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Erik Limbourg, Brussegem, 2 National Ace bird Year birds KBDB Long Distance 2019

24 Oct 2019

And again Erik Limbourg managed to set top results in 2019. 1st prizes, ace pigeons, championships,…he is to be found again in every top list of Belgium with youngsters, yearling pigeons and old ones! Let’s first have an overview of his most important achievements of the season 2019 on a national and provincial level and has 2 Olympiad pigeons on top :

National 2019:
2 National Ace Bird Year birds LD KBDB 2019 with ‘Laurence’ BE18-2053885
4 National Ace Bird Old LD KBDB 2019 with ‘Magic Gloria’ BE15-2015506
10 National Ace Bird Youngsters KBDB 2019 with ‘Creone Roeper’ BE19-2008603
              1 Semi-National Ace bird CFW Youngsters 2019
16 National Ace Bird Old LD KBDB 2019 with ‘De Kleine Olympiade’ BE15-2015725
17 National Championship Ace bird All-Round with ‘Laurence’ BE18-2053885

Provincial 2019:
1 Provincial Champion Long Distance Old KBDB
1 Provincial Ace Bird Old LD KBDB
1 Provincial Ace Bird Yearling ELD & LD KBDB
1 Provincial Ace Bird GMD Youngsters KBDB
2 Provincial Ace Bird All-Round youngsters
2 General Champion Provincial 
3 Provincial Champion yearling ELD &LD

Olympiad Poznan 2019:
1 Olympiad Poznan Cat. E 2019  with ‘Barcelona Triple 5’ BE14-2151083
2 Olympiad Poznan Cat. E 2019 with ‘De Kleine Olympiade’BE15-2015725

And this is without the many won championships and ace birds on club level and combine level….

‘Laurence’ 2 National Ace bird Year birds Long Distance KBDB – BE18-2053885

This beautiful blue hen, which feels very small but very compact and muscled is a daughter from his newest top breeder DV01274-09-593 ‘Der 593’ from Wolfgang Roeper. Erik bought this pigeons on the total auction from Roeper on the Herbots website. Erik only wants the best of the best to cross in with his own very good strains so he called up Wolfgang during the sale to ask which his best breeder was. And Wolfgang seemed to be right. In Germany he won himself 4 National Ace bird in 2010 and became father of no less than 25 1st prize winners.  Only 2 years later Erik already bred more than one national ace bird out of him (she isn’t the only one, which you will notice further on in this article). Coupled against BE14-2151099 ‘Sister Playboy Gilbert’ (daughter ‘New Gilbert’ x ‘Sister Chipo’) it was a hit in the rose. 

‘Laurence’ won:
2 National Ace Bird Yearling Long Distance KBDB 2019
1 National z Aurillac                      1,009b 684km
              1 Provincial Aurillac           456b
              2 National Aurillac          3,854b
2 National z Limoges                     3,418b 641km
              1 Provincial Limoges          908b
              12 National Limoges     10,783b
13 Noyon                                         4,726b 177km
50 National z Bourges 2018        7,514b 449km
155 National Bourges 2019      17,818b 449km

With ‘Laurence’ Erik also won the 17th National Championship Ace bird All-round 2019! ‘Laurence’ is going to move to China now via the Herbots family. 

‘Magic Gloria’ 4 National Ace bird Old Long Distance KBDB – BE15-2015506

Not just a chequered cock but one who has shown his racing talents for a few years now. As a direct son to top pigeon ‘Black Magic’ winner of the 1st International Perpignan against 17,962b coupled to top breeding hen BE13-3160839 ‘Glorius Gloria’ (full sister ‘Gloria’ 2 National Ace bird KBDB Long Distance 2013 Bert Vandenbergh) from Geert De Clercq he managed to set underneath results:

4 National Ace Bird Old Long Distance KBDB 2019
2 National Ace bird As des As Yearling LCB 2015 (after loftmate ‘Playboy Gilbert’)
2 National Ace bird Middle Distance LCB Yearling 2015 (after loftmate ‘Playboy Gilbert’)
1 National z Cahors        1,999b 750km   2019
              16 National Cahors 6,903b
1 Provincial Issoudun     1,213b 470km   2015
              5 National z Issoudun 3,582b
              41 National Issoudun 11,984b
1 Provincial Souillac           212b  702km
              11 National z Souillac 998b
3 Souppes-s-Loing           1,184b  335km
20 National z Limoges    4,158b
36 S-National Vierzon     8,177b
56 Nat. z Chateauroux   8,663b

‘Creone Roeper’ 10 National Ace bird Youngsters KBDB – BE19-2008603

This young fearless cock is a half-brother to ‘Laurence’ 2 National Ace bird KBDB Yearling 2019 and share the same father namely ‘Der 593’, the newest super breeder on the loft in Brussegem. In this case he was coupled against another top breeding hen BE14-2151245 who is herself a direct daughter to super breeder ‘Eagle Eye’ which makes her a ½ sister to the 5 National Ace bird 2016.

‘Creone Roeper’ won:

10 National Ace bird youngsters KBDB 2019
1 Semi-National Ace bird CFW youngsters 2019
1 Ace Bird Derby Hainaut 2019
1 Argenton 166b 525km
              17 National z Argenton 6,657b
              66 National Argenton 23,528b
2 Chateauroux 203b 496km
              28 S-National Chateauroux 3,338b 
              74 National z Chateauroux 6,671b
5 Bourges 365b 449km
              167 National z Bourges 8,480b
3 Noyon 310b 177km
6 Noyon 886b
6 Noyon 339b
19 Noyon 656b

We are very curious to see what this top pigeon can set in the season of 2020!

‘De Kleine Olympiade’ 16 National Ace bird Old Long Distance KBDB – BE15-2015725

It wasn’t enough that he became 2 Olympiad Pigeon Category E in Poznan in 2019 but he made himself shine as National ace bird as well. 
This chequered cock is a son to ‘De Fondman’ BE12-2002498 and comes out the old strains of Marcel Aelbrecht with amongst other 1 National Perpignan, Favouriet Marseille, …and shares the same grandmother with ‘Eagle Eye’ namely BE02-2328491 ‘Daughter Floere Perpignan’. His mother is a daughter to ‘Queen Blue Ace’ (BE09-2119372) who is a star breeding hen and mother to amongst other : 2 National Ace bird LD KBDB  – 12 National Ace bird KBDB MD – 1 National Ace PIPA Ranking – 3 National Ace PIPA Ranking – 2 – 3 – 3 – 7 – 8 - …National prize winners !!! And she is also a granddaughter to super breeder ‘Lucky 848’ from DeRauw-Sablon.

In short, winning is in his blood and that is what he does by setting underneath results:

2 Olympiad Pigeon Cat. E Poznan 2019
16 National Ace bird Long Distance KBDB 2019
7 National z Limoges                     3,902b 641km
              216 National Limoges   13,569b
8 National z Libourne                   1,255b 753km
              54 National Libourne      4,605b
9 National z Valence                      2,180b 670km
12 National z Brive                         2,810b 
23 National  Libourne                   3,171b 753km
36 National Valence                      7,682b 670km
73 National z Limoges                 3,380b 641km
113 Int. Narbonne                      10,421b 870km
122 National z Tulle                      3,490b 672km
136 National z Chateauroux       8,663b 496km
215 Int. Agen                                  12,007b
263 National Tulle                         7,322b 672km

‘Barcelona Triple 5’ 1 Olympiad Pigeon Cat. E Poznan 2019 – BE14-2151083

And last but not least the one and only ‘Barcelona Triple 5’ , the best Extreme Long Distance pigeon ever !!! 

He is winner of:

1 Olympiad Bird Category E Poznan 2019
2 National Ace bird ELD KBDB 2018 (normally 1 National Ace ELD KBDB 2018)
3 International Flee Bird ELD 2018 (normally 1 International Flee Bird ELD 2018)
Bronzen Wing winner 2017
Silver Wing winner 2018
Best Barcelona Bird ’17 –‘18
5 National Barcelona                   7,874b 2017
              21 Int. Nat. Barcelona 17,026b
5 National Barcelona                   7,411b 2018
              16 Int. Nat. Barcelona 15,700b
5 (17) National Perpignan          3,966b 2018
              16 (37) Int. Nat. Perpignan 12,399b
30   National Valence                     6,843b
69   Souppes-s-Loing                     3,133b
238 National Perpignan               4,620b
270 National Brive                          9,049b
393 National Gueret                    16,619b

As a direct son to ‘Sister Witpen Patron’ BE09-2026914, he is a ½ brother to ‘Black Magic’ 1 Int. National Perpignan 17,965b and makes his mother a granddaughter to the famous super breeder ‘Patron’ from Marcel Aelbrecht 1 National Ace bird Long Distance KBDB 2003. 

Breeders/racers/youngsters: feeding, training, racing

Erik has 42 breeding couples accomplished with feeders and breeds about 150 youngsters for his own to race with.

The youngsters are being weened at an age of 18 to 19 days old. Erik likes to ween his youngsters rather earlier than later as he thinks they get quicker independent this way, he does keep an eye on the freshly weened youngsters to see whether they drink and eat enough. After a few weeks, when all the youngsters are weened and are on the loft together they get their obliged vaccination against paramyxo and this together with a vaccination against small pocks. 
They are being trained depending on the weather and depending how they fly around the loft. When they train well around the loft and when the weather allows it they are being tossed and once trained well they get the following schedule : 5x Noyon – 1x Dourdan and then they are ready for the national race for youngsters namely National Bourges at the end of July/beginning of August. They have to do all 4 National races and in between the national races they do a middle distance or a short distance race depending on the weather and on how good they recuperated after the last race. 

The old and yearling pigeons come out from the moment they have moulted entirely. Somewhere in March when the weather is ok, Erik will toss them 5 days in a row until 40km and that following Sunday they do their first Noyon. After Noyon the widowhood starts off, note that during the ‘toss week’ the partners can stay together the entire time. So the hens are waiting everyday in the box and are always present when they get basketed. From then on they race a short distance race every week when the weather allows it until the middle distance races start off. Their schedules is as follows : 2 x Souppes-sur-Loing – 1 x Vierzon and then they can stay home for one weekend to rest before Limoges comes. They all have to race 5 long distance races. This season Erik didn’t have an extreme long distance team but for 2020 he will have 3 pigeons ready for Barcelona whereof one direct son of his top pigeon ‘Barcelona Triple 5’ (BE14-2151083)

As mentioned above all pigeons get their obliged vaccination against paramyxo together with a vaccination against small pocks. After the season the pigeons get a cure with Cosimix and during the season only when necessary. They do get ¼ pill Flagyl before every big race (this on Monday with basketing on Wednesday. When the youngsters suffer from the young birds disease the normal way of treating is first to give them less food but as it didn’t go away quick enough and as it started to get worse this year they got a 5 day treatment with Baytrill (in the drinking water). 

As side products he makes use of all the products from Beyers as well as Belgasol (2 to 3 days in the drinking water), brewers’yeast, Hepasan and Recupfly from Probelfly. 

As food they get the mixtures from Beyers and is being kept very simple. He uses 3 kinds of mixtures namely : Gaby Vandenabeele, Super widowhood and the Moulting mixture. As from the middle distance races Erik likes to add corn which he gets from a farmer in the neighbourhood and he also gives Super Energy towards the races in order that they get enough proteins. 
Erik tells that the art is to keep them eating, they have to be able to eat all the time. This does influence their training but during the season they have to race enough so the eating is more important than the training at that point. 

And a final note from Erik asking whether I could surely mention his helpers Patrick Draye and Pierre Moens. He likes to take this opportunity to thank his faithful helpers, 2 people he can always count on in helping out with his pigeons. So, Patrick and Pierre, thank you ! 

Erik, a big congratulations on your season of 2019 and we are waiting impatiently to see what you will have for us in 2020 !