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Flossie – Morren from Geetbets win 1st Melun 9,009 old + yearling

20 Jun 2020

Also in section 2 & 3 in Flemish Brabant the first middle distance race was on the program. With Melun +-300km a race that was raced on Sunday for most of the fanciers. A very smooth and excellent race with smooth arrivals everywhere. The ideal preparation for the coming national races. 

In Brabant we visited the winner or winners in fact namely Andrea Morren and Rene Flossie who run their colony in Geetbets. They do this quiet good with a 1st National Bourges a few years ago and last year more then 1 1st prize on the greater middle distance and this with only few pigeons. 

The winner is BE 18-2110110, a light checquered cock who was the fastest against all 9,099b in total. A fantastic result. 

    1                         Melun                   9,009b
    4                         Montlucon              195b
121         Nat                                    14,104b
    7                         Chateauroux          372b
319         Nat                                    24,617b
    9                         Argenton                343b

This was the best yearling for them last year and who shows his quality again with this achievement. 

He has on fathers' side the strain Verbruggen and on mothers' side inbred to 'Mariet' from Roger Buvens. This is in fact the best breeding hen from this colony. 

The 2nd pigeon was at only 42 seconds but wins in the Obrafo combine also the 1st at the year birds against 2,027b. An unique double victory after a first weekend. 

BE 19-2083587 Blue cock
1 Melun 2,027 jyl

Father BE 12-2021440 Larry – Rene Flossie
Was himself 2nd Ace bird Soissons 

Gr.F. BE 10-2143504 Jupeter – Ras Desbuqouis x Rene Flossie
Gr.M. BE 07-5040025 Mariet – Roger Buvens 
         Daughter to “BE 99-480” Van Leest Peeters x “BE 99-603” Matilke Roger Buvens

Mother BE 14-2158868 Blue – Frans Nijns

Gr.F. BE 13-2029851 Checquered
          Son to “BE 10-203” Qahor – Won 3 Nat Cahors x “BE 12-575” Strain Kenzo 1 Nat Ace bird MD. KBDB 
Gr.M. BE 13-2029963 Daughter Qahors
       Daughter to “BE 10-203” Qahor – Won 3 Nat Cahors x “BE 12-576” Strain Kenzo 1 Nat Ace bird MD KBDB 

Andrea and Rene a big congratulation on this wonderful result and we like to wish you a lot of success the coming season from the entire  Herbots Team. 

Buelens Kim