…went into the basket Kerkrade. Leon has until the day of today a lot to thanks to these Hendriks pigeons. 
In 2005 and 2008 Leon invested in pigeons from Philip Baadjou (Eygelshoven). A son and a daughter out of the “Donkere 777” (was himself a provincial winner on Orléans and Sezanne) seemed to a hit in the rose. Especially in the pedigree, on father’s side, out of a top hen “Leontien” (won ao.:  4th NPO Bourges 8,278b., 4th NPO Gien 5,166b., 4th NPO Gien 4,177b.) we find this superior breeding line. 

And then…2009…during a sale in Thorn Leon bought the “400” from Jan Hooymans (Kerdriel). “De 400” became afterwards father to the 1st Provincial Limoges “Janine”. A sign for Leon to invest more in direct Jan Hooymans pigeons and now children out of  “Harry” x “Kannibaaltje”, “Davinci”, “Broer Harry”, “James Bond” went direction Kerkrade. Juicy detail…Jan Hooymans got the former mentioned top hen “Leontien” in Kerkrade and was coupled in Kerkdriel against “Harry” and “Broer Harry”. A proof that Jan could trust fully in the top quality of Leons’ pigeons. 
In 2011 and 2015 it went direction Dentergem to Gaby Vandenabeele where Leon bought eggs out of “Stefan”, “Mr. Bergerac” and “Leeuwenkoning”. 
In 2013 Leon was at the doorstep of Anton Ruitenberg in Zwolle. Especially the breeding line from base breeder “Wondere Dirk” (a son to “Kleine Dirk”- Koopman) and the famous “781” (Vandenabeele) was something Leon was highly interested in . 
In 2015 he invested in a top son of “Golden Capri” at Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen). “Golden Capri” is a son to the famous “Di Caprio” (Heremans Leo) and is at Koopman father to Olympiad bird “Kyara”. 

As you can read Leon invested very targeted and in a very effective way in top pigeons and now he offers, exclusively for Pigeon Bids, a top group of 25 results pigeons.
The power of the Dautzenberg pigeons can now come to you as well ! 

A few toppers in this auction are :