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11 Jun 2021

Dear sports friends,

“Performance is largely determined by the class of your breeding loft”. A truth like no other. Without a “classy breeding loft” it is impossible to be strong. Both our dad Filip and ourselves have always paid a lot of attention to this, we have always been looking for those unique breeders / breeding lines and thanks to this strategy we have been able to present exceptionally good results for decades. Our performance in 2020 may also be described as exceptional!

17 x 1st Interprovincial or Semi - National

59 x Top-100 National (28 x Top-50) yearlings and old pigeons 2020

  • 1st National Olympiad pigeon middle distance (Cat.B) with “Olympic Manuela”
  • 2nd National Olympiad pigeon long distance (Cat. C) with "Olympic Golden Gusta"
  • 3rd National Olympiad pigeon Allround (Cat.D) with “Olympic Golden Gusta”
  • 4th National Olympiad pigeon Allround (Cat.D) with “Olympic Manuela”
  • 4th National Olympiad pigeon yearlings (Cat.G) with “Million Alaphilippa”
  • 4th National champion KBDB great middle distance old + yearlings
  • 6th National Ace pigeon KBDB Allround old + yearlings with “Olympic Golden Gusta”

(for more info see page 4)

The foundation of these successes is still our stock father “Yvan” (B07-2103401). He won 4th National Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2008 and 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2009! Not only in the first but also in next generations, the “Yvan breeding line” scores like no other. By way of illustration, in 2020 we won with a grandchild of "Yvan" the 13th national ace pigeon KBDB Allround! (Yvan’s Star)

“Yvan” is a grandchild of the world famous “Bliksem” from Gaby Vandenabeele and since “Harry” (NL07-2007621 - Hooymans Jan) is also a grandchild of the same “Bliksem”, we have consciously invested in this successful breeding line in recent years and currently 6 direct children of “Harry” are housed in our breeding loft, see page 36 to page 41

The pigeons from Jan Hooymans impress us and that is why we also bought one of the last children of “Beauty Harry” (NL12-1784621). "Beauty Harry" is the father of topper "New Harry" (NL14-1219811). Speaking of “New Harry”, we also bought one of his beautiful sons.

As mentioned earlier, “Olympic Golden Gusta” was crowned 2nd National Olympiad pigeon long distance (Cat. C.) and so we end up with the well-known “Kittel” (B13-6139803 - Dirk Van den Bulck). The “Kittel” breeding line delivers an extra portion of speed and is a successful combination with our  existing baselines. An “Inbred Daughter Kittel” (page 30) and a specially bred “Son Kittel” (from “Kittel” x his own sister) page 31 recently strengthened our breeding loft. A daughter of that other well-known Van den Bulck topper “Greipel” (B13-6139849) is currently located in Halle-Booienhoven.

As you can see, we do not act randomly. Our strategy is achieving good results with a certain breeding line ourselves at first and then try to record them as well as possible and cross them with our basic breeding lines such as “Yvan”, “Alaphilippe”, “Olympic Jules”, etc ...

The performances of “Armando” (Joël Verschoot) went around the world and of course also attracted our attention. Since we are heading more and more towards the long distance with our own racing team, we have acquired an exclusive “Son Armando” (Royal Armando page 27) and 3 granddaughters “Armando”.

And last but not least, we are very proud with the purchase of “Bella Belgica” and “Diva Belgica”, 2 top hens which have pure winner's blood flowing through their veins. “Bella Belgica” (B19-5052957 page 7) won 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB middle distance youngsters '19 and was bought together with her parents “David” (B16-2178652) and “Victoria” (B17-5001747). In addition, “Diva Belgica” (B16-2178654 page 8) also joined our breeding team. “Diva Belgica” won 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB middle distance youngsters ’16 and already proved her breeding value because she is mother of “Davon National” (13th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB middle distance yearlings ’19 - 4 x 1st prize).

If you are interested in youngsters from our breeders, do not hesitate to contact us for more  information.

Enjoy this beautiful breeding book (click here for the digital version) and we wish you the best of luck!

If you want to order our paper version of the New Herbots breedingbook, please mail us at [email protected]

Filip, Miet and Jo Herbots.