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Gert Rotman (NL) wins 2 OLR – Finals in 1 day in Romania

15 Sep 2022

Speaking of a stunt, the one loft races are coming to an end and the finals are now being flown in most countries. Yesterday 2 finals were scheduled in Romania, the headwind was already present and both finals were won by 1 loft. A tough shot, but we have known for longer than today that Gert Rotman's pigeons are extremely suitable for this.

Both races became hard final races around 1000 m/min and both pigeons come from the heart of this colony with proven OLR pigeons from the past and present that prove it again here.

NL 22-4070993 “Austrada 993”
Final winner OLR Austrada Romania 2022 ( 435km )
1ste Ace OLR Austrada Romania 2022

Was also 2nd in Hotspot 3 at a distance of 240km

Father is again the line of “Moonraker 211” from Henk Simonz from which Gert himself breeds very good pigeons, crossed with Erik Limbourg x De Rauw Sablon via J.D. Poortvliet.

The mother is a daughter of “Bosnian Princess” from Safet Duran, who won the Algarve OLR final in 2018 in difficult circumstances. This hen is also the mother of 2nd National Tulle 9,178 yearlings this season in Belgium. Talk about a super breeding hen.

NL 22-4071927 “Super Star 927”
Final winner OLR Super Star Romania 2022 ( 420km )

This was a very hard race where this Winner was no less than half an hour ahead of the 2nd pigeon and his speed was only 969 m/min.

Father here is "Great 780" who is a son of "Algarve Queen" or the one and only stock mother of the colony of Gert Rotman.

Mother is “Sister Fenomeen”
“Fenomeen” became 2nd Semi Final Algarve Golden Race 4,794 pigeons
Her sire is “Moonraker 911 JR” and is a half brother of the sire of 2nd National Tulle this year at Cleirbaut – Samson. Here “Moonraker Jr” was coupled to a hen from Danny Van Dijck.
Mother is a full sister of “Jacinta”“Jacinta” won 3rd International Ace Pigeon Hotspots SAMDPRShe won 3rd / 2,071p – 27th / 2,334p – 31st / 2,216p – 52nd Final 1,548 pigeonsHer father is inbred “New Nationaaltje” Chris Van de Wetering and her mother is inbred to the Algarve couple. Again this couple is at the root of so many successes.

Gert, congratulations on these beautiful victories because of the entire HERBOTS TEAM

Buelens Kim