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28 Aug 2020

Beste sportvriend,

Thanks to the fact that we are getting all information in very smoothly we can postpone the deadline for our new Racing to 2021 until the 10th of September 2020 and we would like to remind you to participate. 

First of all we want to support you in these hard COVID-19 times which controls the entire world at the moment. We sincerely hope that you and your family are in good health and that we can pick up normal live again really soon. 

Seen that we want to have our new edition of our brochure “Racing to 2021” ready on time we like to send you an invitation to participate. Just as the former years the brochure will be printed in full-colour and will be divided free of charge on a worldwide base. Due to the COVID-19 measures already many of the international shows have been cancelled but this won’t stop us to do the necessary efforts to get the brochures perfectly with the interested fanciers and buyers.
As you probably know this brochure is being translated fully in Chinese and seen the big demand for this brochure we will foresee our Chinese and Taiwanese agents with extra stock so they can divide the brochure on their turn to the many Chinese OLR which are very successful at the moment. We will also provide all customers who buy pigeons with a brochure. 
Next to this we hope that the known shows in Poland, Dortmund and the National Days KBDB and Fugare (Kortrijk), which haven’t been cancelled at this moment yet, will take place. 
Important to know is that we will be one of the only companies who will bring such a brochure onto the market which makes that the demand for the “Racing to 2021” will be even bigger. 

Cost per page is just as in the past 990€ and a double page costs 1,690€ (ex. VAT). The more pages you reserve, the cheaper your ad will become.

But that’s not all yet…exclusively for the participators to the brochure “Racing to 2021” we organize in July 2021 an internet auction where you can participate to with 3 pigeons. A few weeks ago the auction for the participants of the former edition was closed and this sale gave an average sale of 794€ per pigeon ! 

Interested…send in even today a mail to [email protected] and/or [email protected]. To make that everything runs smoothly we ask you to mail all photo’s in high resolution with the accompanying text as soon as possible (the latest on the 15th of August) to  [email protected] . The proof-sheets will be send to you so you can double check them. 

If you might have any more questions…we are at your service. 

We like to thank you for your participation and don’t miss the opportunity to put your colony in the spotlight. 

Sporty greetings,

Filip, Miet and Jo Herbots