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Jules & Yves Engels, Putte World fame for an extra ordinary pigeon strain

31 Mar 2021

It feels a bit strange... for decades we've been used to pen down the name English Jos and Jules but since Jos passed away on March 25th 2019 they now race under the name English Jules & Yves. The pigeon sport is part of the English family. It's a story that runs for more than 70 years now. Flor Engels did start racing pigeons in 1947. His son Jos (°1939) was part of it from the very beginning. His brother Jules (°1940) started to be interested in pigeon sport only a few years later. Until 1980 they raced under name Flor Engels although both brothers were fully involved by then in the continuous growing pigeon colony. It was working hard by times as the pigeon season was in the same season as the vegetable season where the different families needed to live from. 
As from 1980 they raced under the name Flor Engels and son and this until his death in 2002. Then it became Jos & Jules Engels. But a good year ago we also had to say goodbye to Jos. At the age of 80, sympathetic Jos left us... and as already mentioned, the name Engels Jules and Yves is now on the result list. A new name for a proven colony because despite a successful internet sale through Herbots family, the real basis... the tribe of the English colony is perfectly preserved.

Keeping the genes together

Perhaps the success formula of this world colony is the fact that they have always managed to "keep the genes together". Flor Engels and after that his sons Jos and Jules, are masters in keeping together and maintaining their own pigeon tribe. You can’t call them ‘inbreeders’, but they do take care to the fact that they keep the good genes in an extended inbred, on a regular bases, together. This results often in pigeons that can race and breed very well. A good example is ‘De Genopte’, father of ‘Den Argenton’.

This ‘De Genopte’, 6151734-99 raced first off all as a champion on his own

1 prov. Argenton 1,538b. (2 semi-nat Argenton 8,405b.)
1 Pithiviers 579 b.
3 Sens 594b.
45 nat z. Limoges 8,715 b.

Afterwards he became a topbreeder to a.o. 

* Den Argenton
1 nat. Argenton 3,935 b.
1 prov. Orléans 2,219 b.
7 Pithiviers 1,037 b.
16 Toury 1,863 b.

* Het Salbriske
1 prov. Salbris 443 b.
7 Argenton 1,872 b.

* Laura 6110041-07, best yearling pigeon over 4 national races in 2008 with oa.
8 nat. La Souterraine 4,659 b.
3 prov. Bourges 2,468 b. (43 nat. Bourges 16,771 b.)
14 prov. Salbris 1,337 b.
97 nat. Guéret 2,608 b.

* ‘De Genopte’ is also father of 6130618-09, ‘Isolda’

Who is on her turn mother of the ‘010-hen’ : 4 nat. Issoudun 5,670 b. - 8 prov. Chateauroux 809 b.

* 6130670-09 Limousine is also a daughter of ‘De Genopte’ and is mother of the 1 National Limoges 15,009b

* 6245281-08 is another daughter of ‘De Genopte’, now in co-breeding with Gommaar Verbruggen. She is a.o. mother of the 10 National Guéret 11,894b. 

Den Argenton

And off course, the off spring of ‘De Genopte’ is even more extended through a.o. his top son ‘De Argenton’. 

We can state, without exaggerating, that about half of the current breeding loft in Putte, are children and grandchildren from ‘Den Argenton’ and this in combination with all the best pigeons: ‘Marieke’, daughters of their own top pigeons, a daughter ‘Kannibaal’. The faith in the strain of ‘Den Argenton’ is this big, that they inbreed strongly once in a while: with like f.e. his own mother, his half-sister, and so on….

The current generation of winners is almost unthinkable without the input of ‘Den Argenton’: 

1 prov. Chateauroux 4,249 b. (Son Argenton)
1 prov. Bourges 4,438 b.
1 prov. Vierzon 1,576 b.
1 prov. Limoges 589 b.
1 prov. Chateauroux 1,057 b.
1 Bourges 843 b.
1 Sourdun 882 b.
1 Soissons 708 b.
1 Angerville 834 b.
2 nat z. Argenton 6,803 b.
2 nat z. Bourges 4,582 b.
2 nat z. Argenton 665 b.
2 prov. Nevers 
2 prov. Chalon 648 b.
2 prov. Tulle 583 b.
3 nat z. Chateauroux 690 b.
3 prov. Limoges 1,313 b.
3 prov. Argenton 2,326 b.
3 Soissons 1,002 b.
3 Dourdan 934 b.
4 prov. Brive 842 b.
4 prov. Montluçon
4 prov. Bourges 4,527 b.
4 Angerville 1,249 b.
4 Melun 1,509 b.
4 prov. Bourges 2,181 b.
6 Angerville 1,275 b. (Son Argenton)
6 prov. Montlucon 1,483 b.
7 Angerville 2,032 b.
7 prov. Salbris 370 b.
8 prov. Blois 957 b.
8 prov. Bourges 1,453 b.
9 prov. Vierzon 1,533 b.
9 prov. Bourges 3,193 b.
29 nat. Montluçon 22,875 b.

And this is only an anthology of the endless top results of the last decade in Putte. But already enough to point out the breeding value of this famous ‘Den Argenton’. 

The National Limoges

Jos and Jules Engels are specialized in the middle distance races and even more in the Greater Middle Distance, so let’s say the national from Bourges, Argenton, Guéret, Chateauroux and so on. But they do have ‘a thing’ with the race out of Limoges. It is a long distance race, but their pigeons are surely up for it. This is how they already won in 2010 the 1 National Z Limoges against 3,764b with their 6110276-07, a grandson from the ‘178’, which has been called ‘De Limoges’, to make it easy.

But everything can be better, and that’s what the brothers Engels did in 2015 by winning the 1st National Limoges and this time the pigeon was called ‘National Limoges’. 

By the way, this ‘National Limoges’, 6096329-13, had other nice results before: 
1 nat. Limoges 15,013 b.
14 nat z. Tulle 2,037 b.
19 nat z. Poitiers 2,708 b.
68 nat z. Limoges 2,298 b.
1,178 nat. Châteauroux 12,071 b.
1,605 nat. Bourges 24,019 b.

It won’t be a surprise for anyone that he is from the best of the best to be found in Putte. His father is ‘Junior 178’, a son out of the famous ‘178’ with a hen from Luc Daans. Mother of the ‘Limoges’ is a half-sister of ‘Den Argenton’, out of ‘De Genopte’, son of ‘178’ x a full sister ‘Den As’ (5th national ace bird). So he’s out of a son ‘178’ x a granddaughter ‘178’, also half-sister ‘Den Argenton’. A more beautiful syntheses from all of the current success lines at Engels is hardly possible.. 


If we call Limoges one of the favourite races from Engels, then we surely have to say this about Guéret. On this race the golden medal was already won twice nationally! 

* In 2001 ‘Gueretje’ won against 10,181 young pigeons. Her grandfather on fathers’ side was the famous ‘14’ where we never talked about before, but who also had a marvellous palmaris:  

5 nat. Bourges 17,048 b. 
1 prov. Poitiers 1,932 b. 
11 nat. Chateauroux 13,996 b. 
9 Toury 1,015 b. 
14 nat. Argenton 4,096 b. 
22 I prov. Bourges 5,750 b. 
42 I prov. Bourges 6,268 b. 
6 Dourdan 664 b.

Her mother is a daughter of the Millennium couple and so a sister of the mother of ‘Marieke’. 

* In 2008, hen 6110237-07, called ‘Kim’, became the national winner against 2,608b. But she also won: 20 nat. La Souterraine 4,659 b.  - 2 Toury 160 b.

‘Kim’ is an inbred to the Millennium couple and has on both sides the blood strain of ‘Marieke’. Her grandmother is a bought back Engels pigeon at Jef Van Winckel out of a brother and a sister from his 4 national Bourges.

The ‘Marcel’

Family Engels are known for the fact, that they don’t bring in strange blood often or a lot, but that what they get is always immediately a hit in the rose. As many champions, they like to get something back from their own strain from lofts that perform well with the Engels pigeons. No matter whether these fanciers listen to names like Jonckers, Minderhout or Van Eynde-Goovaerts. 

From the former parts you also know that they got only the best from f.e. Gommaar Verbruggen, Willy Behets, Gust Van Hove, Jan Grondelaers through Rik Ceusters... The most recent recruitments are from strains that are performing well on the highest levels: Gaby Vandenabeele, Gaston Van de Wouwer, Marcel Aelbrecht and so on, this both direct as from satellite lofts.

They have for example ‘De Marcel’, 4479161-02, a direct Marcel Aelbrecht. We told you that the Engels brothers don’t like taking out of the second nest and this ‘Marcel’ isn’t an exception on it. He is namely a son from ‘De Perpignan’, an Aelbrecht/De Rauw-Sablon in the purest sense of the word with oa.

1 Vierzon 1,395 b. 
19 nat Perpignan 5,852 b. 
1 nat z. Cahors 3,476 b.

De Marcel’ showed his quality on the breeding loft as well as he is f.e. father of the in part 2 mentioned ‘Den As’ and ‘De Witten As’. Jus to fresh up:

* 6154676-06 ‘Den As’ - 5 nat.  Ace bird Long distance KBDB
1 Pithiviers 653 b.
3 prov. Brive 1,492 b.
2 I prov. Limoges 2,933 b.
25 nat. Souillac 7,597 b.

* 6231730-04 ‘De Witten As’ - 9 nat. Ace bird GMD KBDB
2 prov. Montluçon 2,499 b.
4 I prov. Argenton 1,872 b.
10 prov. Châteauroux 4,249 b.
31 prov. Orléans 3,631 b.

‘De As’ became a top breeder after his racing career and became father of a.o.
4 prov. Bourges 4,527 b.
10 prov. Limoges 1,313 b.
14 prov. Vierzon 2,196 b.
2 Souppes 457 b.
3 Soissons 1,002b.
2 prov. Argenton 425 b. enz.

His input in the current Engels colony is endless.

* ‘De Marcel’ is also father of  6245020-08, ‘Issoudunke’, a top hen with:

1 nat. Issoudun 5,848 b. 
2 nat z. Limoges 3,762 b.
5 prov. Montluçon 1,260 b.

* Also in second generation ‘De Marcel’ is an amazing breeder f.e. as grandfather of 10 nat. against 11,894b.


It would be an unfinished business to mention all the references of what the Engels pigeons did on other lofts.

* Johny and Magda Jonckers from Drieslinter have been racing for many years now the Engels pigeons crossed in with their old ‘Zabel’-base in a true winners style. 

* Johan De Belser also got a basket of the best of the best from Engels and here he got his ‘Oskar’, father of ‘Goldwin’, ‘de 500’ and a lot of other championship pigeons.

* Van Eynde-Govaerts have a grandson ‘231’ as the cock part of their super couple, better known as ‘Tornado’ couple, parents from f.e.

1 prov. Châteauroux  1,936 b.
3 prov. Bourges 1,094 b.
1 semi-nat. Blois 2,572 b.

* Through Marc Van Eynde, the strain from ‘178 and ‘231’ came to Patrick and Bieke Vervloesem, who also won semi-nat. with it. F.e.

‘Okidoki’ - 1 BU Bourges 2,165 b.

‘Le Mans’ - 1 BU Le Mans

‘Emmanuelle’, Ace bird CFW with oa. 1 semi-nat. Châteauroux 8,092 b.

* Jos Goessen got the strain of the ‘178’ through Gaby Vandenabeele and bred his phenomenon ‘Froome’ and ‘Sagan’ out of it

* We mentioned Henri Diks who got a teletext listing more than once with the Engels pigeons:

1 NPO Salbris 8,250 b.
3 NPO Salbris 5,989 b. 
9 NPO Salbris 5,747 b.
1 Hapert 18,114 b.

Aside this a 5 national ace bird, an Olympiad bird in Nitra.

* Koen Minderhoud bred on his turn out of direct Engels top pigeons, out of the base pigeons ‘231’ and ‘178’

* Marcel and Kristof Goovaerts (Baal) have built up a championship strain with a granddaughter ‘178’

* Also Gerard Koopman had a "Kleine Engels" and this one is at the base of the strain of "Deng Lins Favourite".

* Vanhoudt-Serre win 1 prov. Châteauroux 1,280 b. out of a direct hen from Engels, an inbred from father Argenton x daughter Argenton

* The super breeder from Wim De Troy is a direct Engels, a grandson of ‘Dikke 90’ ( 1 semi-nat. Chateauroux). Children and grandchildren raced ao. 

1 nat. La Souterraine 16,613 b. (fastest of 19,554 b.) 
1 prov. Vierzon 1,132 b. (fastest of 3,020 b.)
1 prov. Blois 1,012 b.  (fastest of 3,673 b.)
2 prov. Bourges 3,621 b. 
4  semi-nat. Vierzon 3,108 b.
7 nat z. Bourges 5,206 b.
10 prov. Gien 2,124 b.
58 nat. Bourges 24,676 b. 
61 nat. Montluçon 17,865 b.
66 nat. Argenton 19,592 b.
27 nat. Argenton 13,708 b.

* Comb. Verbree have trough Wim De Troy a grandson ‘Den Argenton’ where they bred out their ‘Alissa’, good for: 

4 Péronne 8,236 b. 
4 Pont Ste-Maxence 1,209 b. 
4 Pont Ste-Maxence 714 b. 
5 Quiévrain 1,572 b.
6 Pont Ste-Maxence 2,666 b.

* Philippe and Martine Frederick (Lens) have a super breeder, ‘Dikke Argenton’ out of ‘Den 030’ x a daughter ‘Dikke 90’. With off spring they win oa. 1 & 2 nat. zone La Souterraine, 1 semi-nat. Châteauroux, 1 nat z. Argenton (2 nat.), and so on.

* Herman Beverdam has also out of the best breeders, both direct as through ‘Kleine Engels’ from Koopman. From ‘Argentonneke’ (daughter Argenton) he has f.e. ‘Evita’

2 Péronne 3,256 b.
9 NPO Niergnies 10,610 b.

* Hubert Schroyens got the 6092827-02, ‘Donkere Witpender’, in Putte as a grandson ‘178’. He became father in Itegem of ‘Miss Lizzie’, 1 nat z. La Souterr. 6,332 b; 8 Melun 2,939 b. and 11 prov. Bourges 4,364 b.
Her daughter ‘Queen of Belgium’, became national ace bird BDS with: 

9 nat. Argenton 20,844 b. 
9 nat. La Souterraine 19,058 b. 
13 nat. Guéret 12,558 b.

* ‘Zitka’ 5030266-02, from Serré-Laporte became 2 nat. ace bird MD KBDB

1 prov. Montluçon 2,303 b.
2 prov. Châteauroux 920 b.
4 prov. Bourges 3,407 b.
3 Sens 614 b.
11 semi-nat. Châteauroux 12,422 b.

Father to ‘Zitka’ was ‘Flor’, an inbred to the ‘231’

* Bert and Roger Martens (Elsloo, NL) got from 2006 on a dozen direct pigeons in Putte, out of the ‘55’, ‘Witten As’, the strain of ‘231’ and bred out of them ao. The ‘423’ and the ‘647’

The ‘423’, which is a daughter from ‘ De 55’ ao.

2 Pithiviers 2,705b
5 Lorris 1,174b
1 Rethel 3,488b
29 La Souterraine 2,894b 
1 Montluçon 517b.

The ‘423’ becomes 7 national Ace bird NPO MD. 

And loft mate ‘647’, a grandson out of the ‘231’, races in a real Engels -way: 

1 Sezanne 9,340 b. 
4 Reims 14,106 b. 
6 NPO Orleans 1,713 b. 
12 Bouillon 1,504 b. 
14 Marche 4,467 b. 
21 Charleville 5,321 b.

Out of an another daughter from ‘De 55’, 6245123-08, several amazing racers arise, together good for underneath impressive results:
1 Charleville 1,076 b.
1 Lorris 1,317 b.
1 Marche 1,325 b.
1 Charleville 1,359 b.
1 Marche 1,832 b.
1 Lorris 3,338 b.
1 Marche 3,958 b.
1 Lorris 3,435 b.
2 Lorris 1,174 b.
3 Lorris 1,388 b.
3 Rethel 1,747 b.
3 Charleville 1,909 b.

And so on...

They also have an excellent breeding hen, a daughter from ‘Witten As’ (6245279-08). Her most famous daughter is ‘Dafne’, 1 NPO Sens 4,721b. A grandson of this ‘279’ wins recently 1 Sezanne against 6,648b. 

And this is without a doubt only a fraction of the total list of references…..


National victories 

1990Bourges19,756 b.6324103-89WittenSon Witpender
1990La Souterraine12,053 b.6324199-89Dikke DuivinDaughter Zwarten
1993Argenton13,447 b.6466890-92De 90Grandson 231
2001Guéret110,203 yo6153610-01Guéretje 
2005Argenton13,942 b6226043-03Den ArgentonGrandson 178
2008Guéret12,608 b.6110237-07Kim 
2015Limoges115,013 b.6096329-13Limoges 




And to end with a quote from late Flor Engels:

"Once you had good pigeons, you understand what it is about within the pigeon sport. And if you push yourself then all the time, you will get a colony of champions.”