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Frank Jensen, Herbots Golden Wing winner 2023 of Denmark in the Marathon race from Munich.

26 Mar 2024

Let’s go back to the 12th of august in 2023 where the last Marathon National classic race of the season from Munich in Germany was on the race calender in Denmark. The regular finish of the old bird season, known for being a hard task in any way. A special race with an extra ‘touch of glory’ with the prestigious Herbots Golden Wing trofee as crown on the season for the winner as an objective. For many the reason to once more bring their favorites to the start in the best way they can, a battle of the best. An only one bird from each fancier can be nominated for this trofee. 

From all over Denmark the 306 specialy prepared favorites had to make their way back over a trecharous racecourse. From the Bavarian capitol  the feathered racers had to cover mountainridges, endles forrests and hillsides, untill passing of the landstrip between Northsea and Eastsee to be welcomed back on their homeground. 

After the liberation in the Munich area at 7.00 most fanciers where expecting the first arrivals in the south by the end of the day. It turned once again out to be very hard race indeed, and only few birds arrived home on the day of liberation. A race for only the best and strongest. 

The national winner from the loft of Frank Jensen in Horsens was arriving at 18.17 after racing 858 km. And luckily for Frank the National winner was also his nominated bird in the competion of the HERBOTS GOLDEN WING 2023 and thereby also winning the GOLDEN WING.

The GOLDEN WING winner was a 3 year old hen - DAN046-20-382 –was raced on the total widowhood system. Her origine is from Jos Joosen / Verrect-Arien. The father is a direct cock from Jos Joosen and inbreed about hos 1. International winner from Perpignan in year 2006. The same cock is father of 1. National Hof in 2023 at the loft Frank; so a very proven breeder.

Frank Jensen had big expectations to “382” before the race. She had already raced two National marathon races in the season, and in the race from Rouen in France she was winning 17. National at a distance of approx 900 km. Before “382” was basketed she was allowed to be together with her cock for 4 hours and having the possibility of picking up straw for the nestbowl. “382” was in excellent condition when she was basketed, and that was the reason why, she was chosen as the nominated bird.

On the same day as the race from Munich another big race was liberated from Giessen in Germany. In this race Frank had entered 16 birds and his first arrival was not early, and he was a little disappointed. Due to that his expectations for a topresult from Munich was lowered. But suddenly in between the arrivals from Giessen a pigeon came very fast and determined to his loft. Frank saw immediately that in was “382” arriving from Munich, and he knew at once that it was a topresult. But due to many lofts having longer distance, he had some very exciting hours in the evening following the results from other competitors. Next day it was preliminary confirmed that “382” was winning the first National and HERBOTS GOLDEN WING 2023.

Before winning this memorable cup, the Golden Wing winner, had not won any prices in shorter races in her carrer. But in the Marathon races she showed her class; first time being three years old. As Frank mention she is a typical Marathon pigeon - she was very small and “ugly-looking”as a youngster. In many lofts maybe she was not kept at the racing loft, if the fancier did not have interest in the very long distance.

The winning fancier Frank Jensen is a very likeable and passionated fancier. He is always willing to help other fanciers and share his secrets. He started in the sport back in 1982 due to a connection to an old local fancier. From that old fancier her learnt about the pigeons and about the sport. 

He has room for about 40 pair of racers in his racing loft and all racers are raced on the total widowhood system. His loft for the pigeons is very simple and build by himself. The loft is divided in five sections – 2 for racing cocks, 1 for breeders, 1 for youngsters and 1 open aviary for the racing hens. Also the lofts are build so it would be okay for the neighbours.

He has 14 couples of breeders and each pair has there own big nestbox, so he is sure of the parents to the youngsters. He breeds every year approx 80 youngsters for own use. He does select the youngsters in the hand; they all are selected “via the basket”.  

Everything in the daily caretaking at Frank is done as simple as possible. He races as much as possible with his racing team and almost all racers are in the basket every weekend; very importent especially for the hens. If he discovers lesbian hens, they are selected away as the first ones after a season – lesbian hens does not fit to the racing system of Frank.

For all fanciers Frank has one important statement – “listen and learn and” – and after that; “do it your way”. Wise words from Frank in our lovely sport coming from a true fancier! 

From the Herbots team in Denmark we wish you all the best in the future.

   From left to right: Niels Johansen (, Frank Jensen and Carsten Petersen (