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In about 170 exhibitors from more then 20 countries during Spring Exchange in Expo Houten-NL at March 4 & 5!

28 Feb 2023

The startof thenew racingseason has beencelebrated in ExpoHouten for many years now andevery enthusiastic fancier would like tobe there too. With many thousands, visitorsfrom allover Europecome toExpo Houten.With acentral location in Holland just belowUtrecht, many fanciers have alsofound theirway. Often they make a combination to plan visits in Belgium which is only an hour away.

It is now importantto make the final preparations in, on andaround the loft, because in a fewweeks theold pigeonswill betrained again. Many fanciers use this time tomake adecision about feedingschedules, the use ofby-productsduring the seasonand numerousother things.Where betterto dothat than with your friends during the Spring Exchange in Holland? After all, allmajor productsof pigeon racing canbe foundunder oneroof, andyou willreceive information fromthe specialists themselves! With exhibitors frommore than20 countries(!!!) showingthe latestdevelopments in pigeonracing, a visitto Houtenis definitelyworthwhile. For example, the many OneLoft Raceswhich arestarting to playan increasingly important role within oursport. Also fromabroad new products such aspharmaceutical companies from Spain and Poland, both lookingfor resellersof theirproducts. But also vist small newcomers suchas DeCubber with itsautomatic feeders orAvirings Derby-Sloveniathat marketsrings tofollow pigeons. Toomany tomention!

As a visitor you will certainly also walk past the very best pigeons of the Netherlands who are exhibited on their own in special prepared pen’s with their performances. In collaboration with the owners of Compuclub, a Wall of Fame has been created in a beautiful atmosphere. This is an opportunity not to be missed to get in touch with the fanciers of those pigeons who meet the very fearce requirements for participation in the Olympiad!

Top of the bill are of course the hundredsof youngstersthat arefor saleon themany smallstands in hall4. Fromsprint to marathonpigeons, with parents andpedigrees of chicorigin or withonly theringcard deed. Youcan findit allin ExpoHouten. Also in hall 4 a dozen stands with fancy pigeons, this is also a group not to miss during the exhibition where even fromtime totime ashow isdone withroller pigeons andwhere Spanishcroppers fly throughthe hall!

An interesting pagehas beencreated on Facebookwith numerousitems aboutthe exhibition. Just now, participants are posting their news items and thispage comesto life.Definitely recommended tovisit thefacebook page: Voorjaarsbeurs Houten. There, the exhibitorswill posta lotof newsabout theirparticipation in the comingweek. Alsophotos of the youngstersthey have bred ordiscounts and promotions fromthe businessesand muchmore actual hot news!

Opening hours 27th edition:

Saturday 4 March from 9.00 – 17.00 hrs.

Sunday 5 March 9.00 – 14.00 hrs.

Entry: € 14,00 per person, children up to 12 years free admission.

Expo Houten is easy to find at motorway A27, in the middle of Holland 3 miles south from Utrecht.

Potential visitors or those who want more information can contact 

Pieter Kos: +31-650.280.525 (GSM-nr) or by e-mail. 

The email address is: [email protected]

At least save the dates of March 4 & 5 in your Calendar!

More information on the website: