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Gerard Koopman... high quality on international level

10 Mar 2020

The achievements of the famous Dutch top colony Gerard Koopman are more than known by anyone who follows the pigeon sport. Achieving victories and preferably against thousands of competitors is simply baked in the blood of the Gerard Koopman pigeon. We can list a lot of internationally known Koopman pigeons but the absolute leader, first on the racing loft and afterwards on the breeding loft, was without any doubt "Little Dirk". Numerous reports have already explained the breeding and flying capacities of this exceptional top pigeon several times. But time goes fast and meanwhile there are already new "heroes" in the breeding boxes on the impressive installation of Gerard and his team.

Speaking of Gerard and his team... these are really top people... about the performance of their own pigeons you will never hear them blowing high from the tower and about the performance of their fellow pigeon fanciers there will always be spoken with the necessary respect. Big and small champions... for Gerard everyone is equal... and that's very much respected in the pigeon loft. Proof of this is the well-attended “open-door-day” that Gerard always organizes in the spring. 

Also in 2019 the Koopman colony wrote some Dutch pigeon history. Never before had anyone won a national sector race in the same weekend at the Marathon and the one day long distance... but Gerard has been able to describe this feat on his record. Not to estimate what those classy Koopman pigeons can shake out of their wings. 

Another achievement that Gerard and his team are very proud of is the 3rd place in OLR Million Dollar (South Africa). In one of the toughest editions ever (only 3 pigeons reached their loft on the day of release) Team Koopman won the 3rd prize with their topper "Viënto" (NL19-1244638).

One of the strategies Gerard follows is to breed the all-round pigeon. A pigeon that can perform on the Dutch races and the OLR races worldwide and who is able to print  the name Koopman the top of each results. 

Let’s have a look at the current champion birds

NL-2008-2049135 'Razinda' 

She is mother of:

- 'Kyara' a.o. olympiad pigeon in 2015 cat. B

- Kleine Koopman' he became a.o. father of 'Nike' 1st national Bourges against 28078 d. In 2016 with Rik Hermans. Out of the litter sister of 'Nike' the most famous pigeon of this moment was born: 'James's Legend' 1st ace pigeon (2018) in the prestigious Pioneer club and sold for 2,78 Million Euro.

- Kjeld's Choice' he is already father of '‘One Loft Dream’' 1st ace pigeon Pattaya OLR in 2018.

- 'Chinara' she put 'Viënto' on the world in 2019. Viënto' won in the last edition of the SAMDPR the 3rd prize on the final flight and was 1 of only 3 arrivals on the discharge day. 

NL-2012-4703552 'Adora' 

After a brilliant flying career with a 1st and 2nd npo from resp. Pithiviers, 604 km and Chateauroux, 755 km Now very gifted breeder. 

She is already mother of:

- Thaisa' in 2019 a.o. 1st against 9460 d. From Chimay, 346 km also fastest of the whole release against 17862 d.

- Calisto' in 2019 a.o. 1st against 3160 d. From Sens, 567 km.

She is grandmother of a.o.

- 'Amano' NL-2018-4718197 in 2019 a.o. 1st from Lorris, 621 km against 6086 d.   

- 'Sawa Sawa' NL-2015-4767527 2nd Price Hot Spot car race nr. 1 in 2015 SAMDPR

NL-2016-4783962 'Bert jr. 
He himself won in 2018 a 1st prize from Chateaudun, 648 km against 918 b. Out of a brother of him was bred the 3rd ace pigeon overall in the Pattaya OLR 2018 'Keep Dreaming'. 

NL-2016-1072829 'Kjeld's Choice' 
He is already father of the 1st ace pigeon Pattaya OLR 2018 & of 'Zambezi' a.o. 5th prize on the final flight in OLR Victoria Falls 2018.

NL-2015-1230793 'Sandro' 
Direct son of the successful couple 'Bjarne' * 'Monique' Out of one of his brothers the winner of the final flight was bred in the Pattaya OLR 2018 'Manimukda'. 

NL-2015-4767520 'Ainsley' 
She won the 30th prize on the final flight SAMDPR in 2016 Once back with us in Ermerveen she became mother of 'Zambezi' a.o. 5th prize on the final flight in OLR Victoria Falls 2018.

'Manu' The absolute star of the flight crew in 2018 The 3 most spectacular prizes of her are: 

- Chateauroux, 755 km 1st prize at 2566 b. Also 1st against 12,313b. in NU (Northern Union) and the fastest of the sectors 1.2 and 3 against 19192 b. 

- Bourges, 704 km 1st prize at 5877b. In Sector IV 

- Sens, 564 km, 1st prize at 1069b. 

NL-2012-1076982 'Royal Dream' 
His father is 'Cassius' out of 'Kleine Dirk' * 'Annelies' remarkable is that also Manu's mother, 'Goudband' is a daughter of 'Cassius'.
Out of a sister of 'Royal Dream' sprouts the father of 'James's Legend' 

NL-2014-4750762 'Miss Sonnenfee' 
she is mother of 1st Hot Spot race nr. 5 in OLR Victoria Falls 2018.

We conclude with the gratifying announcement that the 1st prizewinner on the final flight of the Pattaya OLR in 2020 of the combination Haggenmueller H-S also carries 50% of the Koopman blood.