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Invitation to participate in our brochure "Racing To 2022"

06 Sep 2021

Dear sports friend,

First of all, we want to support you during these hard Covid-19 times that currently dominate the world. We hope that both you and your family stay healthy and that we can resume normal life soon.
Since we want to have the new edition of our brochure “Racing to 2022” ready in time, we hereby send you an invitation to register. Like all other years, the brochure will be printed in full color and distributed worldwide free of charge. In view of the Covid-19 measures, many international fairs have already been cancelled, but that will not stop us from making the necessary efforts to get this brochure  to interested enthusiasts and buyers.

As you probably know, this brochure is fully translated into Chinese and given the high demand, we will supply our Chinese and Taiwanese representatives extra so that they can further distribute the brochure via the many Chinese OLR flights which are currently very successful. We will also provide a brochure to all customers buying pigeons.

We also hope that well-known fairs in Poland, Dortmund and National Days KBDB and Fugare (Kortrijk), which have not yet been canceled, will still take place.

Importantly, we will be one of the only companies to market such a brochure, which will increase the demand for “Racing to 2022”.
The cost per page is the same as last year 990 € and a double page costs 1,690 € (excl. VAT). The more pages you reserve, the cheaper your ad will be.

But that's not all… exclusively for the participants of the brochure “Racing to 2022” we organize an internet sale in July 2022 in which you can participate with 3 pigeons. A few weeks ago the sale for the participants of the previous edition was closed and this sale brought an average sales price of 794€ per pigeon!

Interested… send an email today to [email protected] and/or [email protected]. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we ask you to email all digital photos (PSD format) in high resolution and accompanying digital texts as soon as possible (at the latest 15 September 2021) to [email protected]. The proofs will be delivered to you so that you can check everything.
If you have any questions… we are at your service.
We thank you for your participation and don't miss this opportunity to put your colony in "the spotlight"

Kind regards
Filip, Miet and Jo Herbots