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Jannie Van Denzen from Tegelen (NL) is the emerging talent

23 Jan 2022

We visited Jannie Van Denzen in the 2021 racing season because of 1st NPO Issoudun 4,401 pigeons which he won with “Tino”. Jannie is still a young fancier who learned the pigeon trade from his grandfather and has been racing independently in the lofts in Tegelen since 2018. Before that he played in combination with his grandfather. In that short time from 2018 to now, he already showed some beautiful things and the NPO races of 500-600 km are his favorite domain.

Some top results from recent years

1 NPO Issoudun 4.401b 573km
1 Provincial Rethel 5.861b 237km
2 Provincial Rethel 5.861b 237km
4 National Chateauroux 27.656b 597km
5 NPO Montlucon 3.236b 612km
21 NPO Argenton 2,939b 626km
35 NPO La Souterraine 1.418b 661km
38 Argenton 2,939b 626km
64 La Souterraine 1.418b 661km
68 NPO Montlucon 3.236b 612km
77 NPO Issoudun 7.887b 573km

He has already been mentioned 3 times in the national championships
10 National Champion One Day Fondspiegel 2020
11 NPO National Champion One Day Long Distance 2020
16 National Champion One Day Fondspiegel 2019-2021

In total we are talking about a mini colony with 3 lofts, 1 loft for 10 widowers and 2 lofts for youngsters where 36 to 40 youngsters are raced. Breeding good pigeons and then strict selection is the message.The bloodlines that are being built on here are mainly Jo & Florian Hendriks ( where Bono Harry and Mister Poitiers are doing best here for the time being ), in addition there are the pigeons from Dick Boer and recently from Frans Rutten with which results were quickly achieved . Bet on top lines that can lead and then hope for new toppers on the NPO flights.

Top couple between the youngsters

In a provincial race from Rethel, Jannie raced 1 + 2 Provincial against 5,861 youngsters. This was won by 2 nest mates from a new coupling
NL 21-1366722 “Rethel Girl” is up for auction because hens are not raced as yearlings and her nest brother will have to race the further races as a yearling.

Her father comes from Frans Rutten ( lineage stock cock Willem and Kannibaal Dirk Van Dijck ) and mother is from Jo & Florian Hendriks ( daughter Koopman 144 with 4 x TOP 25 NPO )

Kobe B NL 19-1091641

This was the best cock of the 2021 season with 4 x TOP 60 NPO or Provincial.
His full brothers also did very well with 1st Chimay 3,588b, 1st Hannut 1,623b and 1st Montlucon 361p.
These pigeons can do anything from 100-600km.The father is a super son of "Bono Harry" from Jo & Florian Hendriks who won 4th I.Nat Narbonne 8,480 pigeons, the mother is inbred to "Mbappe" who won 4th National Chateauroux 27.953b.

In auctions come 2 pigeons from this top couple
NL 21-1366787 “Boy Bono Allure II” and NL 21-1366786 “Boy Bono Allure I”

Poitiers Couple

The other top couple and stock couple of this colony at the moment is the “Poitiers Koppel”

NL 14-1285599 “Mr. Poitiers Solange” Jo & Florian Hendriks( son of Mr.Poitiers 1 NPO Poitiers and fastest of 11.544b and grandson of “olympic Solange” G & S Verkerk )NL 14-1285593 Miss Joris Favorite Jo & Florian Hendriks½ sister of 1 + 2 + 4 NPO WinnersThey are the parents of several Ace pigeons in 2018-2019-2020

1st Ace  District Old birds  2020 
1st Ace  District Long Distance 2020
1st Ace District Young birds 2020     
2nd Ace District Young birds 2019
3th Ace District Long Distance 2019
6th Ace District Long Distance 2018

They are also the winners of 1st prize winners1st Isnes 1.596p – 1st Troyes 666p – 1st Rethel 422p – 1st Rethel 308p – 1st Issoudun 269p1st Chalons 239p – 1st Sens 179p – 1st Isnes 167p – 1st Sens 119pIn this auction there are 3 children of this couple

NL 20-1676036 “Izzy”1st Ace Pigeon District Young Birds 2020

NL 21-1366794 “Brother Izzy” and NL 21-1366795 “Sister Izzy”