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Huub Hermans, Born, and the successes from De Blue Magic and his offspring

23 May 2023

Huub Hermans has been living almost his entire live in Born. Married to his lovely wife Diana and a daughter Saskia. His daughter finished studying as a graduate Biology. Huub himself still works 3 days a week in the ITC business at a local government in Limburg. And wife Diana is a nurse in several nursing homes and helps taking care of the entire colony pigeons. 

‘Via neighbour Pierre de Bruijn I got at a very young age in contact with pigeon sport.’, tells Huub, ‘As a kid of about 5, 6 years I had a couple of fancy pigeons, chickens and canaries. Seen the fancy pigeons flew around, what my neighbour didn’t like that much, I got from him my first real racing pigeons. In 1977 my neighbour past away and I could take over some pigeons and pigeon stuff and this is when it all started for me in my pigeon career.’ 

Pigeon history

The first year as a youthful pigeon fancier I didn’t win that much, but this changed in 1982/1983 when I got to know the big champion Thei Bours from Elsloo. We got really close which resulted in a weekly visit on Saturday mornings at his place in Elsloo. Also several breeders, youngsters and eggs came totally free of charge from Elsloo to Born. Thei Bours won in his career 24 provincial victories and became winner to more than one care race and also the national winner from the Olympiad race out of Montargis in 1994. 
I also had a lot of success to the 2 pigeons that I got as a youth member from Lei Zinken from Overhoven/Sittard. Both pigeons won as youngster a 1st price in the union and turned out to be amazing breeders as well and they fit really well to the Van Loon pigeons from Thei Bours.

In the nineties some pigeons from Jo van Deurzen from Roermond out of his famous breeding couple also came to my loft. Out of this breeding couple 2 children won the 1st and 4th National Ace bird Middle Distance (named ‘Natascha’ and ‘Ricardo’ which was later sold to Mike Ganus out of the US and became over there one of his base breeders) in Holland, raced at Jo van Deurzen. Later some more pigeons were bought at Dirk van Dyck in Belgium and at Pieter Veenstra. 

At the moment my strain of pigeons exist for 80% out of the Van Loon pigeons (via Thei Bours), accomplished with the above mentioned strains, Dirk van Dyck, Jo van Deurzen (Natascha-strain) and Pieter Veenstra.


In Winter there are about 28 breeding couples and about 32 racing cocks and about 40 racing hens. The racing team is being raced on the widowhood system so their partner always stay home, this is why I have during Winter time more pigeons on my loft (230 pigeons).
For own use I breed about 80 early youngsters and 40 late youngsters for the Autumn races. Next to these I breed some rounds for 2 pigeons shows, one is the show in Kassel in Germany and the other is Sosnowic in Poland. I’ve been attending both shows for over 10 years now. The most beautiful thing about is that others succeed with my pigeons and I must say that the references of the past 10 years are really amazing and already gave national ace birds, national and provincial winner, Olympiad birds and winners on the OLR’s over the entire world. 

Championships 2022  

9 times 1st price in District Sittard (55 fanciers)

1st Loftchampion Middle Distance SPC Sittard
1st Loftchampion One Day Races SPC Sittard
1st Loftchampion One Day Races MS-2021
2nd Loftchampion Middle Distace Wefo Limburg
3th Loftchampion One Day Races Wefo Limburg
3th Loftchampion One Days Races Fondclub Midden Limburg
2nd Loftchampion Middle Distance Afdeling Limburg
6th Loftchampion One Day Races Afdeling Limburg

1st Ace pigeon Middle Distance SPC Sittard & MS-2021
6th Ace pigeon Middle Distance Afdeling Limburg
2nd & 9th Ace pigeon One Day Races Fondclub Midden Limburg

2 NPO Melun 344 km 11.596 p. with Super Yearling NL21-1398349
4 NPO Lorris 423 km 2482 p. with Super Yearling NL21-1398369
6 NPO Issoudun 532 km 4228 p. with Super Yearling NL21-1398349
7 NPO Melun 344 km 11.596 p. with Super Yearling NL21-1398369

Championships 2021:

10 times 1st price in District Sittard (55 fanciers)
Championships Samenspel Sittard:
1st loftchampion Middle Distance, 1st Youngsters & 1st Natour and 1st General Champion
1st Ace Yearling, 1st and 2nd Ace Youngsters and 1st till 4th Ace Youngsters Natour
Championships MS2021 (110 fanciers):
1st Ace Youngsters and 1st General Champion overall

4th Loft Champion Middle Distance Afdeling Limburg
5th Loft Champion Youngsters Afdeling Limburg
5th Ace Youngsters Afdeling Limburg
10th General Champion Afdeling Limburg
1st Ace pigeon Youngsters Limburg Totaal with granddaughter TT Couple & Blue Magic
3th General Champion Limburg Totaal (150 – 650 km)
2th Ace Youngsters Wefo Limburg
3th Loft Champion Middle Distance Wefo Limburg
4th Keizer championship Wefo Limburg
4th Wefo Cup Wefo Limburg
1 NPO Argenton 587 km 2939 p. with Miss Magic Argenton
4 NPO Melun 344 km 13.978 p. with direct daughter Olympic Superkoppel
5 NPO Orleans 446 km 1494 p. with granddaughter TT Couple 
6 NPO Orleans 446 km 1494 p. with son Miss Magic 888
10 NPO Troyes 329 km 3546 p. with sister Magic Surprise

Championships 2020:

3 times 1st price in District Sittard (100 fanciers)
3. General Champion Afdeling Limburg 1100 fanciers
1. Loft Champion Long Distance 600 – 800 km Limburg Totaal
1. Ace pigeon Long Distance 600 – 800 km Limburg Totaal
1. NPO Bergerac 793 km with Miss Magic Bergerac
5. NPO Troyes youngsters with direct daughter Olympic Superkoppel
9. NPO Issoudun 532 km 7.587 p. with Miss Magic Issoudun

The pigeons are not only performing at his own loft – Huub Hermans receives a lot of references from all over the world!

  • 3 x Olympic Pigeons with Huub Hermans bloodline on the Olympic Poznan 2018
  • 1 & 19. Nat. young acebird Hungary 2018 by Ferenc Pintér (Hungary) with grandchild TT couple and Olympic Pigeon!
  • 2 pigeons at Ljubivoje Markovic Austria (grandchild Super 006 & Blue Magic) on Olympic Poznan !!!
  • 1 National Young Acepigeon Slovakia Cat. F 2011 by Milan Blahovski (Slovakia): Line Super 015 & Super 006
  • 1 National Acepigeon Polen Middle Distance Cat. B by Piotrowski Malgorzata & Marian Granddaughter Blue Magic wins in 2017 against 43.000 fanciers
  • 1 National Bergen op Zoom 629 km 8.200 p. by Ivo Vogelsang (Germany) in 2015
  • 1 Final Race 520 KM Nova Zagora OLR Bulgaria 2016 by Vasilis Pislinas (Greece): Bloodline TT couple
  • 1 Final Race OLJEM KMPI 2018 by Baiim Chan Indonesia: Bloodline Super 015 in 2018
  • 2 Final Victoria Falls World Challenge by Peter Jendrichovsky (Slovakia): Bloodline Blue Magic in 2018
  • 4 National Orleans Youngsters by Leon van Hintum (Netherlands): Grandchild Blue Magic in 2018
  • 3 National Budel 546 km 8617 p. by Frank und Dieter Hundstein (Germany) in 2016
  • 2 NPO Mont Lucon by Jos Goessen with grandson Blue Magic in 2018
  • 4 National Chateauroux 600 km 27.656 p. by J. van Denzen with grandson TT Couple in 2018
  • 3 Provincial Peronne Afdeling 5 260 km 16.000 p. by Michel Terlouw with grandchild Super 006 in 2019
  • 1 NPO Vierzon 566 km Afd. 3 (5 National 8.582 p.) and 2 NPO Chateauroux 619 km Afd. 3 (8 National 7.503 p.) by Leon van Hintum with 50 % Huub Hermans
  • 1 National Tokmak 1005 km 11.300 p. by Poenaru Constantin and Calin Razvan Romania: bloodline Blue Magic, Super 006 & Super 015 – 100 % Huub Hermans 1 National Romenia in 2019 !!!
  • Leon van Hintum, Berghem Afdeling 3 did win the 1st Ace pigeon youngsters Afdeling 3 in 2020. The winner is direct from son Teletext couple paired with granddaughter Teletext couple.
  • Kris Cleirbaut, Putte (Belgium) did win 12th national youngsters on the 4 national races youngsters in 2020. Father is a direct son of my famous Teletext breedingcouple.
  • 1st World Best Pigeon 2020 Allround Netherlands by Comb, Schuurman – Wapenveld with father is grandson Blue Magic with Kannibal line
  • Ferenc Pinter – Gyal (Hungary) wins 1st National Liberec against 2.105 pigeons with father is son of Magic Surprise in 2021
  • Leon van Hintum – Berghem in Afdeling 3 did win 10th National Ace Youngsters of “The National Competition De Allerbeste 2021” with grandchild TT couple (inbred TT Couple) in 2021
  • Jan de Werd – Herwijnen wins 4th NPO Libourne 881 km against 2750 p. and 10th National Libourne against 32.404 p. with granddaughter of Blue Magic in 2021
  • 1st price Bawen 428 km 940 p. SSR LLB by Tjin Sudivanto Avi with granddaughter TT Couple in 2021
  • 1st and 2nd price race of 538 km by Mr. Widjoj Goenanto from Jakarta, both bloodline Super 015 and Blue Magic in 2021
  • 1st Super pigeon Allround Republik Lang Lang Buana by Mr. Tjin-CBF loft with bloodline Super 006 and Super 015. 3th Super pigeon Allround is bloodline inbred Blue Magic in 2021
  • 1st Ace-pigeon Natour Kring 1 Noord-Oost Afdel. 8 by Comb. Schuurman – Wapenveld with with father is grandson Blue Magic with Kannibal line in 2021
  • 3th World Best FCI Marathon Pigeon by Rafal Pasón & Andrzej Smerdzynski Poland with 50 % Bloodline Super 015 and Blue Magic in 2021
  • Peter Jendrichovsky from Slovakia did win the 1st place in the semi-final Costa del Sol Winter race with “PG Magvia 21-362”: 50 % bloodline Huub Hermans (inbred Blue Magic) and Gaby Vandenabeele in 2022
  • 2 NPO Melun 3349 p. Afdeling 3 by Leon van Hintum with grandson Magic Kratos in 2022
  • 6 NPO Chateaudun 461 km 4974 p. Afdeling 2 by Team Patagoon Zuid 100 & bloodline Blue Magic & Magic Kratos in 2022
  • 1 NPO Saulieu 669 km 3371 p. by M.M. Rittersma with bloodline Blue Magic in 2022


Selection is done especially on the results and pedigree. The youngsters have to set results on the races with 2 nights basket, these become often the best old racing pigeons. 

There wasn’t a special selection last year due to the corona, just as every other year: selection on results, pedigree and body. We also do pay attention to the eyes when making a selection. For years the German eye specialist Josef Hofmann came here to check the pigeons on their eyes, later this was taken over by Jos Evers out of Born. He also checks my pigeons on a regular base on the eyes. All of this counts in my selection of pigeons. 

Care and training 

Beginning of January I couple my racing pigeons and I let them get used to their new racing lofts of the old pigeons as they come from their youngster loft. After coupling I let them out a few time per week so they can get used to their new racing loft. Once they’re used to it I let them train on a daily base as from March, both the cocks as the hens. Before the first race I try to toss them twice on 20 to 40 km. The cocks and hens train at the beginning once a day (in the afternoon/evening) for about an hour. From the moment they have 2 nights basket the cocks will train twice a day (once in the morning, once in the evening) and the hens once a day in the evening for a full hour. The youngsters are being tossed 5 to 10 times before the first race is up, starting at 5km to go to max. 35km. The last 2 times they are being released in small groups two by two. Between the races the youngsters are also being tossed once in the middle of the week, preferably one by one.

In a matter of pigeon food, I give food and minerals from the firm De Patagoon from Herwijnen. Medicines come from my friend and vet Peter Boskamp from Beek.

In Spring a lot of herbal drink Peter Boskamp, both Bony SGR, Bony Sambucca or Bony Usneano Plus. Next to this a 5-day yellow cure and also the entire year through the water is being soured, especially with the breeders and the partners of the racers. 
All pigeons are being vaccinated beginning of November against paratyphoid with Soozal-T. They are also begin vaccinated on a yearly base against Paramyxo/herpes. The racing hens are being vaccinated as well before the start of the season against small pocks. 

Youngsters are being vaccinated a few days before weening against Paramyxo/Herpes which is being repeated by the vet after 3 weeks. After about 8 weeks a vaccination against Rota/Paramyxo follows and a few weeks before the 1st races also a vaccination against small pocks. 
During the racing season I visit every 3 to 4 weeks my vet Peter Boskamp. During Winter time I don’t cure and if nothings wrong I won’t pay a visit to the vet. The first time I go to Peter is about 8 weeks before the start of the racing season.

This year I won’t race the overnight races anymore, only the program races from 100 to 800 km. The expectations for the coming season are rather positive, hoping that despite all corona issues we can have a nice racing season with a lot of beautiful results and especially few losses. 

A few top pigeons that run as a red wire through the pigeon strain are:

De Blue Magic: raced as youngster 5x 1st prize and 2x 2nd prize in the strong union, whereof a 4th NPO Orleans and a 7th NPO Sezanne. He was placed immediately as a youngster after this on the breeding loft and turned out to be a world breeder as well. He is father and grandfather to several Top 10 NPO pigeons, National winners and Olympiad birds and is known over the entire world.

Teletekst breeding couple: a super breeding couple, belong probably to the best 5 breeding couples of the past 10 years in Holland. The cock coming from Koen van Roij comes out of a son and daughter to the ‘Kannibaal’ from Dirk van Dyck, so pure inbred ‘Kannibaal’. The hen is a direct daughter to wonder pigeon ‘de Blue Magic’ coupled to a full sister ‘Natasch’ (1st National Ace bird Middle Distance at Jo van Deurzen, Roermond)

De Super 015: this was also a super youngster with 2x 1st prize within the big union and was also placed immediately after the racing season on the breeding loft. He became father and grandfather to more than 80 1st prizes in the bigger union (so not even counted in on club level) 

Best 4 racing pigeons of the past years :

Magic Kannibaal: direct son to the known Teletext Breeding couple wins :
1st NPO Montluçon 572 km against 5,185b.
8th NPO Chateauroux 556 km against 6,261b.
26th NPO Pithiviers 432 km against 11,852b.

He is father to ‘Magic Valence’ 8th NPO Valence and 2nd Provincial Ace bird 2016 in Limburg. ‘Magic Kannibaal’ is also grandfather to wonder racer ‘Magic Surprise’ (he won as year bird 3x a teletext ranking).


Magic Kratos: again a direct son to the Teletext Breeding couple, wins:

1st NPO Lorris 423 km Afd. Limburg 12,917b.
1st Charleville 162 km MLS ’04 1,087b 
2ndCharleville 162 km semi prov. Limburg 7,054b. 
1st Rethel 200 km MLS ‘04 1,006b.
5th Rethel 200 km semi prov. Limburg 8,358b. 
1st Sezanne 298 km MLS ’04 2,332b.
6th prov. Sezanne 298 km 16,216b.


Magic Surprise: comes out of a son ‘Magic Kannibaal’ coupled to a daughter ‘Blue Magic’ and wins

1st NPO Sens 365 km Afdeling Limburg 15,978b. in ‘18
7th NPO Gien 436 km Afdeling Limburg 5,044b. in ‘18 
9th NPO La Souteraine 620 km Afdeling Limburg 1,240b. in ‘18
17th Rethel 197 km Limburg Totaal 12,884b. in ‘18
31st NPO Gien 436 km Afdeling Limburg 2,940b. in ‘18 
115th Sezanne 298 km Limburg Totaal 19,008b. in ‘18


Miss Magic Bergerac: comes out of a son ‘Blue Magic’ coupled to the nest sister ‘Magic Kannibaal’ and wins:

1st NPO Bergerac 793 km 2,055b. in ’20 with 6 minutes lead 
7th NPO Mont Lucon 572 km 1,884b. in ‘18
1st Chalons de Champagne SPC Sittard 979b. in ‘19
7th Limburg Totaal Chalons de Champagne 254 km 11,886b. in ‘19
19th NPO Argenton 586 km 2,211b. in ‘19
25th NPO Issoudun 532 km 4,360b. in ‘18
35th NPO Gien 436 km 3,632b. in ‘19
55th NPO La souteraine 621 km 1,240b. in ‘18
74th NPO Melun 344 km 15,246b. in ‘19
82nd NPO Vierzon 504 km 1,977b. in ‘19
110th NPO Chateauroux 556 km 1,239b. in ‘19
140th NPO Gien 436 km 5,044b. in ‘18


As you can see, more than possibilities enough to score top quality out of Born. 

Huub, again a big congratulation on all the results and top pigeons you have from the Herbots team.